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Design and setup a small computer network Essay


For this networking assignment, I will plan and setup a little computing machine web. I submit a elaborate study, decently organized, depicting Undertakings with sufficient groundss

For the practical assignment, I need

• A least 3 personal computing machines with web connectivity

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• High Speed Internet Connection ( DSL or Cable )

• A Printer shareable over the web

• Required web media

• A NOS like Windows / Linux

Undertaking 1

1. Microsoft Windows XP Professional Installation

1. Put in window XP professional Cadmium in order to put in window XP. When the sentence, “press any key to boot from Cadmium, ” appears you must press any key from the keyboard in five second. After sometimes a bluish screen will look. On the upper side, there is “window setup” and “setup is lading file” is at the underside. After lading is done, you will see “windows XP professional setup” screen. Press ENTER to put in window XP. Press R to mend and F3 to discontinue installing. So press ENTER in order to go on.

2. This measure is license understanding from Microsoft and if you will hold this licence, imperativeness F8 key.

3. This measure is showed your unpartition infinite on your difficult disc and it is new so no demand delete.In this measure, you have to make divider infinite for your difficult disc.Therefore imperativeness C for create divider.

4. Difficult disc is use merely for divider or a half of 40 GB. If divider, imperativeness C. And so, you will see partition creative activity screen. After puting the sizes that we want, imperativeness ENTER key. You will see difficult disc information which include the divider you separated ad unpartition infinite for free infinites. ( OR ) There will be nil if your divider is to the full separated.

5. All 80 GB of difficult disc is use merely for divider or a half of 40 GB. If divider, imperativeness C. And so, you will see partition creative activity screen. After puting the sizes that we want, imperativeness ENTER key. You will see difficult disc information which include the divider you separated ad unpartition infinite for free infinites. ( OR ) There will be nil if your divider is to the full separated.

6. If divider, imperativeness E. You will see once more partition creative activity screen. After puting the sizes that we want, imperativeness ENTER key.

7. Press Enter Key.

8. If divider, imperativeness F. You will see once more partition creative activity screen. After puting the sizes that we want, imperativeness ENTER key.

9. Press Enter Key.

10. Choose “format the partion utilizing the NTFS file system ( Quick ) .

11. Then allow ‘s start format.

12. After arranging, delay while for apparatus transcripts files to the Windows installing booklets.

13. After arranging, the computing machine will bring up and in this clip do n’t press any cardinal when you will see” Press any cardinal boot from CD” . Then you will see window is running.

14. You will see GUI after reboot and wait 39 proceedingss for put ining Windowss.

15. Wait a few proceedingss for stay up to day of the month.

16. Click “ Next” after installing.

17. Fill “full name” and “Organization” and chink “Next” .

18. After that input merchandise key. Product cardinal might be on window XP CDor on the screen. Then click following.

19. In this phase you must input computing machine name and decision maker watchword and once more harness set this watchword at confirm watchword. Then click following.

20. If you see the clip day of the month, click next once more.

21. Wait 32 proceedingss for your computing machine will be faster and more dependable.

22. Choice “Typical Setting” and click “Next” .

23. Choice “No this computing machine is non on a web, or is on a web, without a domain” and Click “Next” .

24. Wait 29 proceedingss for your computing machine will be faster and more dependable.

25. Wait5 proceedingss for experience the ultimate in safety, security, and privateness.

26. You will see Microsoft Windows XP logo.

27. Click “OK” .

28. Click “OK” to go on.

29. The installer nil to make.

30. You will see “Welcome to Microsoft Windows” .

31. Click “Next” to go on.

32. Choice “Digital endorser line ( DSL ) or overseas telegram modem” and chink “Next” .

33. Choice “No non at the time” and chink “Next” .

34. Click Next.

35. Enter “Your name” and chink “Next” .

36. Click “Finish” .

37. Look Welcome box.

38. In this phase you can already utilize “Microsoft Windows Xp” .

39. We need to alter computing machine name and work group name to link with other computer.So we will right snap on my computing machine icon and select belongingss.

40. We will see System belongingss dialog box.

41. We will pick “Computer name and chink on alteration button.

42. Enter the computing machine name and work group name click Oklahoma.

43. We will see change computing machine name and workgorup name and chink all right button.

44. We must re-start this computing machine for the alteration computing machine name and work group name.Click “OK” button.

