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Constant roads art takes me on when

Constant exploration is the reason why I chose to study art. The endless roads art takes me on when creating, the little realms that make up the beauty of life. Studying art has made me appreciate the world around me. Within my extended diploma, I have found myself growing with materials, methodologies, techniques and thought processes. As well appreciating the worlds beautification, I as an individual have learnt to question the ways of life. From the innocence of the rose or more metaphorically as to how we accept this innocence as the representation of love itself. I feel that studying art, allows me to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes which gives me the sheer freedom of interpretation. My thoughts and creativity gave me the opportunity to be part of the student magazine, which offered me the chance to enhance my skills in photography. I became the senior photographer for the magazine, this allowed me to manage a group of photographers that had been given the job to take pictures of the college or anything that had inspired them. They would send me the images and I would pick and choose the best ones for the magazine and hand it to the editor, furthermore this offered me the opportunity to use my management and team work skills and use a personal skill that I enjoy.My passion for art and photography are the two that really work on an imaginative level for me, I find inspiration in bold colourful artists, for example Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein who deal with pop art and primary colours, these artists inspired me in my “Selfie” project because of how their style is and how it stands out and this motivated me to experiment and paint my pictures in that comic pop art style. Engaging in what is happening within the art world today is also beneficial to my art work, living in the UK has gave me ample opportunity to visit galleries and museums such as the Barbra Hepworth gallery in Wakefield, I had been inspired so much because of her amazing work but also the remarkable work of other artists I love making visits to historical landmarks because as well as just painting I love to research history as it inspires me to create the work that I do and it creates more meaning to my art pieces. One of the art pieces that I had created was based around Chinese culture and the delicacy of the nature, I had been given the opportunity to exhibit my art piece in touchstones, this is the direction I am hoping to achieve in the future as an artist. As an individual, I have learnt the mystery of turning my mistakes in to something beautiful, this process teaches me forgiveness, acceptance, patience and joy when I see something that I do not like I can turn it in to a true masterpiece. The perfect process to experience often and let spill in to other aspects of life.I am quite the introvert, and usually require lots of time to reflect on experiences. Sometimes I reflect on art work which I have created in the past, sketch in my journal, or read. For me, however, painting is the perfect way to ponder what I have going on and to think through anything in my mind. Although some of us choose art as a way of life and making money, it can remain a passion and personal time to reflect. I try not to let the stress of selling art get in the way of making art. Artists like me have something special to share, and that is not only to teach the history, colour palettes, and ways of making art, but also to light a spark in other people of all ages to find their own artistic voice. Making art is a very personal process and connection to each artists’ own emotion. I believe that a little piece of your heart lies within each masterpiece, I have never been to outspoken as a person, however my passion for art has helped me project my inner voice through bold colours and brush strokes. I feel that as an artist my creations speak a thousand words.


I'm Simon!

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