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Coca-Cola company has opened social media platforms

Company is the oldest and largest existing company in the world with over 550
brand names. It was originally started in 1902. (Bodden, Valerie, 17) The
company produces a variety of minute maid orange juice, teas and the most familiar
one being Diet Coke. The company has an incredible marketing team on board that
have given rise to the making of the brand name with advertising increasingly
becoming popular. Branding of the company has taken years changing the names
according to the year. Online, television and even radio advertisements have
led to the easier expansion of the company. The company has loyal customers
ranging from old to the young aged people. The
Coca Cola Company is being used as the modest company that has attracted many customers
through its advertisement programs and has promoted our culture.

the decades, the motto used in advertising for Coca Cola has reflected not only
on the label, but also in its years. Mottos provide an easy, direct way to pass
information about Coca Cola Company. The Coca Cola Company advertising
strategies has been direct and often precise to its clients hence marketing of
the product has been hand in hand with the success of the company. The
advertisement is mainly directed on the younger people who seem to be the main
contributors to the company’s success. (Bidden, Valerie, 495). 

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Strategies of Advertising

are several techniques that have been used to help enable expansion of Coca Cola
Company and its products. For instance:

Online Marketing

Cola Company has brought its services to all internet users and this has
enabled customers to familiarize themselves with the different products and
interact freely online about the products memorable moments with the product.

The company has opened social media platforms that enable the customers to view
and even comment about the product in the market. Brands are also advertised on
the Facebook, twitter and Instagram sites as people enjoy the services provided
by the company. (Loiseau, 545)

Contacting Consumers

created a platform where its consumers can freely interact among themselves by
sharing memories for instance the branding of the coca cola bottles with family
names has brought a lot of memories to families who continually keep touch by
drinking of the beverage on different occasions. Many customers find themselves
in areas where they cannot access coca cola products and the company has
provided easier ways of contacting consumers by bringing the shops and branches
of the company closer to the consumer. (Kemp, Kathryn W, 90) The consumer is
always right and Coca Cola Company has made sure that contacting customers on
low levels can help make the product more successful in terms of sales

Calling Out a Campaign

theme, ‘share a coke’ has been able to reach to different people both young and
old. The ‘share a coke campaign’ was used to reach people by using the personal
names and promote the products widely on all levels and countries. The
strategic plan to make a brand from using personal names was a bright idea for
even those who never drink the beverage would eventually try to drink. Having a
great product or service is useless if the right people don’t know about it.

This strategy has been an important step in realizing what consumers want and
how advertising the product based on individual names has brought more success
on the company’s sales.  

It’s a
market dominated by monopoly companies and large corporates only. An
important advertising campaign can help start a new business. When times are
hard, rather than reducing stock, a look at advertising can make a business
flourish and gain promotion.

Company’s campaign is an interesting paradox: the mass production of an
intensely personal experience. Of course, its inclusivity is an illusion. The
campaign homogenizes or completely sidesteps individuals who exist outside its
very narrow frame of representation. Coca-Cola Company selects the 150 most
commonly used names in any country where it launches its campaign, then uses
generic signifiers like “dad” or “wingman” to address any
remaining outliers. Many names are left out. Other names are intentionally
omitted, for fear of creating too much controversy. (Bidden Valerie, 175).  

Cola Company products are available in all countries of the world except Cuba
and N. Korea. Coca Cola Company has gained world fame and has been advertised
greatly throughout the years to achieve world supremacy in the world’s
consumption of beverages. Coca Cola Company products have gained prominence in
the beverage market and this is due to the advertisements done on radio, social
media, television commercials and on our belongings too which is more common

race and ethnicity are sensitive issues affecting world peace. Branches of Coca
Cola Company have been received differently in other countries and this has
become a problem in selling of the product to a consumer in Middle Eastern
countries. Let’s take for instance; the Arab-populated countries have different
opinions on whether the Coca Cola Company products are good for consumption or
not, according to the Quran. This has led to the decline of selling of the beverages
in Middle Eastern countries for they follow their faith. According to
advertisements, gender and race are well equal on the posters and commercial.

Coca cola Company brands are neither gender sensitive nor racial. Coca cola company
marketers tends to ensure that all customers are well represented and without
discrimination. But in some cases some names are not written on the brands as a
sign of disrespect to some of the cultural tribes in Africa and Asian
countries. (Jhally, Sut, and William M. O’Barr, 345)

The Coca
Cola company model, brand creation begins with marketing. This influences clients
who, in turn, affect how the company performs in the marketplace and is
ultimately valued by the financial power it possesses.

media has been a platform to reach a vast number of people over a great range
of distance but to only those that have internet access. As modern technology
fascinates most of us, Coca Cola Company has taken the initiative to promote
its products and hear out the clients more easily via the social media. Coca
Cola Company has perfectly used social media such as Facebook and twitter to
reach its customers. The company has also used famous names from movies, songs
and sports to promote its brand to the customers. (Kemp, Kathryn W, 900). The
company uses famous names to capture attention of many teenagers and young
people, who try to emulate them or look up to them.

