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Comparison between Norwich Union Television Commercial and the “Dannamine B” Flyer Essay

I believe that the Dannamine B flyer is targeted for people with medical professions, such as medical practitioners. There are a few reasons why I think this and all the reasons are found in the text of the flyer. The first sentence of the passage says, “Medical Practitioners are advised that the drug Dannamine B has successfully passed its D. H. S. S. Clinical Trials”. This shows that the Managing director of the Nosebag Food Corporation is trying to convince all the Medical Practitioners that the drug “Dannamine B” has passed its trials so it would be safe to use.

Then it goes on to mention that in animal experimental subjects gaining a high level of the drug in the bloodstream, only 3% contracted tumours in the presence of carcinogens, including those involved in smoking. This shows that even people who smoke could benefit immensely and doctors would be pleased to hear this as many patients these days have to visit the doctor due to smoking related illnesses. They also say this in the article, “…

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Human beings with such levels show almost total immunity to the HIV Virus among those who test HIV-Positive, and only 2% have subsequently contracted aids. This too shows how the managing director tries again to show the great effects of the drugs in the hope that medical practitioners would be convinced to approve of the drug. “There are no undesirable side effects”, this shows that whatever effects it has on you are all to your desire which also shows that the drug is very beneficial.

Then the last line of the article says, “I am sure that Medical Practitioners will wish to bring Dannamine B to the attention of patients. In the interests of the patients long-term health and of doctors decreased work-loads”. This sentence starts with “I am sure” this shows a high level of certainty which helps convince the reader that this drug will work, and the rest of the sentence explains itself, so that medical practitioners will be convinced more easily.

There are many comparisons between the Norwich Union Commercial and the Dannamine B flyer. Firstly, the Norwich Union Commercial is targeted at the middle-aged professionals, who are reasonably wealthy, wealthy enough of afford a loan but not rich, the reason being that in the commercial the actors were middle-aged or to people who are parents of young children, also the commercial was advertising to convince people to invest with Norwich Union so it would be unlikely that it would be targeted at adolescences or senior citizens.

However, the Dannamine B flyer is aimed at medical practitioners, the reason why I have outlined above. There are a few similarities between the articles, but not many. Firstly, the most obvious is that both articles are trying give health advice to the their viewers. The Norwich Union advert is offering a loan, which helps people with their financial problems and the Dannamine B flyer gives infants the chance to be free from diseases, such as smoking related diseases. Language is used very differently in the two advertisements.

In the Norwich Union Commercial the language is very simple and easily understandable. Whereas, the language used in the Dannamine B advert includes more difficult words, and the language has a higher standard of English. The reason why the flyer uses a higher standard of English is because the flyer is targeted at Medical Practitioners, so they would find it more important and worthwhile to read if the language was of a higher calibre. The two adverts are persuading the readers or viewers in different ways.

The Norwich Union Commercial emotionally persuades the audience, the way they do this is by creating a story in the advert, the man’s daughter has a dream to become a doctor and she wants to study medicine in Oxford University, the man has a problem which is that he cannot support this dream with his current financial situation so he decides to take out a loan, so all his problems are solved. In comparison the Dannamine B flyer uses facts to persuade the audience. Language such as “Medical Practitioners are advised… as successfully passed its D. H. S. S Clinical Trials”. The Norwich Union advert has a huge advantage, which is that they included actors and actresses, which is more exciting to watch rather than reading just a passage. The Norwich Union Commercial also plays music in the background where the flyer is unable. The Music makes the advert more enjoyable to watch. On the whole I believe that the Norwich Union Commercial is a more enjoyable advertisement to view, and I prefer it to the Dannamine B flyer.

The main reasons why are that the actors and actresses make it more exciting as we have to figure out what the advert is telling us. Also, the music in the background is a tune from the play “An Inspector Calls”, which has some connection to Oxford University, which is the University shown in the play. The simple language also helps more people understand what Norwich Union is trying to imply. The Dannamine B flyer needs more animation, colour, etc.


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