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Bridge house sixth form will be one of the Thais leading private sixth form college offering quality education services at affordable price. Bridge house is the answer to increasing demand for  studying abroad services ranges from foundation program, A-levels and free English test all available to students and more.  We partner with over 60  leading independent universities in countries such as UK, Canada, U.S, etc. which helps us to build a reputable brand   Our institution will be started as  Partnership it is solely owned by three partners Shristi Shakya, Peace Udo, Lallalit Phungwat. Together with other highly equipped team members working tirelessly in their different capacity to make bridge house sixth form a dream come true together we have developed a strong passion for education service not just for the profit we aim to make but rendering help to a people that is clearly in need of it.OBJECTIVESTo establish an existence as an effective private education service, stand out among others and accumulate market share in Thai education sector.To partner with as many foreign institutions as possible both locally and outside of Thailand.To make bridge house sixth form the number one choice for study abroad programs.MISSIONOur main goal is to be one of the most successful sixth form private education in Thailand though we are initially starting out in Phayathai Bangkok Thailand, but we hope to expand and possibly build more branches in and out of the country. We want students to have experience when visiting our school and websites as they learn about our fascinating services VisionTo be the leading Thai sixth form college catering for both Thai and international students Keys to SuccessTo succeed in this business, we must;Offer or create a unique, innovative, active curriculum that will distinguish us from or competitors.Offer 100% satisfaction to students and sustaining the level of superiority among other competitors.Get affiliated with high -rated and reputable universities within and outside Thailand.Maintain and promotes good company culture and business philosophy suitable for a learning organization.Company strength and SkillsStrengthsManagement Crew; we have excellent management team, erudite, experienced and experts in the service/business we provideMarketing / networking team; as a relatively new business marketing is one of her strong point to conquer if we must succeed, our marketing team is very strongResearch expertise; our service mainly focuses on connecting with the outside world SkillsRelationship; we intend to build a perfect relation with our students, parents, suppliers.                          INTRODUCTION                                Opportunity/ industry review   Quality education in thailand has for long time been a controversial topic with complaints relating to the poor  command of english,to the curriculum being used,how it developed. There has been influx of teachers coming in and out thailand some for the sole purpose to teach English, to which the thai government has really been supportive of and have allocated a larger part of it budget t(498.16 billion baht ($15.66 billion) that’s about 3.2 increase from last year ,also in october this year a lot of new policies have been implemented by the government to further give  educacion a much needed boost in thailand. According to research from Unesco thailand seem to be trailing behind other Asian countries that has clearly advanced in all ramification politically and otherwise. Thais government believe educational form would help re-shape the country and restore political stabilityBased on this, we find thailand education sector/ market  is going through a bigger trend in studying abroad .private schools are still trying to find their place which means the market is big enough for new entry. Wealthy  parents have realised the importance of western education are ever ready to push their kids out to acquire the best education money can buyCompany SummaryCompany ProfileCompany name: BRIDGE HOUSE SIXTH FORMTypes of Ownership: PartnershipKey Services: foundation classes, A-Levels, I.E.L.TS,TOEFL,8 weeks english training program )Industry: Education sectorYear Established: 2017Address:  Phayathai Plaza Building, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400Headquarter: Bangkok, ThailandTel No; 0925568526Fax No: 0925565826Email: [email protected] Website:h www.bridgehouse college.comTotal Management Team: 3Total Employees: 9Contact Person: PeacePeace Udo – CEO  0925565826Shristi Shakya – COO and responsible in other positions 0925565826Lallalit Phungwat – CFO and responsible in other positions 0925565826 LOGO     Our logo and the brand name go hand in hand for a transnational education service there would be no better word to describe what we represent than the very thing that  helps us overcome physical obstacles without closing the way underneath ”The Bridge” because our main purpose is to gather as much students within thailand and across border also maintaining existed relationships with partner universities both the existing ones and potentials. Product and Services        Our service is about education, we assist in making students ready before they head to college i. We are offering some principle subject university foundation courses such as English program for study abroad, Law, Business, Communication skills, and Mathematics these are our main subjects. We have two period of full course are on March – May and October because this period are Thai student’s term break. We also have after school course  every evening, and full day teaching on weekends. Our company also offer  foundation courses for those students that want to study abroad. Moreover, BRIDGE HOUSE SIXTH FORM also offer these service below:Educational CounselingWe have the staff for answer the question from our student 24 hour online, and 08.00 AM. – 22.00 PM. for face to face.Course SelectionWe also guide the student to select the right course for themselves.University Selection Offers & Admissions in Universities / CollegesOur staff also guiding the student for university