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                                           Cruelty, unfairness, and suffrage are not things for women to be going through. At one point in time women were in a quagmire. Their freedom was cut short and men took all the power. The women’s society wanted to abolish the government to claim their rights and freedom.Long term impact Thanks to the 19th amendment women now have the same rights as men. For example it gave the right for women to initiate divorce proceedings. This has provided a transformative element in how both genders see one another including themselves. It also g African Americans the right to vote. Afterwards it convinced women to be active in politics. And so they can take advantage of their freedom. Now more girls and women think of themselves as equal to men. It broadened the struggles that transcended issues of race and class.Opposing side Some people think that women are weak, unintelligent and do not need as many rights. Studies show men are stronger. Men should get more of everything. Even though men are physically stronger  women are mentally stronger. Women do not need to have as many rights. Not that many people care that much about women. If you were a women living during the suffrage period you would want to be treated equally.  Men are more intelligent. Women are as intelligent as men. The only thing that changes is how they apply their knowledge.            Short term impact The Women’s act set higher expectations for women. When all was settled women were able to do more. For example, women’s economic roles increased in society. It also granted women the right to vote in 1869. This was the first permanent suffrage law. Later on women were able to attend college and train for professors. And it all changed when the title IX education amendment was passed.This prohibited discrimination and cruelty.HeroesSusan B. Anthony was one of the many who stood up for women. She worked for the Canajoharie Academy in Montgomery County, New York.  She encountered obstacles at work and got convinced that women needed to have a voice in government. Canajoharie Academy building is also known as the West Hill historical school building.  Susan was born on February 15 1820 and died March 13 1906. Her parents are  Daniel and Lucy Anthony. She was buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY. When she was saying a speech she quoted “Men, their rights, and nothing more women, their rights, and nothing less”. In other words men have all the rights and women have have limitations. And it all happened when  Susan and Guelma her other sister  were in elementary school their male teacher did not want to teach them long division because of their gender. Mary Stafford Anthony was her sister and also played a role in the womens rights act. Anthony was a teacher who was promoted to the position of principal. She was the first woman to receive equal pay with males. It was at  Rochester City School District in Western New York where history was made.HomeTheir home was in Adams, Massachusetts. The Anthonys were a family of eight. They were a Quaker family with long activist traditions. Their father owned a cotton factory for most of his life and their mom took care and raised the six children. DeathSusan  died of heart disease and pneumonia from both lungs. A couple of years before she died she had valvular heart trouble. This means there is a defect in one of the four heart valves the mitral, aortic, tricuspid or pulmonary. The weakness of her heart prevented her recovery so she passed away. It all started when she had a neuralgia attack on Feb 8


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