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By been conducted on us. We are

By definition, Millenials are the generational cohort born roughly
between 1980 and 2000. All of the Probationary officers of the batch including
some of the faculty members come within this generation. We are the most talked
about generation ever and extensive researches have been conducted on us. We
are considered as “The most misunderstood generation…lazy, uninspired,
dissatisfied, dazed and confused”. And I have 3 reasons why this could be so:

Failed Parenting Strategies – Our generation has
not faced any war, famine or large-scale revolution of any kind. Because of
this, we have been cocooned and nurtured in a safe, healthy and happy
environment. Our parents have told us that we were special and that we were
meant to achieve anything in life. We give consolation prizes to losers, which
in reality, not only devalues the first prize but also acts like a sympathy
reward for the loser, lowering the latter’s self esteem as well. When the child
is thrust out in to the real world, they realize that they were not special as
they were told; intense hard work is required to achieve their goals and no
consolation prize for losing. This demoralizes them and makes them unwilling to
work in any environment. They constantly look for greener pastures where they “get respect and/or can make an impact”.

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Social Media – Before explaining this, let me
talk about biology. More specifically, a chemical called “Dopamine”.
Colloquially speaking it’s the “Feel Good Hormone”. It is secreted when we
achieve something in life. It is also released when we gamble, smoke or consume
alcohol. And that is the reason why we get addicted to such substances. The
effects of dopamine are visible when we get a notification on our phones as
well. That’s why we immediately dive into our phones when we hear the sweet
melody of a notification or when we get some free time in our class. It’s
because of dopamine we log in to Facebook and Instagram every ten minutes to
check the number of likes on our profile picture or whether a message to our
friend has been read or not. And when we don’t get the desired number of likes,
we fret over what went wrong. This is an addiction that only the Millennials
are facing now. No other generation before us has faced this new high in their
life. Everybody will post their vacation pictures, selfies with friends, social
commentary hashtags and daily motivational quotes, giving the sensation that
they are living a perfect life with everything figured out. But that is not the
reality. No person in their right mind will post about their divorce, breakup
or a dismissal letter from their work place. This false reality leads to a
sense of insecurity in young adults and this insecurity is the main reason why
we have increased suicide rates and deaths by drug overdose. I am not saying
that social media is bad, but too much of it is addictive.


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