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Caleb get the other states to agree

Caleb Strong was the delegate of Massachusetts who went to the Constitutional Convention. Strong was a good vocal support of the convention, and he helped to change the future of the United States. Strong was a committed Federalist, and most of his ideas for change in the Articles of Confederation revolved around governmental issues. Caleb Strong was born on January 9th, 1745 in Northampton Massachusetts. He was a very intelligent scholar, who finished Harvard with very high honors in 1764. He graduated at the age of 19. He died at the age of 74 in his hometown of Northampton on November 7th, 1819 . Before he was a delegate of Massachusetts, he worked as a lawyer, and in 1783 he was offered a position in court, but he declined. He was in the State Lower House and Upper House of Massachusetts As the delegate of Massachusetts, Strong was obligated to meet with other delegates of other states in America. Strong arrived to the Convention on May 28, 1779. He liked the Virginia plan, because he priority in the Convention was to get the other states to agree on a strong central government form. Because he agreed to ratify the Virginia plan, it was a struggle to get the opposing side to agree. Smaller states like New Jersey and Delaware opposed this plan with the New Jersey plan. If you were a large state with a big population, you would agree with the Virginia plan, and if you were a small state, you would agree with the New Jersey plan. This topic on which plan was going to pass through was arguably one of the biggest disagreements in the entire Convention. Half the states were large, and half were small. Since the small states didn’t get along with the large states, the Connecticut Compromise came along. It didn’t fully have everything each side wanted, but there was enough so it could break the barrier between the states. Caleb agreed to ratify on the Compromise and it was established into the new nation’s laws. I would rate Caleb Strong with a C because even though he was at the Constitutional Convention and did help this young nation establish some rules that would work for everybody, he only helped with agreeing to ratify the Connecticut Compromise. If his main priority in getting a stronger central government and having the smaller states to agree with the Virginia plan, then he could have gone higher, but he didn’t complete the goal he wanted to. He just let something pass and that was it. In conclusion Caleb Strong was a delegate of Massachusetts who went to the Constitutional Convention of 1779. He played a role in the Convention of helping to agree with the majority of the states to help ratify the Connecticut Compromise. Caleb Strong can be known as a father of the country because he has helped to establish important rules for the better of America.


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