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Comparative Essay

In both Wester n Europe and Latin America lower class women worked in agriculture, however in Latin American women operated textile, craft, and food business to help family income, lower class women in Western Europe worked In mines and factories, the middle and the pper class women stayed at home doing domestic work, which means that they did not have many rights. Women engaged in the movement for independence however there was no change in women’s rights.

Women wanted the right for education, so their da ughters had public education. Later, schools were opened for female students and mi ddle class women made up the majority of the female students. As public education bec ame more accessible in Latin America and in Europe, both girls and boys had to go to sc hool. Women had to do hard work or some just did house work. In Latin America, omen operated textile and did other jobs while European women worked in mines and factories. European women were paid one third men’s wages.

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In Latin Americ a the primary role of women was as wives and mothers, this was reinforced by Cat holicism. Lower class women worked as hard as their husbands in farming and also ha d to cook and take care of their families. While the women’s suffrage movements was taking place in Europe, in Latin America the culture of machismo influenced female behavior. The Women’s s uffrage movement was the right for women to vote and this was a good thing unlike achismo, machismo is a strong sense of masculine pride.

Lower class women did not have an easy job during 1750 to 1 914 because the had to work as hard or more than their husbands while they still had to do ho use work and take care of their children. The upper class women did not have a job like the lower class, they had an education, more money and servants that could do the wor k that they did not want to do. Today, many of these issues are not a problem anymore b ut some lower class women in Latin America and Europe still have to work in agricultur e with their husbands to be able to support a family.


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