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Competition unable to keep up with the

is an external factor that can be able to change the competitive position of a
company. This is to mean when a company is operating in a field that is filed
with a very serious stiff competition it will mean that they will have to keep
up with the stiff competition. If they are unable to keep up with the competition,
then they will be affected, and they will make loses. This will affect the
competitive position of the company.

government in most instances serves as the regulator of the business world,
this will include passing of policies and laws. There are policies are passed
by the government that may affect the competitive position of a company for
instance, if the government passes laws that tend to increase the tax paid by a
business that is operating within a certain field then it will imply that the
competitive advantage of the business will be affected (Harison, 2012). This will not only affect the competitive
position of the business but also the operation of the business since it will
have to adjust some of its operation to be able to comfortably accommodate the
tax policy that might have been introduced by the government.

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makes the most integral part of the business, is the business is unable to get
to as many customers as it ought to, then it will mean that the business will
be unable to have enough people to serve in the market. In the present era the
business will have to intensify its marketing to be able to reach to a wider
number of consumers or else it will be forced to close business.




external factors are some of the things that may be outside the mandate of the
business and affect how the business operates
(Davis, 2016). This will therefore make the business not to be able to
effectively operate as it was operating and being able to have a competitive
advantage. Some of the external forces include:


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