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Describing The Information Systems and strategic planning Essay

3 ) Research and bring forth a study that describes the information systems required at the three different degrees in an organizational construction, giving illustrations. A 4th type of information systems has now been identified – cognition – based systems. How is this utile to an administration?

This study examines the of import function of information system at different degrees in an organisation for Orinoco.com Company which trades Cadmiums and DVDs particularly via on-line services. The strategic information provides the Company how to put up the ends or purposes and the manner to entree and addition those marks in existent universe, at the tactical degree, information system is required for the determination of what concern resources need to use and to oversee on how they are working and have been employed and last but non least, the operational information provides to pull off in the procedure of peculiar minutess so as to work out expeditiously in an specific organisation.

For Orinoco.com Company, at strategic degree, it is required to bring forth safe regulations and programs concerned with people issues and external and internal beginnings such as council on library and information, traditional online retail merchants, online multi media workshop shop contribute the long term concern of the whole organisation and its chances and they cooperate the profitableness and operations of the concern, sing to accessing of menaces and hazards because it introduces and constructs database of the company ‘s comparative merchandises and its assortment scope of handiness and quality to clients. Consequently, company can compare its advancement or responses with its net income or loss since its appropriate system and aims are carried out in the market of e-commerce and heighten decision-making on its productions whether to sort classs, to bring forth new merchandises or to perforate new markets or to increase/decrease measures by comparing to its challengers or rivals. Therefore, those intense competitions encourage the Orinoco.com to go more efficient and effectual via strategic information, cut downing clip and infinite barriers and operating costs.

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Strategic information besides describes future tendency, economic tendency to analyse their strategic actions to manage privateness issues, licensing of on-line music sharing webs on the cyberspace, to keep the concern, telecommunication with its providers and clients about the secure investings, electronic minutess, inter organisational system, information partnerships and fiscal analysis in the times of economic crises and jobs. At the same clip, consumer information are available for supply concatenation direction of Orinoco.com IT based merchandises and services Cadmiums and DVDs with the equipment care system harmonizing to efficient client responses from computerized telling system in footings of gross revenues and selling. Efficient client response includes positive favourable feedback thrusts to make more advertisement and publicity while clients ‘ ailments and jobs come to alter and take the strategic activities.

Tactical degree

At this phase, it is look intoing on how the supra created security system and programs from the degree of strategic are progressed and implemented so as to run into the demands of the concern ‘s policy.

Operational degree information system includes preserving and oversing the execution of safe information policy.

There are three different degrees in an organizational construction they are as follows:

  1. Strategic degree
  2. Tactical degree
  3. Operational degree

Strategic degree of planning: this was implemented in 1970 ‘s, many big companies adopted this as a formalistic top-down strategic planning theoretical account. Under this, this planning became as the chief procedure to implement in top executives sporadically has explicate the house ‘s scheme, so they have communicated it to the down the administration to implement.

Now here we can see a flow chart which shows the planning procedure

This strategic direction can be used in organisation degree to implement at concern unit degree of the organisation.

These strategic determinations are the highest degree when compared to the other degrees. In this determination concerns a general way, long term ends, doctrines and values. These were more inventive and least structured when compared to the other 1s.

For illustration: determinations about our life like what to make with our lifes and what to larn from our life or wish how to utilize methods to derive cognition ( travel, school, work etc ) can be taken as strategic. Or else like to take a low priced merchandise and addition market portions or in different manner like to bring forth a high priced merchandise for a nice market can be besides strategic determination.

Tactical degree of planning: These ends and aims were straight related to the strategic end of an administration. They are the degrees of accomplishment necessary in the sections and divisions of the administration. These ends must back up strategic degree of ends. They besides tend to back up to the medium scope, medium significance, with some moderate effects.

For illustration: If your strategic determination is to go a forest Texas Ranger so a tactical determination can include like where to travel to school and what need to learned like books. Or like if our administration has decided to bring forth a low priced merchandise so a tactical determination would be like to construct a mill to bring forth them at a low cost or low fabrication cost.

For illustration: If a strategic end sets a end like that an administration is traveling to cut down entire cost by 20 % for approaching twelvemonth, so organizational sections of the company have to put an tactical aims like to diminish their costs by a peculiar per centum so that an norm of all sections can be peers to 20 % .

Operational degree of planning: These are like our mundane determination which has to back up tactical planning. They are made with small or least thought and are structured when compared to the other determinations. Their impact would be short term, immediate, short scope and fundamentally with low cost. So the effects of bad operational determination or bad consequence would be minimum, even though a series or uninterrupted of bad or sloppy operational determinations may do injury. They can be programmed, pre-made or set in a policy manual. These were operated at the lowest degree of the administration and merely can use to certain employees or subdivisions in an administration. They focus on single duties of employees.

For illustration: If your tactical determination was to read some books on forestry so your professional determination can affect like where to shop for the books. Like we may hold a certain policy of buying for books at peculiar shop or two. So the operational determination is extremely structured.

For illustration: If a section ‘s tactical end was related to an drastically addition in returns on assets to 5 % so the gross revenues has to be increased by 10 % harmonizing to operational aims.

Knowledge-based systems: This KBS implements the human logical thinking for specific techniques, processs and mechanisms for work outing jobs that have n’t got traditional algorithms. Research was traveling in different administrations. During the clip of 80 ‘s and 90 ‘s a immense figure of undertakings have been developed and implemented in this peculiar field. But in last 10 old ages the attending was low kilobit about disappeared.

KBS definitions:

“A plan for widening or questioning a cognition base. A Knowledge base is a aggregation of cognition expressed utilizing some formal cognition representation linguistic communication. A cognition base signifiers portion of a knowledge-based system ( KBS ) ” . ( FOLDOC, 2000 ) ,


“A computing machine system that is programmed to copy human problem-solving by agencies of unreal intelligence and mention to a database of cognition on a peculiar subject.” ( Computer User High-Tech Dictionary, 2004 ) A description including both conclusiveness and functionality facets belongs to the Elsevier Knowledge-Based Systems diary ( Knowledge-Based Systems, 2004 ) :

As a consequence of survey we can state that KBS was non fallen out of the research docket.

KBS is being todays by and large embedded in other systems. They are non keeping the chief phase any longer. A first measure was made in constructing a sort of method that can let practicians to take the most appropriate KM tools to each administration specific jobs and state of affairss are farther solved.


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