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Crop Protection and Pest Control Essay

“Plant protection” may be defined as all steps taken to protect cultivated workss against diseases. plagues every bit good as viing weed and grasses. We – the staff of Kwizda Agro – ever endeavour to back up husbandmans with advanced andenvironment-friendly merchandises to enable them to protect their cultivated workss against plagues. diseases and weed and to bring forth on a more sustainable footing. Besides the best productsolutions. we besides offer them know-how and advice. Agriculture faces enormous challenges as the universe population will turn from 6. 7 billion people today to 8. billion in 2030. Useable agricultural countries will. nevertheless. barely expand.

In add-on to nutrient. animate being feeding materials. renewable resources and energy harvests have to beplanted on these countries. Plant protection merchandises guarantee that these scarce resources areused optimally. They are hence indispensable for ecological. economic and socialsustainability in agribusiness. Modern husbandmans rely on “integrated works protection. ” maintaining agricultural harvests safe from plagues. diseases and weed in an eco-friendly manner and withoutdetrimental effects on wellness.

Chemical works protection merchandises form portion of a modern. sustainably managed agribusiness. They help to guarantee the high output that today has become possible thanks to efficient assortments. good supply of the workss with foods and advanced agricultural technology. Without works protection merchandises. cultivated workss are defenseless against plagues and diseases. Fungi. carnal plagues and weed viing for foods. H2O and light endanger agricultural production. decrease the output and impair quality. The consequence: The supply with and scope of plant-based groceries is reduced.

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The effect: Monetary values travel up and the supply with groceries is threatened. If the usage of works protection merchandises is reduced by 75 % . the production of fruit and veggies beads by more than 30 % . the production of grain by 40 % and that of oil seeds even by more than 50 % . ( Michael Schmitz. University of Gie? nut. 2002 ) . To protect agricultural harvests in an eco-friendly manner against plagues and diseases every bit good as to safeguard the quality and handiness of the groceries. optimised chemical works protection is required.

In the past few decennaries. the works protection industry has developed merchandises that have targeted effects. are rapidly biodegradable and do non present any inordinate hazards to human existences and the environment. “Pest control” may be defined as chemical. physical or biological steps taken to battle workss. animate beings and microorganisms regarded as plagues which infest vegetations and zoologies every bit good as people. their places. workplaces and storage suites. The chief undertaking of a professional plague accountant is to maintain our present civilized environment every bit pest-free as possible.

Despite comprehensive steps in the wellness and hygiene sector. plagues can non be exterminated but may merely be reduced to minimal degrees by taking well-aimed steps. Nowadays. we invariably have to “master” new challenges – in the actual sense of the word – due to globalization in every-day life. SARS. bird grippe or other planetary phenomena are distributing quickly. As a plague accountant. we hence have to do a part to understating modern menaces to human life. Plagues are ever involved in all these diseases. pestilences or epidemics.

From history we know the celebrated rat flea. which in world spread the pestilence and scared people over centuries. As a plague accountant. we have to make our portion on a day-to-day footing to do certain that this will ne’er go on once more. At Kwizda Agro. we declare quality. environmental compatibility and the connexion with people to be the indispensible requirements for our successful work. This is because. as a dependable spouse of European agribusiness. we want to see secure growing together.


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