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Culture an understanding of such differences plays

Culture influences all aspects
of individuals’ behavior in a given society (De Mooij, 2011). Hence, people who
grow up in different countries with different cultural norms develop different
ways of behaving and thinking (Hofstede, Hofstede, & Minkov, 2010). Lin,
Chen, and Song (2012) demonstrate that cross-cultural misunderstandings make
less of an impact on people who are aware of cultural differences. Hence, an understanding of such
differences plays an important role for EFL learners who are exposed to a new
language and strange culture.

Studies on CQ have mainly
centered on investigating its importance and the utility of some of its
dimensions in adapting to different cultures (Ljubica & Dulcic, 2012;
Rohmetra & Arora, 2012). Some studies analyze the antecedents of CQ,
particularly their influence on CQ variables such as the personal
characteristics of openness to experience, risk orientation and need for
control (Engle & Nehrt, 2012), self-efficacy (for example, MacNab &
Worthley, 2012), language skills or living in culturally different environments
(Triandis, 2008), parental and educational experiences (Shannon & Begley,
2008), or the personality of the individual (Ang & Van Dyne, 2008; Ang, Van
Dyne & Koh, 2006; Shaffer & Miller, 2008). However, very few studies

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   Foreign language educators have long advocated
that language and culture should be integrated in the language classroom
(Cummins, 1979; Prodromou, 1992). Part of the reason for this is that culture
is inseparable from language and study. Omaggio (1984) also points out the
importance of integrating culture into the foreign language classroom. Many EFL
students find it difficult to develop good language skills because of cultural
problems. Brooks (1968) looking into the relationship between language  and culture, states that “non native speakers
of a language cannot know what the new language means to the native speaker
until they know in some systematic and fairly extensive way the meaning he
attaches to the words and phrases he uses” (p.206).


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