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Cascading Objectives Down To Employees Business Essay

Divine Pleasure is dedicated to supplying exceeding nutrients in a comfy eating house for all persons old plenty to do a reserve our purposes are clear, peculiar and precise to do adequate net income to retrace more eating houses globally taking the unbelievable Jamaican spirits to all corners of the universe. Our primary end is to guarantee that clients are satisfied and that they keep coming back.

Develop a managerial hierarchy. Decide what each spouse ‘s function in the eating house will be, for illustration, who will be responsible for the necessary sections and specific activities?

Divine Pleasures will be operated by Tiffany McCalla, Damara McCalla and Tanice Newland.

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Tiffany will be the Human Resource Manager every bit good as the one responsible for the promoting of the organisation this was decided because of her unbelievable personality the unbelievable figure of people she as associated with every bit good as her experience in media and a retired HRM in a good known hotel in Jamaica.

Damara McCalla is the fiscal adviser he is responsible for all fiscal minutess within the organisation the buying of new stocks and all pecuniary minutess within the organisation. This was agreed upon since he had an Associate grade in Finance was a retired worker at RBC Royal Bank and he was a stock taker in Beaches Boscobel besides that he had an first-class oculus for Numberss and an unbelievable memory.

Tanice Newland is the youngest so she will be responsible for the stock pickings, she will daily enter the sum of stock used and the sums that decreased are needed to be replenish she will besides be responsible for guaranting that all the machines and engineerings are working to the best of their abilities and guaranting client satisfaction. This duty was handed to her because she is good with Numberss she is aggressive and consecutive forward and with her order must be maintained, she is compassionate but will non lose sight of what is of import.

There are 14 ( 14 ) Principles of Management described by Henri Fayol. Outline clearly how at least 10 ( 10 ) of these cardinal truths could be applied to the concern you have established.

Henri Fayol has 14 rules of Management but merely 10 of these cardinal truths will be established within Divine Pleasure they are:

Division of work



Integrity of way






Esprit de corps

1. Division of Work- specialisation encourages uninterrupted betterment both in footings of accomplishments and methods. Divine Pleasure purpose is to use the most qualified persons people who has specialize accomplishments to finish their undertaking in a skilfully and effectual mode.

2. Authority- the right to give orders and the power to necessitate obeisance. They are three proprietors to Divine Pleasure and this will be known by all forces ‘s so that they may ever cognize there place however if they are holding challenges they have the right to describe to either Tanice, Damara are miss Tiffany. Tiffany is the director that makes the determinations so no other proprietor has the right to give waies to an employee if it is non in their section. All employees are expected to be obedient and be respectful to both the staff employers and particularly to the clients the clients are ever right and anything other than that will non be accepted.

3. Discipline- a successful organisation requires the shared attempt of all staff. Employees must obey, but this is two sided they will merely follow if direction play their portion by supplying good leading. The director within Divine Pleasure has experiences and makings so they are to the full cognizant of what is expected of them and the functions that they will play. In any concern what you give to employees that`s what you will acquire back. But we will set up regulations and ordinances so they will ever cognize their topographic point and the places they hold.

4. Integrity of direction- the full organisation should be aligned and be traveling towards a common end. The ends of Divine Pleasure are to make a good working environment, where workers are obedient and subject and are cognizant of the governments. To besides do net income and to be recognize as the most unbelievable eating house nationally and internationally within Jamaica. Our purpose is to ever be over engaged and have a waiting list of months in progress. These are our ends and the employees will be to the full cognizant of them so that they may cognize what their outlooks are and that all their attempts are ever a 100 % and nil less.

5. Remuneration- payment is an of import incentive but should be just and reward well-directed attempt. Employees will be paid reasonably compensated and rewarded for all of their attempts. They`re the basis of this eating house so they will be exhaustively showed grasp in private and publically.

6. Order- an organization`s demands must be balanced against its resources.

7. Equity- employees must be treated every bit and reasonably. Divine Pleasure will hold understandings between its employees showing equality and fairness all work forces adult females will be paid the same regardless of their state of affairss the jurisprudence states it and those we will follow.

8. Stability of term of office of Personnel- employees need a period of stableness in a occupation to execute at their best. Employees will be given sporadically twenty-four hours offs and non everyone will work on Lord’s daies. They will be topographic point on displacements so that they are better able to concentrate and execute better.

9. Initiative- encouraging staff to demo inaugural is a beginning of strength in an organisation. At Divine Pleasure it would be really much appreciated and rewarded for persons to show enterprise. This is expected of them since we want workers who takes the work earnestly and would make whatever they can to guarantee that everything is in order and running swimmingly.