45. Click “Ok” button.

46. We must re-start our computing machine before the new scene will take effect.Choice “Yes” button

47. After re-starting our computing machine, we will see our computing machine name and work name already changed

48. Right-click on my web topographic point and pick unfastened.

49. Snap on position work group computing machines.

50. We will see our computing machine name in work group.

51. Right-click on the desktop pick new booklet.

52. You will see the booklet on the desktop.

53. Right chink on the booklet and pick the portion and security.

54. In sharing check, selected “Sharing the folder” and chink on permission button.

55. Checked on all allowed button and chink apply and all right button.

56. You will see already shared booklet on the desktop.

( B ) PDF file portion

1. In the tally box, you will type pc3 and click “OK” button.

2. You will see the shared booklet and dual chink on this booklet.

3. Right chink on the PDF file and transcript this booklet.

4. Paste this PDF file in the shared booklet.

5. You will see the PDF file is in the shared booklet.

6. These file is shared to the other users and they can utilize in this web.

( degree Celsius ) Downloading free web tool

1. In www.google.com, type the cardinal work for free web tools and chink on hunt button.

2. We will see many links for free web tools, pick one and snap on it.

3. In this page, we will see about the web tools information and chink “Download Team viewer” .

4. The download will get down and snap save file.

5. We will see the downloading per centum of “team viewer” .

6. We will see the “team spectator setup” in our booklet.

( vitamin D ) Share the web tools

1. Right chink on the Team spectator Setup and chink “Copy”

2. Paste in the shared booklet.

3. We will see “Team spectator setup” in our shared booklet.

4. The “team spectator setup” is shared to the other users and they can utilize in this web.

5. Snap the start bill of fare saloon and pick scene and click pressman and facsimile.

6. We will see “Add a printer” and chink on it.

7. We will see “Add pressman Wizard” and click “Next” .

8. You will see already choice “Local pressman attached to the computer” and chink “Next” .

9. So you will choose “A web pressman, or a pressman attached to another computing machine and click “Next” .

10. Choice “Connect to this pressman [ to shop for a pressman select this option and chink following ] and chink “Next” .

11. This measure is asked to link with the web pressman and chink on yes button.

12. Connect to the pressman is successful and chink on finish button.

13. The web pressman can already utilize.

14. Right chink on the pressman and chink on printing penchants.

15. In colour check, pick print in grayscale.

16. Choice the high quality and chink all right button.

17. Your web pressman is already used.

( vitamin E )

1. Task1 ( vitamin E ) is to see the bbc home page www.bbc.com.uk and print screen this page.

1. Copy the bbc place page to the Microsoft word.

2. Type pc3 in tally box

Open the phyu phyu khine booklet.

3. Glue the bbchomepage Microsoft Word Document in this foler.

4. Right chink on the bbchomepage Microsoft Word Document and click print.

Undertaking 2

Star Topology

Connection all the users and single webs together are Internet service suppliers ( ISPs ) .ISPs are companies that provide the proficient gateway to the cyberspace. These companies own blocks of entree reference that they assign to their clients to give each client an individuality on the web

In a LAN, each computing machine on the web requires a web adapter card. Server computing machine required two web arranger cards. The LAN Adapter Card for usage: the I/O puting the arranger will utilize to pass on with the system. The I/O port address the arranger will utilize to interchange information the system

Cable or DSL modem is the usage for several high-velocity broadband communications engineerings. The connexion between the overseas telegram modem and the web may be made through a gateway/router. The overseas telegram modem is similar to an ADSL modem because it establishes two different transmittal rates. The overseas telegram modem transportations day of the month at velocities up to 38Mbps downstream and 1,0Mbps

A web switch is a little hardware device that joins multiple computing machines together within one local country web ( LAN ) .Network switches operate at bed two ( Data Link Layer ) of the OSI theoretical account by technically

The Unshielded Twisted Pair ( UTP ) overseas telegram are based on telephone overseas telegram and are usually used to link a little figure of PC together.UTP overseas telegram is the EIA/TIA-568 specification for web wiring. UTP overseas telegram provides minimal 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T and maximal 1000BASE-T. The 100BASE-T appellation is referred to as Fast Ethernet

A web pressman is installed in a computing machine system that is portion of a web ; any other computing machine on the web can direct work to the pressman. Network pressmans feather RJ-45 knuckleboness for connexion to twisted-pair Ethernet webs.

