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CwC they call the person speaks another

Information hubs or field based drop in center’s where information can be
provided and feedback received are paramount to address the communication and
service shortfalls. Training out-reach staff and local Rohingya in a
standardized manner where they can be utilised in roles which require the
service provider to establish trust, and feedback from the population. (the
cash scheme) A key gap has been the provision of information for new arrivals
at point of entry.  


have already created such spaces. Outreach workers are deployed for various
sectors such as health and hygiene and Radio can be utilized (BBC Media Action
& UNICEF). Collection, analysis and follow up in feedback and input has
also hampered delivery as “phone lines” have been set up for a population that
has limited access to phone, electricity and sim cards (are prohibited to
Rohingya) and they are not aware of the hotline and if they call the person
speaks another dialect. plus “complaint boxes” are not useful for illiterate

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Information hubs are valuable, obvious and
essential for collection of information, feedback and complaints, it assists
organisations in fine tuning service delivery and relief. An agreed collection
and analysis tool is required across sectors by all agencies and a clear
mechanism for sharing and collating feedback between agencies. How would
Friendship approach the CwC


Approach of language and literacy
has been a major problematic area – eg The Rohingya and Chatgaya (Chittigonian
dialect) have significant overlaps, the two are distinct dialects and are not
considered “mutually intelligible” in anything but the basic sense by the
population and language experts. Senior staff, field workers and locals all
express belief that the language and current information provision in Chatgaya
or even Bangla was acceptable.


language issue has impacted the effectiveness of outreach workers, similarly
the authorities have banned the use of the Rohingya language to be used on
radio as a means of information exchange. Additionally the use of print
materials and posters in various languages has been widespread despite widely
available information indicating the levels of literacy further confusing the population

More needs
to be done to deploy CwC technical capacity & to address accountability to
affected populations including maximizing existing resources. 


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