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Defining classes. Studying in a group gives

Defining College Success!

Being successful in college to me means that I have to take certain steps
into becoming an individual with full responsibility into the college life. In
order to achieve my goals I have to take action and become on time and manage
my daily life. How do
you define college success? The definition really depends on you. You might
think that “success” is earning an associate’s degree or attending classes in a
four-year college. Maybe success is a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a PhD.
Maybe success means receiving a certificate of completion or finishing
skill-based training. Perhaps
some common misconceptions are at play. For example, we often hear students
say, “I just can’t do it!” or “I’m not good at math,” or “I guess college isn’t
for me . . . ,” or “I’m not smart enough.” But these explanations for success
or failure aren’t necessarily accurate. Considerable research into college
success reveals that having difficulty in or failing in college courses usually
has nothing to do with intellect. More often success depends on how fully a
student embraces and masters the following seven strategies:

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           1. Learn how to take effective notes in

           2. Review the text and you’re reading notes
prior to class.

           3. Participate in class discussion and
maybe even join a study group.

           4. Go to office hours and ask your instructor

           5. Give yourself enough time to research,
write, and edit your essays in    

               Manageable stages.

           6. Take advantage of online or on-campus
academic support resources.

           7. Spend sufficient time studying.



                   Tips for College Success.

strategy to consider implementing is group study. For example, rather than
relying just on your own knowledge, notes, and skills, try studying with other
students in your difficult classes. Studying in a group gives every
group member a chance to ask questions and talk about concepts.

students struggle in college not because of natural intellect or smarts, but
because of time management, organization, and lack of quality study time. The
good news is that there are ways to combat this, specifically by doing things
like creating a regular study schedule, studying in groups, and taking
advantage of your school’s academic resources, like a tutoring center,
instructor office hours, and any available online help.


is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable!

the book(s) and read the book(s).

notes in class and when reading for class.

your professors (email, office location, office hours, etc.) and be familiar with
what is in the course syllabus.

away your phone during class.

need a salutation, a body, and a close.

write the way you might text—using abbreviations and clipped sentences.

academically advise yourself!

for scholarships—all of them!

it into existence and keep your eyes on the prize.

the ride! Cheers!






                            My College life story.

I would start by advising
my grandkids too always believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams and
goals to their maximum potential, in which they can achieve academic
recognition and experience the full spectrum of the college lifestyle. To
continue Get to know your professors take the time to get to know your
professors through office hours and class discussions. You may be surprised by
how much you learn and how much you enjoy getting to know them as individuals.
Participate in class discussion If you have something to say in class, don’t be
afraid to speak up. You will rarely have the opportunity in life to participate
in an environment where you can have open discussions about interesting topics
with that many of your peers. Take advantage of the class setting. Join a club
or volunteer get involved on campus check out your school’s club, organizations
and Greek life. Put yourself out there – college is the perfect time to take a
chance trying new things! Even if you decide you don’t love whatever activity
you decide to take on, you’re not required to stick with it. Either way, you’ll
make new friends in the process. Make friends with someone who is seemingly your complete
opposite. College is
great for getting to know all different types of people. When you become
friends with other types of students, you actually learn a lot more about
yourself in the process. Get
a part-time job on (or near) campus. In Conclusion your memories is what you
make of them be sure to always take advantage of opportunities given to you in
the moment time waits for nobody the decision is on you.



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