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Canadian Identity Essay

The kineticss of Canada’s Laws of tolerance. bilingualism and multiculturalism towards non-British descent have changed since World War II ( WW II ) . During the First World War. a term called “Enemy Aliens” was used towards Canadians of non-British descent who were treated really ill. Many were sent to internment cantonments where they had to digest rough life conditions. Equality was non present at the clip. It was about 26 old ages after the terminal of WWII that a formal Multiculturalism Policy was adopted in 1971.

It ensured that all Canadians will hold the freedom of belief. sentiment and faith. It created a more culturally diverse society which has now become the trademark of Canadian individuality. Another important development was the debut of The Official Languages Act 1969 which basically proclaimed both English and Gallic to be the two functionary linguistic communications of Canada. As a consequence of these two Acts. Canada has ensured that it is committed to acknowledging the rights of minorities in general and of immigrants on non-British descent in peculiar.

Both WW I and WW II saw the unjust intervention towards enemy foreigners and indigens in Canada. Nipponese Canadian Internment which refers to the parturiency of Nipponese in British Columbia ( BC ) during WW II. Over 20 thousand Japanese were scattered in cantonments throughout BC where the life conditions were highly hapless. many households were forced to populate in little hovels with unequal warming in the winter months. The internments started in 1942 following the onslaught on Pearl Harbour when the Canadian Government issued internment orders surmising Nipponese to be prosecuting in espionage.

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Though there was no official cogent evidence that Nipponese were involved in any such activities. they were however placed in such cantonments. WW I shaped a argument sing the preferable racial composing in Canadian society. Canadians found the presence of enemy foreigners straitening during the war. Germans. Austro-Hungarians and Ukrainian immigrants shacking in Canada were forced into labour cantonments. Suspension from occupations was common and entry into many edifices for the so called foreigners was denied. There were 500. 000 German and Austro-Hungarian people populating in Canada every bit good as over 125. 000 Ukrainians.

At first the authorities urged just intervention for these people but as the war continued. Canadians became more leery and intolerant of such people. Aborigines besides received unjust intervention from the authorities. Even though they volunteered by enlisting as soldiers and even doing hard currency parts for the war attempts they continued to be treated as 2nd category citizens. Ironically. indigens were contending for freedom and triumph of the British and the Alliess in WW II. yet they did non bask the basic rights as citizens in their ain fatherland.

After important force per unit area on the Canadian Government. the Indian Act was amended and was non until 1960 that the Aboriginals and indigens were recognized as full citizens and were granted the right to vote. Horrific events such as Nipponese internments. sorting Canadians as enemy foreigners and mistreatment of Native Canadians were a dark period in Canadian history. Many attempts have been made through apologies and hard currency compensation for the victims. Canada was the first state to follow an official Multiculturalism Policy in 1971 which resulted in a positive displacement towards acknowledging minority groups.

The policy ensured that all Canadians have equal rights to maintain their individuality and believe in what they pattern. It created a much more diverse cultural society meaning Canada’s acknowledgment as one of the most progressive states in the universe. Cultural eating houses. food market shops and other constitutions add coloring materials to the mosaic and creates a rich heritage in times to come. This policy was of import because it has allowed people coming in from lesser developed states to bask a better. safe and unafraid life in Canada every bit good as enjoy equal rights and position.

Equal rights were a basis in the Multiculturalism Policy with respect to freedom of address. security. spiritual pattern. entree to wellness attention and instruction. Such liberating characteristics of the Canadian society attracted a batch of prospective immigrants. Upon reaching in Canada. non merely did the immigrants better their criterion of life but it besides enabled Canada to thrive by increasing population degrees. get the better ofing deficits in the labour market and enabling increased trade between Canada and the place states.

It sparked off nnovation in assorted Fieldss and it is deserving observing that about 35 % of all Canadian Research Chairs in assorted Universities are occupied by foreign born Canadians whereas immigrants merely account for 20 % of the entire population of Canada. After the WW II. it took Canada about 25 old ages to acknowledge the importance of part and credence of immigrants in the signifier of the official Multiculturalism Policy. The Official Languages Act which came into force in September 1969 ensures the official bilingualism in Canada.

Prior to this. Canada was preponderantly an English speech production state but this policy ensured that both English and Gallic be considered as the two functionary linguistic communications. It gives the right to Canadians to seek authorities services in either linguistic communication although it does non necessitate all Canadian citizens to talk both linguistic communications. For illustration. all Canadians are entitled to have wellness attention and societal services in either linguistic communication. The Official Languages Act besides had a important impact on advancing Gallic linguistic communication in the school system across Canada. The Gallic Immersion Programmes offered in schools are a merchandise of this Act.

It besides ensures entree to English and Gallic instruction to lingual minorities. The Act besides encouraged widespread usage of both linguistic communications in commercialism and concern by necessitating all merchandises sold in Canada to be labeled in both linguistic communications. Even though the Act fostered the usage of both linguistic communications. the world todays is that many Canadians still go on to be unilingual. Canada has surely emerged as a state. since the terminal of WW II. as tolerant towards immigrants populating here every bit good as acknowledging the Anglo & A ; Francophone cultural cloth of the state.

Enemy foreigners from many different states experienced unjust intervention from the Canadian authorities for grounds that they were non straight responsible for. The Multiculturalism Policy has changed Canada’s positions on accepting these immigrants and handling them as equal. Canada did non merely guarantee the equality between all races in Canada. but besides acknowledging the equality between the two functionary linguistic communications of Canada. Thus the last 65 old ages. since the terminal of WW II. have shown that the Canadian society and landscape has changed dramatically to suit a wide mix of non-British descent immigrants.


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