Cola Company is a global industrial company with its roots back in the United
States of America (Bidden, Valerie, p. 15). Coca Cola Company has produced fine
beverages and soft drinks that has being used for centuries and still has not
lost its unique sweet taste. Many people around the world have acknowledged the
soft drinks and continue to use it as refreshment. Coca Cola Company not only
deals with the national market but also deals with the global market.

Cola Company products can only be described as wonderful by man because of its
pleasant taste and refreshing properties. The company was discovered in the 19th
century and has perfected its recipe and brands throughout the years. Discovery
of Coca cola Company was an innovative idea that has become successful to this
day. The company’s success has been measured by factors such as branding,
marketing and leadership over the century. (Kemp, Kathryn W, 745)

Cola has set up different campaign strategies to curb the competition the
company faces from neighboring competitors such as Pepsi. Differences in goals
have made the two companies rival against each other for supremacy over Europe
and the whole world by altering the taste levels of the beverage. Coca Cola has
increased its territories to acquire more customers in order to create
awareness in arid areas. Coca Cola has also started to sponsor students
attending schools so as to improve the education of the hardworking students in
schools and to give free education to the bright but poor students. Coca cola
has made different approaches by sponsoring sport events and programs that have
been important. (Jhally, Sut, and William M. O’Barr. 805).  

Cola has relentlessly been advertising various scenes on the screens to show
off there billion dollar investment paying off. Many people have seen or tasted
coca cola and would not be bothered by its smell or taste. Coca Cola banners
show of humility and full of young people showing kindness as they share a
coke. Coca Cola Company has also continually supported the fight against hunger
in arid areas

Cola has raised funds towards charitable organizations in order to support all
those who suffer in hospitals and in dire need of attention. The company has
supported the national armies that protect citizens outside the country. The
different organizations try to simulate coca cola advertisements, in order to
move fast with the changing world. The organization hides its secret recipes to
avoid theft of the soft drinks recipe and other secrets within the company.

(Kemp, Kathryn W, 150)

company’s success has brought with it a lot of enemies who might want to take
what the company down and measures such as guarding the top members of the
company. Marketing of the soft drinks has been improved so much and some of the
examples are so appealing to the eye that many love to spend on the drink in
order to have that unique feeling. For instance, the red and black color
attracts the customers view while Different shapes and sizes of the plastic
bottles also act as a marketing tool has an effect too on the customer’s
decision. Coca cola has a unique bottle shape that can be distinguished by all.

beverages produced by Coca Cola Company are only produced by the company since
it was discovered. It has established a monopoly market of which it can control
the prices all over the world. The company has set up branches in different
countries so as to reach the populated poor areas in Africa and Asian
countries. By doing this, it has achieved fame all over the world for its
quality beverages. Many campaigns have been done before but for coca cola,
greatness and popularity of the drink has been achieved and it is the universal
drink that brings people together both young and old.  


cola beverage has become part of our culture. Culture is defined as the way of
life: the way we relate to our families and those around us. In Family events, Coca
cola is the only soft drink that is considered as the best for all to consume
and is being taken by both the young and old as refreshment.

of the brand and company makes the selling of the merchandises and the work the
company needs. Marketing is a process that only aims to satisfy the customer
needs. In order to do so, advertising lets the information out to take role in
marketing to promote business. (Bidden, Valerie, 124)

of information between the staff- the customer is very important. Services and
goods cannot be moved without passing of information correctly. Advertising is
important for it transmits the correct information about the goods and services
to the people. Communication has been an important part of the company’s image
to the public, in order to maintain good relations between both parties.  

importance of the company is very important for the services of the company to
run smoothly without problems. The economic strength of the company is
determined by how much profits they get. The profits are then required to build
more facilities and research more on the different qualities of beverages.

(Jhally, Sut, and William M. O’Barr, 534)

plays a larger role in the consumption of the product from the coca cola
company. The society determines the branding and sets the trend required in
order to move and make the products appealing around the world. Coca Cola
Company enables more people to reach each other by having a common beverage
that everyone enjoys together. The youth have been involved in the campaign for
sharing a coke because of the feeling of youth when one sips a cold soft drink

the early times, Egyptians used papyrus reeds from water to make sales
messages and wall posters in order to notify others. Some would use shapes and
signs in order to show what they did. During the 19th Century,
newspapers became the medium of advertisement. Different countries adopted the
art of advertising through radio announcements and later after the war
television sets would be used to advertise. The culture spread like wild fire
to other cities. New methods of advertising became popular and people would
start to adopt the new attractive forms of advertisement. (Loiseau, St 15)

To this
day, many forms of advertising have been used to attract people so that they
can make money from the business. Coca Cola Company came to sight when creative
workers decided to make the soft drink more appealing and also creating the
demand for the product. Brands were established to keep the consumer happy and
excited about the beverages. The different types of soft drinks produced by the
coca cola company have gained popularity among people in the world and more
love spreads when one shares a coke.


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