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The road to becoming successful as
an entrepreneur can be a difficult one pave with long hours and no social life
but for many it’s the only life for them.  If you love creating, innovating and doing
business then check out these 10 tips to help you stay on top of your game.

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1.     Set a schedule for
the day, the night before.

The process of greeting the day can
be very busy and stressful.  This causes
you to forget to do things or do things sloppily. To stop this, take 30 minutes
or less every night to get goal oriented and go
over what needs to be done the following day and set a basic schedule. You will
be more aware and mindful of what needs to be done which should help to keep
you focused throughout the day and increase your

2.     Train yourself to
wake up earlier

No matter if you work from home, run an internet
start-up, own small business or are a successful entrepreneur, the truth is the early bird gets the worm as they say. The
earlier you wake up, the more hours you have of peak mental and physical
aptitude to do your best work. This is especially true if you work from home, where the temptation to slack off can
be too much to pass up.


3.     Work Out First
Thing in the Morning

Waking up in the morning can be a
real drag and a simple way combat this is to get some exercise first thing.
Anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour of exercise gets the blood pumping, the
muscles warmed up and the mind open. The endorphins that exercise releases also
helps to boost mood and give you a more positive outlook to the start of your

4.     Start with
something challenging.

A good way to give yourself a big
boost in confidence is to achieve something important that will get you closer
to your goals.  Do the most difficult
thing on your list first, after you’ve finished you’ll feel like you’re able to
tackle anything life throws at you.


5.     Set small Goals

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs and small
business owners make is to focus too much on the big picture. Rest
assured, being able to look five, ten or even twenty years down the road is a
good thing.  The problem is that, if we
are not mindful of the steps to get there then the journey may start to feel
longer and more difficult than it really is. Set small goals, ones that you can
complete regularly and that have some impact. This way even in your darkest
most difficult moment you have evidence of accomplishments that you have made.
This can be a great confidence booster when you experiencing setbacks or dips
in confidence.


6.     Give yourself
little gifts for getting things done

There are times when even the most goal oriented, business minded entrepreneurs come
across tasks that they just don’t want to do but have no choice but to. The
task could be hard, boring or just not something you’re not very good at. A
simple trick to get you going to give yourself the gift of doing something you
like to do after doing a thing that you hate. So whether it’s a favourite snack
or a Netflix moment treat yourself, after you get some work done of course.

7.     Be frugal.

While your building the next big
thing it’s important to save money and conserve resources so be conscious of
how you spend and what you spend it on. Keep your overhead low and save as much
as you can because right now, it’s better to have money to spend later than it
is to make money to spend now.

8.     Stop multitasking…I
mean it. Please?

It may feel like you’re getting more
done by listening to that pod cast, while editing videos and returning emails
but you really aren’t. Doing many things at once means getting nothing done and
successful entrepreneurs know that time is too
important to be wasted.

9.     Switch the coffee
from morning to midday

While the kick of caffeine in the
morning can be helpful when starting your day you might try switching to tea
which still contains some caffeine and saving the coffee for later. Having a
cup of coffee around midday when you start to feel your energy dip, the
caffeine should perk you right up and get you back to business.


Unplug and disconnect from technology

With so much of our personal and
business lives existing online, staring at one screen or another can seem like
all you do. Yes it’s important to keep an eye on the market, read up on the
latest industry happenings and return all those important messages. It’s also
important to take some time away from the hustle and bustle and turn off your
phone for a few hours a day. Give yourself time to just be, without
distraction; this is especially true before you go to sleep.

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