that appropriate to them.Assistance Pre Departure and Post Arrival ServicesWe have staff team to take care of our student from beginning until they graduate.Airport AssistanceWe also have staff to send our student at the airport, and wait at the destination when they arrive.Accommodation ServicesWe are searching for the home, apartment, guest house, or host for our student.Part Time JobWe also searching for part time job for our student.Registration for Entrance and English tests.Our staff will book the day for the test, and also register for entrance the universities or colleges.Immigration assistance Collaboration Services to Institutions.We also have co- with universities, these make sure that our student can enter that universities or college.Visitor VisasWe also do the visa for the parents that want to visit their son/daughter in other country.The price for these all service is 100,000 THB. These prices  includes the ticket for airplane, test (IELTS, TOEFL), first entrance for the universities, visa, English foundation courses (Student can attend every class such as conversation class, grammar class, writing class, or listening class with unlimited time), Principle subject class.Value propositionsOur price is reasonable. It includes all the services like classes, blended interactions, online counselling, registration fees, visa procedures, visitor visas, etc. It is convenient and more easier to the student as well as visitors. Moreover, our university is accredited by foreign partners university and students can get a degree that is prominent and reliable. So, students will gain high quality of education and services. The loyal and supportive students can create good relationships with the teachers and other facility departments. With the help of advance technology and infrastructure can support the works of students and faculty. At the end of course semester, students can evaluate and give feedback about the likes and dislikes of teachers and course available and how well satisfied with the online system and teaching techniques. Our initial investment is 2 million thai baht. So, we have divided these budget into different categories. for instance, teachers, maintenance for websites and computer, rent, interior, electricity, transportation, etc. Innovation Our services are includes everything which are from foundation course that our students can should the course that they like by them self with unlimited time meant student can study as much as they want. We take care of our student from the beginning until they graduate. We also do the visa for the parents that want to visit their son/daughter that stay in other country. And our company are searching for the home, apartment, guest house, or host that convenient for our student. These make our company different from other company.Business ModelBusiness Model canvasOur business model is built for students who are aged from 16-19 years old high school leavers. We offer to the students who want to study abroad with good english and basic knowledge about the four courses which are law, business, communication skills and mathematics. Our key partners are publishers, book stores, maintenance for websites and other interiors, and banks. Students can easily fill the form and  pay or transfer the college fees. The university will be helping the students in terms of online registration, education counselling and guidance, information for visa procedures, and also helping selecting the university in terms of their choice. They will be assisting joining english language class if needed. Through the medium, we will advertise our university with our own official website and viewers can get informations. We will be hiring the teachers and staff who are well trained and professionals around the world which would be a good help to enhance the student’s knowledge and capabilities to brighten their future. Business Model in terms of RevenueOur service is brick and click. Brick is basically face to face learning interaction between students and teachers. Click is the website where students can learn through online digital media. With the help of click, students can grow and learn through personalized learn experiences same like blackboard, Mcgraw hills, etc. It is available 24 hrs all days for easy access of teaching materials and resources. It helps in tracking the performances of students and develop the skills. They will get notified when teachers upload the teaching materials and syllabus and also will get announcements about important materials.Soon this website will be launching in various languages. Our website offers links for short videos related to the course materials and sell online pdf books. There will be availability of online teachers and guidances. It will give updates and news regarding new majors and subjects that will be offering soon. It is mostly to keep touch with the customers through their evaluation, feedback systems and what they want to pursue in future.Students can pay or transfer the money in university’s account in banks which is flexible.             MARKETING  RESEARCH ANALYSISMarket Trends The market trend within education service industry is growing more opportunities for thai students. It is one of the sixth form colleges. Thai students and International students can apply to study in this university. Since it is accredited by foreign partner university, students who want to study in other countries can easily get in with the help of our education service.Market SegmentationSince we provide education service, we have found that segmentation of customers are different. Through the survey, we have discovered that 60% of the students are school leavers who like to apply for other countries.30% are the students who are sponsored by Thai Government who have less money to pursue their studies and who have scholarship for their education.10% includes age between 21-25 young adult. They are the young adults who are working as a part time job or who have their own business.Target Market Thai students who are aged between 16-19 years old who are done with high school.


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