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Chang Yoong Chia is a Malaysian artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was born in 1975. Hegraduated from Malaysian Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur in 1996, holding a Diploma in Fine Art(Major in Painting) certificate. He was the finalist of the APB Signature Art Prize in 2011, held inSingapore Art Museum. He also holds a few artist residencies in a few countries like India, Korea andU.K.Chang Yoong Chia posing beside one of his artworks.2Otaru Fable by Chang Yoong Chia345DescriptionThis artwork is an invention by Chang Yoong Chia, called Otaru Fable. This artwork is made byseashells describing his experience in a sequence during his trip to Otaru, Hokkaido in Japan. Theseashells are arranged in a static and neat order.The seashells with images are arranged on the top, whereas the seashells at the bottom are used towrite the explanations about the images.During his time there, he obtained these scallop shells to invent a Japanese comic style with asequence of 31 images and 31 texts to tell people about his experience during his trip.This artwork was done in 2006 and is also the first work of the artist’s “Narratives” series. The”Narratives” series is manipulated and placed sequentially by the artist to tell the stories that arerelated to the objects’ natural or cultural origins by using the repetitive shape, form or images foundin natural or readymade objects.Recognisable subjectsOverall, this artwork is made fully by seashells and are placed accordingly. The seashells on topconsist of images only and the seashells at the bottom are full of words.There are human figures, animals and a tunnel being drawn on the seashells describing what theartist saw and experienced during his trip.Visual elements and their qualitiesLines:The artist used a variety of line techniques to do the drawing. To name a few, there is some verticallines, curvy lines, irregular lines, patterns as well as thick and thin lines in this artwork.Colours:~The artwork consists of only black and white colours where the artist apply black colour on the whiteseashells to do the drawing on the seashells on top, while using some lively colours like yellow andlight blue to decorate the seashells placed below that was used for descriptions.Textures:~This artwork’s texture is smooth as the oil and seashells used are having a smooth texture. There isalso the use of marker pen and scallop shells ink that make the texture a little smooth as well.Shapes:~This artwork consists mostly of organic shapes and a little bit of geometrical shapes at the sametime. The artist painted organic shapes like human, animals and plants, as well as some geometricalshapes like tunnel and road.6Forms:~This artwork is formed in a symmetrically balance way. In addition, this artwork is also in an organicform as this artwork consists of mostly human, plants and animals.Composition:~This artwork is being composed in a very well organized and neat manner because the seashells arearranged neatly and accordingly by the artist.Technical qualities:~The artist used oil, marker pen and 62 various size of scallop shells ink to assemble this artwork. The62 scallop shells were manipulated and painted to create an interesting storyline.Analysis:Size / scale relationships:~Some of the seashells on top are slightly bigger than seashells at the bottom. The bigger seashells ontop are being used to do painting to catch the attention of the viewers, whereas smaller seashells atthe bottom are used to write descriptions.The drawing is static which means the artwork is painted all by the artist himself.Shape relationships:~As mentioned previously, the artist uses organic shapes and geometrical shapes to paint on theseashells. Among all these paintings, there are three seashells that contains tunnel. It can be seenthat the tunnel is formed with geometrical shape. Moreover, the straight lines used to paint the roadconnect well with the geometrical shape, hence creates an illusion of depth to the viewer that theartist and his wife are going through the tunnel.Textural surface relationships:~It can be seen that the seashells have an actual surface. The textural surfaces of seashells are similarto each other as they contrast strongly with the ink of marker pen.Space and volume relationships:~The placing of every single seashell is also essential. This is because the seashells are being arrangedaccordingly, hence if one of the seashells is missing or being placed wrongly, the viewers might notunderstand the story of the artist.Colours relationships:~The colours used by the artist in this artwork is black and white to show the contrast of differentshapes. For example, to show the contrast between the background and the subject matters, theartist used a white colour background, which is the seashells, and black colour to paint the subjectmatters.7Besides, the seashells are the most important element of the artwork as every single piece of theseashell are dependent on each other in order to tell the story of the artist.InterpretationThese seashells are caught and farmed commercially in Hokkaido, Japan for mass consumption. Thescallops that are alive will be cooked and treated by human as foods to provide energy to the humanbody. The shells will be the only thing that remained and will be thrown away.Hence, this artist had an idea and decided to give these valueless shells a “second life” by drawingwhat he experienced during his trip to Otaru in Hokkaido, which is a popular destination for tourists.The fact that this artwork is being arranged in a neat order gives a feeling of calmness to viewers.This picture has an interesting proportion. This is because the artist used ‘point of view’ to paint thisimage.It is obviously an image of what the artist was looking at in that exact moment.8The artist is able to show the distance between him and the crowd of people queueing up to buythings.The crowd of people were painted smaller at the back while the artist and his friends were paintedbigger on the front to show the distance.From this image, the artist is trying to express what he saw from his own point of view.JudgementThis artwork is fantastic but at the same time having its own flaws.This artwork is fantastic in a way that it was able to deliver the stories the artist wanted to tell in aclear manner to the viewers. This is because the painting is easy to understand as it does not lookcomplicated and was placed accordingly and neatly.Furthermore, the artist used a lot of organic shapes like human, plants and animals to make it easierfor the viewer’s to understand as those are the things we see in our daily lives.The artist also make good use of the usage of lines. This is because the lines on the paintings can beseen clearly and it does not make the artwork complicated. The usage of lines by the artist also makethe artwork look harmonious and calm.The artist also used perspective drawing in this artwork. This makes the artwork look more realistic.There is also some flaws in this artwork.One of the flaws is obviously the colours being used in this artwork. The artist used only black andwhite colours in this artwork which makes the artwork looks a little dull and pretty awful especiallythe tunnel image.It seems as though the artist just simply darken the whole seashell without any purpose when theviewer look at the artwork from far away. The fact that the artwork is black and white makes it looka little unattractive.In addition, the artist did not put too much effort in the description part. This is because thedescription is too short and unclear.For example, one of the seashells where he painted a body of a deer with the head of a human on it.The description written was ‘it was a deer’ but the artist did not explain further as to why it was ahuman head on a body of a deer. This will make viewers feel confused.Another flaw of this artwork is the combination of ink and seashells. This is because it is a little hardto see the images especially under the light. The fact that the seashells will reflect the light becauseof their smooth surface make it harder for viewers to see the images on the seashells.This artwork was also able to send the artist’s message and intention well to the viewers. This isbecause the artist is expressing his feeling of happiness during his trip to Otaru, Japan. The artist isalso expressing everything he experienced and saw during his trip.9The feeling of happiness can be seen through the artwork based on the way the people are behavingin a happy manner.Furthermore, the images painted are all wonderful scenery and beautiful sight. It clearly shows thehappiness felt by the artist during his trip.The artist is also trying to send a message to viewers to tell them to live a happy life and appreciatethe time spent with the person we love by expressing happiness.Conclusion:The idea from this artist of using seashells to do his artwork was very creative. He was able to makethese seashells seem useful because it can be made to create an artwork. Even though his artworkwas a bit dull because of the fact that his artwork consists only black and white, but he was able tosend his intention to the viewer in a clear manner.Moreover, this artwork is also an expression


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