10. Esprit de corps- direction should further harmoniousness, coherence and morale among the organization`s staff. ( unfastened. edu ) The employers of this eating house promotes harmoniousness, love and kindness and this is what will be shown to all clients so that they may experience comfy every bit shortly as they walk through our doors. We will besides guarantee that everyone are staying by the regulations and the ordinances of the eating house and are to the full cognizant of the moral and ethical regulations. We will besides show regard for people and belongings making a visible radiation and friendly ambiance.

Sketch the most of import determinations that must be made about: a ) Planning B ) Organizing degree Celsius ) Leading vitamin D ) controlling,

To let you and your spouses to use organisational resources efficaciously and construct a competitory advantage.

Planning is the mission and aims that Divine Pleasures will take to accomplish.

The aims are:

To hold a rise in the sum of clients in the first twelvemonth increasing through to the 5th twelvemonth.

Over a 10 twelvemonth period to retrace eating houses in every county of Jamaica.

To retrace more eating houses over a 10 twelvemonth period overseas taking the great dishes and spirits internationally.

To be recognized as the figure one pick for a topographic point of dining.

To look in magazines and newspapers nationally and internationally as the newest and classiest eating house in Jamaica.

Mission statement

Divine Pleasure is dedicated to supplying exceeding nutrients in a comfy eating house for all persons old plenty to do a reserve our purposes are clear, peculiar and precise to do adequate net income to retrace more eating houses globally taking the unbelievable Jamaican spirits to all corners of the universe. Our primary end is to guarantee that clients are satisfied and that they keep coming back.

In order for them to accomplish this we will hold to put in engaging the most qualified and suited persons. We will besides hold to buy the most absorbing and new machineries and engineerings, patroling guaranting that we are making our mark markets and pulling clients.

Forming this is the portion whereby the directors of Divine Pleasures will hold to set up constructions of the eating house naming functions to which the staff will hold to make full. They will be

4 cooks,

3 servers/waiters,

5 janitors who will clean the tabular arraies and wash the dishes,

2 receptionists to do reserve and show clients to their tabular arraies.

2 security guards out forepart and back

2 inside look intoing the cameras

Leading this is the degree where the directors of Divine Pleasure will take there staff, steer them and actuate them promoting them doing them experience appreciated they will sporadically pass on with all the staff look intoing on them guaranting they are making what they suppose to and rectifying them while promoting them in the procedure.

Controling this is the concluding degree after all work is finish it is compared to the ends set by the eating house guaranting that everyone is run intoing their outlooks. Correctionss will be made and assist will be offered so that following clip they will be betterment and the ends can be met. It besides involves look intoing staff public presentation, hours, the disbursals and review of work done.

What kinds of engineering can be employed to assist the spouses better pull off the complexnesss of the eating house industry?

Modern engineering has made a immense impact in the universe even within the Restaurant Industry

Divine Pleasure will put in all the finest and newest machines and equipments to do work easier for the employees every bit good as for the clients. All these engineering will do work easier and client ‘s orders will be faster and good prepared and every bit healthy as possible to accommodate the demands of everyone.

Three of these new engineerings that will be put ining are:

Video cameras top of the line security cameras to guarantee safety and comfort for clients and the employees.

A Point of Sale System – The POS system is a touch screen engineering that allows tellers and waiters to input orders to the kitchen in order to function clients faster.

Sums Oil Management – RTI provides eating houses with industry taking frying oil direction systems and restaurant operations direction engineering that step and proctors oil use to increase nutrient quality and consistence. ( http: //www.rti-inc.com ) How can a eating house be without this engineering when the sum of people traveling corpulent is excessively much to number. This engineering will automatically present fresh oil taking the used dirty oil from before. It will besides assist employees in the kitchen they will experience safer and the cleanliness of the eating house will decidedly better.

Outline clearly five ( 5 ) legal and ethical challenges that your eating house will confront and your program of action for each of these.

There are many legal and ethical challenges within concerns the accomplishment is merely to happen the techniques to turn them to your favour. The key is to educate oneself on the legal issues that should be noted and abide by therefore including the employees a crestless wave since the determination does non merely impact are affect the employers.

Such legal issues and there program of action are:

Safety Issues

Legal liability

Laws and ordinances

Customer rights

Employees Right

The safety issues should be studied and research so that they are non breached. Divine Pleasure will guarantee that all safety regulations and ordinances are identified and highlighted. The fire section will be contacted to inspect the eating house thoroughly and hopefully they will steer us on the legal irresistible impulses.

Divine Pleasure will besides maintain up with the latest wellness ordinances in order to guarantee safety for employees and clients.

Legal Liability will guarantee that all appropriate insurance coverage in topographic point it will be set up to protect itself from all jurisprudence suits. Since employees do hold rights if they are hurt are harm in anyways these legal coverage will take attention of them every bit good as the Restaurant.

