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“Declaration to help when imagining what occurred

“Declaration of
Independence” The American Revolution. The Colonial Williamsburg
Foundation. 2017.

This podcast which is interpreted by Bill Barker, reads
the entire Declaration of Independence so being able to interpret it would not
be as difficult for one would only need to listen to it. This podcast fits with
our project so it can be easier to understand what is meant when the
constitution is brought up.

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Galbreath, Andrew. “On
This Day in 1775: The Revolutionary War Begins” Inquisitor. Hulton Archive.

This image helps as a visual aide to help when
imagining what occurred during the revolutionary war. In context of soldiers
and the ships themselves it helps to demonstrate the events that occurred. As this
helps to see what had happened at that time period, it ultimately has a place
in our project.


“The Spirit of ’76”
Getty Images. Getty Images. 1999-2017.

In the illustration there is a focus on three men
marching towards their goal with an American flag right behind them. Since
there is a cannon lying on the floor and men beating on their drums, this might
have occurred after a battle. It also provides a small caption saying “The
Spirit of 76”. Therefore, this illustration must demonstrate the mindset and
the drive of the patriots as they strived to achieve freedom.


Rochambeau, & the Potomac Path” NPS. Prince William Forest. 2017.

This image or painting named The Stage is Set, demonstrates a gathering of colonists perhaps
preparing for the war. In fact they also could be discussing military tactics
and ways to fight against the British effectively.


“The Olive Branch
Petition” Learner. Primary Sources. 2017.                             

This document is a word for word copy of the Olive Branch
Petition which was drafted by John Dickinson and later adopted by the second
continental congress on July 5th. It was later sent King George III
as an attempt to show that they would remain loyal to the King if they were
given their proper rights. King George refused to read the petition which led
to one step closer to a revolution.


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