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know that 93% of Americans agree that breakfast is the most important meal of
the day? But only 44%are having it. There a lot of people, especially students
having their day without having breakfast. So, by skipping breakfast, they
actually hurt themselves, in mentally and physically. Therefore, healthy
breakfast is important to us because it provides essential vitamins for your
body, boost your metabolism and become more productive in a day.

and foremost, a healthy breakfast can provide useful vitamins for your body
because it will give you a benefit when you are getting vitamins and nutrients
from foods such as dairy milk, cereal and fruits. If you skip the breakfast, your
body and brain are not going to function better because your body is lacking of
energy and strength. Moreover, many people think that they should not eat in
the morning because they are going to feel tired in class as their stomach are
full with food, but that is not true. Instead, you might end up feeling more
tired if you do not have breakfast to start your day.

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                Next, a
richly nutritious breakfast will boosts your metabolism. As many people think
that by skipping breakfast, they will reduce the calories and lose weight. But,
breakfast actually can boosts your metabolism and help you to burn your
calories in a day. For you information, according to the internationally
Journal of Obesity research, half of the daily breakfast skippers are facing obesity.
So, for those who does not really hungry in the morning, they should try a
drink that contains macronutrients in order to open your appetite.

breakfast also can influence a person to become productive throughout a day.
Your productivity levels can be raised by almost 20% if you eat a good portion
within an hour after waking up in the morning. Not everyone will feeling hungry
after they wake up from a long sleep. But the first thing to do upon rising up
from your sleep is drink at least a glass of water. This method will help you
to hydrate your own body and brain. Therefore, eating breakfast may give you benefit
when you are learning as you will be able to pay attention, understand well and
stay focus in class.

conclusion, i believe it is clear that it is important to have a breakfast
before starting your day as it is important meal of the day. As we have
learned, if you do not skip breakfast, you will have essential vitamins for
your body, boosts your metabolism and become more productive for every single
day. Of course i appreciate that some people may disagree. However, i encourage
you to start your morning with healthy breakfast. Think wisely and make a
change !


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