Laws and Regulations this is guaranting that all indispensable and needed licenses licences and insurance needed to run the Divine Pleasure Restaurant is in topographic point and abiding by the Torahs and ordinances of the employees.

Customers Right this is guaranting that the eating house is cognizant of the rights of the clients they should hold the right to be treated reasonably, with good client service moralss and without any signifier of favoritism

Employees Right Divine Pleasure will guarantee that these rights are identified and the effects of them are known to the eating house. Employees work hours should be taken into consideration as good, every bit good as they should be paid for any complete clip they should be given lunch interruptions at a considerate clip and they should be treated reasonably and paid on clip.

Some ethical issues could be:

Image Problems

Employment patterns


Property rights

Conflicts of involvement

Image Problems the image of Divine Restaurant is really of import since this does find how successful the eating house will go are when it will shut down. Ethical issues will be noted and cognizant of within the restaurant public wise are behind closed doors. There will non be no discriminating of employees are against clients are any inappropriate linguistic communication are behavior. Anything that will set in hazard the image of the organisation will non be allowed. It will besides travel to the extent that no client should know apart another client are caused them to experience uncomfortable are out of topographic point are they will be escorted out. Rules of what will or will non be expected will be posted in order to hold repose.

Employment Practices written guidelines that province the moralss of Divines employment patterns will be established. They good are reinstated in meetings, electronic mails and on bulletin boards so that consciousness of just employment patterns is unbroken alive.

Honesty will be promoted! Anything less will non be acceptable. Keeping this between the proprietors of Divine Pleasure and its employees will decidedly go through on to the clients since your purpose is to do them experience like they can swear you and that they are non been cheated. Employers keeping this with their employees will besides make a really trusty ambiance since employers will be able to swear that the fiscal recordings are true even if they might be an mistake and that the degree of stock is right.

Property Rights ethical consciousness can be advanced by set uping belongings rights. It should affect demoing regard to the personal properties and belongings of Divine Pleasures, it involves utilizing machines and equipments harmonizing to processs and taking the best attention of all the installations and engineerings. It will besides be written that regard be shown to all the personal properties of the employees.

Conflicts of involvement employees will be made cognizant of the effects of struggles of involvement, whether for money are an exchange of whatever favour. It is non allowed and employees will be encouraged to describe any struggles of this kind since this is a concern topographic point and our involvement and ends have n’t changed.

Using Peter Drucker ‘s five ( 5 ) stairss procedure, depict how Management by Aims ( MBO ) can be implemented in your eating house.

Management by aims MBO is a systematic and organized attack that allows direction focal point on accomplishable ends and to achieve the best possible consequences from available resources. ( business_guide )

The 5 stairss of MBO are:

Set Organizational Aims

Reward Performance

Evaluate Performance


Cascade aims to employees.

Set are Review Organizational aims.

MBO starts with clearly defined strategic organisational aims. ( mindtools1996-2013 ) If the organisation isn`t clear about where it is traveling, no one working at that place, will be either. That is why Divine Pleasure has put in topographic point organisational aims has a usher for the hereafter, it has to cognize what its ends are and its outlooks since that is the lone manner we will be able to travel frontward employees every bit good will be cognizant of these since they will be a basis to run intoing these ends.

Reward Performance

Divine pleasance will do certain to counterbalance and honor employees for the aims that they will take to carry through, after accomplishing the ends that it has been set they will be rewarded for the consequences.

Evaluate Performance

Employees will be evaluated tried and tried in order to guarantee that they have the right makings to be able to carry through the ends set by the organisation. Divine Pleasure will guarantee that the most suited persons are assigned to carry through the undertaking assigned.

Monitor Process

Because the ends and aims are SMART, they are mensurable. ( mindtools1996-2013 ) Divine Pleasure will guarantee that they are supervising systems steadfastly put in topographic point to cover with issues efficaciously and expeditiously and within convenient clip in order to accomplish ends.

Cascading aims down to employees.

To back up the mission Divine Pleasure will put clear ends and aims, which so need to be pass down from one organisational degree to the following until they reach to everyone. It will put ends that can be accomplished by everyone doing the workers feel responsible and apprehended.


It can be concluded that if all these methods and theories by Henri Fayol, Peter Drucker and many others are applied to any concern and organisation the concern is guaranteed success. A director ‘s occupation is ne’er done it ‘s a rhythm to be after, form, take and command. They need to set up ends and aims that will be a visible radiation in the darkness demoing the way to success. Divine Pleasure will win because it was planted in good seed of the methods that were spoken of given the competitory advantage over all other little, powerless eating houses


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