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Catalonia with the federal government, which has

Catalonia has
had a long and illustrious history dating back to the Greeks in the 5th
century BC. This paper will
explore the question of, Should Catalonia be a fully independent state under no
influence from Spain? Catalonia, along with the other 19 autonomist
communities, has a special relation with the federal government, which has been
described as decentralised federalism. In this system of government, each
community negotiates its own statute of autonomy with the decentralised federal
government. This grants each community the right to control certain parts of
its own affairs, with this being defined as the community being semi-autonomous.

The question poses should Catalonia be fully independent/fully autonomist,
which in contrast would allow Catalonia to have full control over all of its
own affairs instead of some affairs, such as immigration and defence, being
managed by the federal government as set out in the current constitution of

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This paper will aim to answer the question posed in the
least-biased way possible and to reach a fair conclusion that conclusively
answers the question. This research is important as the issue is highly
topical, with no conclusive answer and is the gap that this paper hopes to fill
and provide unbiased analysis into the topic. This paper will focus on the 2006
Statute of Autonomy providing a catalyst for independence at the current day
but will also provide a brief overview on the sentiment towards a nationalist
Spain during General Franco’s rule and after his rule. 


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