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Choosing me that issues including illiteracy were


Choosing to Remain Ineffecient

“Are California’s Public Schools Failing
Their Students on Literacy?”, an article written on December 26, 2017 by the
Times Editorial Board for the LA Times,
argues that literacy has always been an important component of schooling and
criticizes the government for its inability to help schools instill a
sufficient education program. Students and others passionate and willing to
fight for change filed a lawsuit against the government because they feel that
the rate of literacy in California is unsatisfactory in both public and charter
schools. It is their hope that the lawsuit will cause the government to fulfill
their promise of providing an education that is sufficient for each generation.
If the rate of literacy doesn’t go up, present students will fail to get jobs,
as their illiteracy will prevent them from being able to fill out any job
application. Though some action has been taken to help this situation, it has
proven inefficient, as literacy rates are, in fact, not increasing. A basic
reading and writing program is heavily required at this point, though it should
have been implemented long ago. Learning
about all the schools set up back in the 18th century convinced me
that issues including illiteracy were taken care of as time went on. Now, three
centuries later, realizing that the American government is, basically, still trying
to establish a proficient education system is startling. It had never occurred
to me that something like being unable to read or write would still impact so
many lives, especially in California, where everything seems to be always
advancing into bigger and better versions of itself and where there never seems
to be anyone out of the loop. It’s time for the American government to get its
act together and develop a way to ensure that the majority of its citizens are
able to meet the most basic education requirements that they decided on three
hundred years ago. If reading, writing, and arithmetic are the only things that
they deem important, they might as well work hard to guarantee that most, if
not all, of the people living in this country can perform all three. The
government has done many horrible things, but choosing to remain inefficient
enough to keep schools, and therefore keep students, from developing into truly
independent and comprehensive human beings has to be one of the worst.

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