Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Bright Ward about Jakobys statement “Do orcs


is a film directed
by David Ayer and written by Max Landis that is Netflix original. It has a
genre mix of science fiction, action, and fantasy which makes it unique from
any other movie. His father also a film writer of science fiction and his
mother a costume designer, he has much experience in the film industry. Landis
has written many other fantasy and science fiction movies including Victor Frankenstein and Chronicle. The movie takes place in a
alternate world where fantasy creatures coexist with humans; it includes orcs,
elves, fairies, and many more. A “diversity hire” orc cop and a human cop team
up to settle their differences and protect the world from a destruction. The
movie involves killer elves, a wand, and a pool of life saving milk. The movie
has received much racial controversy. Landis portrays racial allegories in the
movie Bright through dialog, stereotypes,
and scenes.

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            Starting off Landis shows racism and
real-time events through the dialog. The very first scene in the movie shows
Ward and his wife in the kitchen as a fairy starts attacking their birdfeeder.
The wife tells him to handle it and he goes outside with a broom and his
neighbor starts to complain about the fairy, saying he is going to call the
city. Ward continues to say I am the city and beats the fairy to death while
stating “fairy lives don’t matter”. This line has reference to the Black Lives
Matter movement that has taken place in our world today. Also as he is fighting
the fairy his neighbor says “take him down LAPD style” then Ward turns to say
“It’s what I do” which is important because it references to how brutal the
police take people down with, its known from not only LA but all police
departments. Another show of racial issues through dialog is when the internal
affairs are discussing with Ward about Jakobys statement “Do orcs have, uh, mad
hoops? How many Orcs are ballers? None they’re slow, they’re heavy. That’s why
half the NFL defensive liners are Orkish. It’s not racism, its physics.” Dialog
plays a huge part in Landis message throughout the movie.

            Secondly, stereotypes play a huge
role in the way Landis makes his point in Bright.
Each creature has a social standing shown through the movie. There are nine
races in the movie bright but they only mention the majority races.  Ranked on the social pyramid on the very top
would be the elves, then second place is the humans, then it is the orcs, and
lastly the fairies.  Elves at the elite
class who are rich and have their own segregated cities in which many other
races are not allowed. The elves in a way represents the upper class in society
today. The next stereotype would have to be the orcs, they are seen as trouble
makers. They are always seen as gangsters wearing chains and carrying guns.
This is where stereotypes come into play because they are seen as dangerous. In
one scene Jakoby and Ward stop by the orcs to tell them to stop being rowdy,
and as they drive past them the camera is put on the orcs who made his fingers
into the shape of a gun and pretended to fire it at them. Additionally, there
are fairies, who are seen as pest. Of course, there is the stereotype of
corrupt cops, in one scene a few other cops have the wand and instead of
turning it in they decide they want to keep it for their own personal use. Also,
they express intolerance by never excepting the other creatures, and prejudice
by holding something they did over 2,000 year ago against them.

            Another major technique that Landis
uses in Bright to show discrimination is the use of scenes. In the movie both
Jakoby and Ward get a call to head to a situation in the city, as they pull up
they witness three cops brutally beating three orcs. Landis intentionally shows
us the families witnessing the beating and many people on the streets recording
it all. Ward proceeds to ask Jakoby “Are you a cop first or an orc first?” He
replies with saying he’s a cop and tell their operator the situation is being
handled well as the proceed to just drive away like everything is okay. This is
showing us also the real-time issues that we have experienced with cops
brutally beating people. Refers to many scenes caught on camera like Alton
Sterling, he was on corner selling CD’s when police tackled him, pinned him to
the ground, and where he was fatally shot. Another scene would be when both
Ward and Jakoby go through elventown they stop at a red light where another orc
points to his fangs and says traitor to Jakoby. In terms racism is the act of
not accepting someone because there are different. Mostly the scenes are one of
the most important techniques used in proving Landis point.

            Max Landis movie has been a touchy
subject of the year because of the material it holds. The movie has both great
and bad reviews; the good reviews where about how unique the movie was while
the bad reviews where along the lines of people being offended by actions in the
movie. Either way the movie has gained a lot of attention and they have already
started the sequel to it. Landis main theme of the whole movie was to show the
racial tension in the world today, because it shows people the truth when they
don’t want to hear or see about it. It is a major problem today and Max shows
this in his movie through scenes, stereotypes, and dialog. It was not his
intentions to offend anyone, he was just trying to get the word out in a way
the everyone would understand.



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