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Christopher 1492 his idea became a reality

Christopher Columbus had a ridiculous idea to venture off into a ocean that had never been sailed before. He hoped to find a new passage to Asia unknown to mankind. In 1492 his idea became a reality and he was able to sail the ocean with the financial help of Queen Isabella from Spain. Columbus’s trip created the Columbian exchange that brought new ideas, foods, and animals within both continents. As well, the newfoundland was able to expand and advance from all the finances given from Spain. However he set sail on his voyage with no intentions to benefit anyone else except himself. These few positive occurrences happened simply with god’s will. Columbus simply wanted to gain fame and fortune like Marco Polo had. Columbus was willingto put a lot of lifes at risk for his own gains. He destroyed native american families by kidnapping them to Spain. He forced his own culture, religion, and ideas on to the Natives. Columbus’s treatment led an example to other foreigners on how natives should be treated. Native americans were forced out of their own lands for foreigners to invade. The abuse escalated into wars such as the Wounded Knee Massacre and Navajo Wars. Native Americans began experiences foreign abuse after Columbus’s trip. Prior to the expedition Natives had lived peacefully in their own lands. Yet, Columbus’s voyage is seen as an accomplishment even having an official holiday, Columbus Day. Columbus Day is a mere celebration of the origin of Native American abuse. It is celebrating one mere accomplishment of a man finding land already inhabited by innocents. Had Columbus gone forward with a positive mindset, the damage wouldn’t of been as grand. The damage is even seen today Native Americans live in their own separate territories, as an American apology. Columbus is no hero he destroyed innocent lives. And also spread this horrendous idea that people are better than others. It’s sad to admit but most Americans believe they are the best people in the entire universe. And it spread worldwide with Columbus, leading to many conflicts. 


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