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Critique on the article-“Why I am an atheist”An article “why I am an atheist” by Ram Samudrala in 21st century is about the beliefs which led the author to turn towards atheism. I will pose a critique on his article based on his argument and writing style. While pointing out the weaknesses and strengths of his text, I will try to analyze it in detail.In the complete text, author has talked about the irrelevance of god’s existence to his own. In the beginning author says that humans are gods of themselves. If not humans, then the universe or something else is god which has no control over human actions. Author’s nature is to ask questions about his belief and this is what made him an atheist from a theist. He has made certain objections for being an atheist. One of his major argument out of many is that if a god is one who is a despot and delights in giving punishments to his creatures then such a god is not worthy for his existence. Another one is that of morality and conformity which portrays the idea that who is god to judge what is right or wrong. Moreover quantum mechanics objection says that as quantum particles are nondeterministic in movement, humans are also nondeterministic in their actions. In the end, author declares religion as a source of causes and sufferings.Firstly I disagree with Ram due to his prejudice while writing an article. The text only shows what author’s belief is. While trying to give the example of random motion of quantum particles for describing irrelevance of god’s existence, he was unable to make a proper connection between these two. Frederick Robert Tennant while opposing Ram’s point of view says, “Multitude of interwoven adaptions by which the world is constituted a theatre of life ,intelligence, and morality, cannot reasonably be regarded as  an outcome of  mechanism, or of blind formative knowledge, or aught but purposive intelligence.” (Tennant, n.d.) While saying this, Frederick has given a complete rational view by making a proper connection. There is a lack of such rationality in Ram’s article. While somehow supporting the idea of ram that when humans can make decisions about themselves then they have reached godhood, Andrew Carnegie says, “I don’t believe in god.my god is patriotism. Teach a man to be a good citizen and you have solved the problem of life.” (Carnegie, n.d.) Ram Samudrala hasn’t given good evidences for supporting his belief. Another problem with this article is that it is not a source to add body of knowledge as it is a philosophical one and one can only find an argument on a particular point. At the end, Ram has tried his best to convince theists that religion is not something commendable.Ram Samudrala has tried to justify his statements by using different approaches. Clear writing style has been adopted by the author for making it accessible to every kind of audience. The intended audience in this article is the readers of his article all over the world as the article is easily accessible to everyone through internet. The use of analogies such as human beings and quantum particles etc. has added value to the text. It is well structured with different ideas.  I have observed that Ram Samudrala has used different techniques to prove what he thinks is right but at the same time, I found his bias towards his own point of view without considering the other facts. While critiquing, I found out some good and some objectionable points in his text. The text is overall well organized.Carnegie, A. (n.d.). Top 15 quotes by famous atheists. Retrieved from http://listverse.com/2007/12/07/top-15-quotes-by-famous-atheists/Tennant, F. R. (n.d.). Design arguments for the Existence of God. Retrieved from http://www.iep.utm.edu/design/   


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