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Cuba population is changing because more people

Cuba does not have a large population to begin with. The total population in Cuba is 11.4 million and growing. It’s not a lot but there is a place where it’s mostly populated which is in Havana, Cuba. They have a total population 2.1 million people and growing. It is the largest city and capital in Cuba so that’s probably why it has the biggest population. It  also receives over 1.2 tourists international every year. Havana, Cuba is a place where a lot of people go because of many reasons. Like it’s a place where there are a lot of job opportunities. It is a main place where people go to find good jobs. Another reason why people go to live and why a lot of tourists go there is because of how beautiful the capital is. It has kind of like an older feel to it. Havana, Cuba has a bunch of bright different coloured houses, buildings and cars! The cars also are older cars that people would have in the 80s. It is also right by the water. The population is changing because more people in Cuba are dying then being born. This is not a good thing because Cuba will have an older population so when new kids are born, the older people will be retiring so the kids will have to fill those jobs but they could be too young too and Cuba will not have enough people to fill jobs and the company will eventually die. Another reason why the population is reduced is because it’s really expensive to have a kid in Cuba because the average salary is $20 per month. To compare the population distribution in Cuba from 1980 to present time, there is a difference. In the 1980s, a lot more people lived in Panama then Havana which is where most people live now. That is because Panama became very populated and that their was a rumor going around that to get to this place they would grant safe passage to get there. Also there was a lot more job opportunities in Havana, Cuba. That”s why the population distribution is changing.


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