Undertaking 3

Task ( 3 ) is to compose a few paragraphs depicting for each portion of the web, as shown in our diagram from Task ( 2 )

In our web, we pick ADSL Internet connexion. The connexion is ever available when your computing machine is start. This connexion is your browser or your email application to entree it, faster informations communicating and faster page draws and faster downloads. ADSL connexion to broadband makes better usage of bing Telephone lines. ADSL utilizes the fresh possible capacity of these wires by directing and having informations at different frequence to that used for voice and facsimile traffic. Entry-level DSL download rates start at 256Kbps, about 4 times faster than the 56Kbps and a fast ADSL service is 1.5Mbps download and 512Kbps upload. ADSL connexion is non available anyplace such as Wireless connexion. For above ground, I pick ADSL Internet connexion

In the ADSL service, the consumer ( Data merely ) for monthly fee is 840FEC and free

E-mail histories are 35FEC. For consumer endeavor corporate for monthly fee is 840FEC and free E-mail histories is 45 FEC. Enterprise for monthly fee is 840FEC and free E-mail histories are 75FEC. Corporate for monthly fee is 840FEC and free E-mail histories are 130FEC and VPN for monthly fee is 840 and free E-mail histories are 100FEC.



Monthly FEE

Free E-MAIL Histories




Consumer ( Data Merely )




1 Personal computer







1 Personal computer + 1VoIP




840 75 3

4 Personal computer + 1 VoIP

256 2,000


840 130 25 12 Personal computer + 2VoIP

512 10,000


840 100

– 512 10,000

InVoIP, VoIP activation/line of fees is 50 FEC ( include figure and activation ) and annuals fee for imperativeness line is 60 FEC


1. VoIP Services are capable to a proficient rating and handiness

2. VoIP Use Fees are collectible in Kyat Only ( no FEC )

There are different type of CPE. In ADSL services, MyTel Provided CPE

Cost is 100FEC, Client Provided CPE ( for new client ) is 50FEC and Client Provided CPE Configuration Cost ( for new client ) is 20FEC.In the ADSL 2+ , MyTel Provided CPE cost is 200FEC, Client Provided CPE Configuration Cost ( for new client ) is 100FEC and Client Provided CPE Configuration Cost ( for new client ) is 40FEC. In the 1-port VoIP adapter, MyTel Provided CPE Cost is 125FEC, Client Provided CPE ( for new client ) is 50FEC. MyTel Provided CPE Cost is 250FEC, Client Provided CPE ( for new client ) is 50FEC and Client Provided CPE Configuration Cost ( for new client ) is 20FEC


1. Installation is included in Equipment Cost

2. Equipment listed is capable to Availability

In those services, we used ADSL service because its cost is non much and besides can acquire suited connexion velocity for our web

Undertaking 3 ( B ) is to depict the chief characteristics of the three computing machines and one pressman and each of its cost and description of its hardware and operation system

We use three computing machines and pressman which are appropriately equpped to on our ain networked. In these web, we used MSI P43 Neo3-F – motherboard – ATX – iP43 – LGA775 Socket because it motherboard ‘s processor socket is LGA775 Socket and supported RAM engineering DDR2 SDRAM maximal size is 16 GB and power connections is 4-pin ATX12V connection, 24-pin chief power connection. So I pick this motherboard. Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz Processor is compatible processor socket is LGA775 Socket.And so clock velocity is 3.4 GHz and coach Speed is 800 MHz.This processor is equipment above motherboard.So I pick these processor.

We use Memory as Kingston 1 GB Memory – So DIMM 200-pin – 533 MHz ( PC2-4200 ) because its memory is 1GB and its velocity is 533 MHz ( PC2-4200 ) . It takes merely 1.8 V. And so its cost is round about $ 14 so I used it

We besides use Major Trade names 3.5in 40GB IDE Internal Hard Drive, OEM

because it capacity is 40 GB and interface is PATA, IDE, ATA133. And so its cost is round about $ 19.99

HP – CD-ROM thrust is besides used in our computing machines and its cost is round about $ 31. We use casing as Briza 8-Bay ATX Mid Tower Case w/400W Power Supply ( Black ) – E-6099 which cost about $ 69. And utilize a brace of keyboard and mouse as prolink which cost 30 $

Use Lexmark Z1300 Inkjet Printer – 20A0000 web pressman because its declaration is good. Its cost is about $ 31.95 so it is cheaper than other printers.. And usage proctor as Acer V173b – 17 ” TFT active matrix LCD show and it cost is about $ 95

We use Microsoft Window XP Professional with service Pack2 because it is easy to utilize and it protects our Personal computer. And so it can besides put up and portion our computing machine rapidly and easy, work from anyplace. And it recovers easy from jobs caused by system or application alterations. It cost unit of ammunition about $ 129

In at that place, we used ADSL 256 Kbps as connexion velocity

1. To link LAN connexion with other computing machines, right chink on My Network Places icon and so travel to belongingss.

2. In LAN or High-Speed Internet, right chink on Local Area Connection and travel to “Properties” .

3. In at that place, select the Internet Protocol Version4 ( TCP/IpV4 ) and so snap on Properties button.

4. In General check, tag the first option ( obtain an IP reference atomically ) button

5. And so besides grade in DNS waiter address… option button excessively

6. Click start button and choice tally and so type cmd in at that place.

7. To see is the web connect or non, type ipconfig/all in at that place.

8. If all web computing machines which we used reply, this web is successfully connected

9. First, we see IP reference, Gateway IP reference, and DNS server IP reference, and MAC ( physical ) reference of all the computing machines that we use in our web installing.

Undertaking 4

The broad country web, frequently referred to as a WAN, is a communications web that makes usage of bing engineering to link local computing machine webs into a larger working web.The construct of associating one computing machine web with another is frequently desirable, particularly for concerns that operate a figure of installations. Get downing with the local country web and traveling up to the broad country web, this is most easy accomplished by utilizing bing telephone engineering. Basically, Fiber Optics Cables, Copper Cables Coaxial Cables, Twisted Pair Cables or Unshielded Distorted Pair ( UTP Cables ) and Wireless Infrared Links, etc are used to make the nexus between webs located in different installations. Often, this means utilizing standard phone lines, referred to as POTS, or using PSTN ( public switched telephone web ) engineering

A Wide Area Network ( WAN ) is a computing machine web covering multiple distance countries, which may distribute across the full universe. WANs frequently connect multiple smaller webs, such as local country webs ( LANs ) or metro country webs ( MANs ) . The universe ‘s most popular WAN is the Internet. Some sections of the Internet are besides WANs in themselves

A set of switches and routers are interconnected to organize a Wide Area Network. The switches can be connected in different topologies such as full mesh and half mesh. Connect to the cyberspace and other broad country web are include high-velocity Digital Subscriber Line ( DSL ) Internet Access Method, Integrated Service Digital Network ( ISDN ) Internet Access Methods, satellite Internet Access Methods and Wireless Internet Access Methods, etc

In the above cyberspace Access Method, I describe three internet Access Methods. There are high-velocity Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ( ADSL ) Internet Access Method, Integrated orbiter Internet Access Methods and Wireless Internet Access Methods ( or ) WiMAX Internet Access Methods.

ADSL provides much faster services ‘downstream ‘ – to your computing machine – than ‘upstream ‘ – back out to the cyberspace – which suits anyone who downloads more informations than they send, including most home/small office users. Asymmetric DSL ( ADSL ) works by dividing the phone line into two frequence scopes. The frequences below 4KHz are reversed for frailty and the scope above that is usage for informations. Full rate ADSL offers differing upload and download velocities and can be configured to present up to 6 Mbits of informations per second ( 6000K ) from the web to the client

One disadvantage of ASDL services is that when the local cringle length additions, the available bandwidth lessenings for both upstream and downstream traffic.

WiMAX is a wireless digital communications system, besides known as IEEE 802.16The entree point is the cardinal constituent of the radio web. The entree point can be connected to a hub or computing machine in the local country web that will move as its host for the wired web. Wireless engineering to supply cyberspace services to their clients who carry Internet-ready radio calculating devices, cellular telephones, personal digital devices and Tablet PCs. Wireless can supply broadband radio entree up to 30 stat mis ( 50 kilometer ) for fixed Stationss, and 3 – 10 stat mis ( 5 – 15 kilometer ) for nomadic Stationss. The WiFi/802.11 radio local country web criterion is limited in most instances to merely 100 – 300 pess ( 30 – 100m ) . Wireless services are available anyplace such as eating houses, hotels, airdromes and supermarket.

Satellite Internet service provides you with a broadband connexion that is much faster than dialup. Two major companies ( Direct Television and Dish Network ) have successfully entered the market for telecasting distribution utilizing satellite web. In this distribution systems, telecasting signals are transmitted up to a orbiter in orbit around the Earth ( up linked ) and so retransmitted to satellite receiving system dishes installed in abodes and offices ( down-linked ) .These services have been provided utilizing two methods: bipartisan orbiter nexus and divide up and down nexus channels utilizing orbiter and dial-up telephone lines. The satellite dish is the sender and receiving system for both the telecasting and Internet signals.


Web Reference

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Book Reference

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