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Did you know that 41,415 species currently in the world are endangered or threatened and only 1,051 of those species are being saved or protected? An endangered or threatened species is a species that is close or threatened to become extinct. Endangered Species Act or ESA is an organization that sets out to protect species of the world that are close to extinction. The 6th mass reason for endangerment is human activity yet, many people think that endangered species should just be allowed to go extinct because of it the course of “nature” and not our fault.  However, I believe we should protect endangered species because one of the main reasons for endangerment is human activity, which has caused habitat loss, overfishing and hunting, and introduced invasive species.    We should protect the endangered species because we are one of the main causes of endangerment through habitat loss.  Habitat loss has caused 85% of the species on the IUCN’s red list to become endangered. All habitats have been lost due to construction for human purposes. In the article, “Overview – Endangered Species” it talks about the reasons for endangerment and how humans caused the endangerment. The article states,”The northern spotted owl lives in the old-growth conifer forests of North America’s Pacific Northwest. These small owls require large areas of uncut forest to breed and became endangered when their habitat was greatly reduced and fragmented by heavy logging,” (“Overview Endangered Species” 5). This explains how the northern spotted owl lost its habitat due to human logging, causing endangerment. Also in an article called Endangered Species by Issues & Controversies they provide a chart of endangered animals and why they are endangered. The chart provides 34 different endangered animals and plants; out of the 34, 22 are endangered because of habitat loss. Endangered animals should be protected because we have caused habitat loss trying to adjust to today’s population instead of thinking about the other living things we share the earth with.Additionally, we should protect endangered species because of over-hunting and fishing done by humans. Poaching is also a main reason for endangerment, which is illegal hunting. At Audubon Zoo in front of the animal exhibits, there are plaques explaining what the animal is and its population. While I was there I noticed many of the signs explained that the animal was endangered. On one plaque in front of the Malayan tiger, it stated, “The main threats to Malayan Tigers are habitat loss, poaching, and illegal hunting of their prey…” This quote shows how the Malayan Tigers are endangered due to hunting and illegal hunting of their food. Hunting most of the time is used for entertainment. Hunting has caused many species to go endangered and extinct, so we must protect them. The website “Houston Press” has an article called “10 Fish You’re Eating That Are Endangered Species” that talks about ten fish that are commonly known and are extinct due to overfishing. The article states,”Like the orange roughy, skate mature slowly and have a very long lifespan, which means it takes a considerable amount of time for its numbers to recover from being overfished. In 2006, it was estimated that skate could be “the first marine fish driven to extinction by commercial fishing.” It is currently on the IUCN Red List as critically endangered,” ( Shilcutt).  This piece of evidence is explaining that due to overfishing of the Skate it could go extinct forever. Our eating habits are causing species to go endangered and soon extinct, it is our responsibility as humans to help protect those animals. Lastly, we should protect endangered species because due to us introducing new species many species have gone extinct. The reason being is that the new species can be a threat to already common species. In the database “Endangered Species” it explains and gives examples of introduced species. One example that is given states “…introduction of the predatory brown tree snake to the Pacific island of Guam in the late 1940s caused a severe decline of native birds, ” (“Overview – Endangered Species 5). This text shows the effect of introduced species and how it can drop the number of commonly known species. Another example is Ashy-Storm Petrel, these birds live on the islands near California. This bird is going extinct due to introduced species to the island. In the article “Point Blue Ashy-Storm Petrel” it explains how the birds came extinct and how to fix it. In the article it states, ” If invasive species are removed from islands, island ecosystems can often recover quickly…”(Ashy-Storm Petrel). This piece of evidence is showing how if invasive species were removed the Petrel could recover and no longer be endangered. It is our fault for the invasive species because we were the ones who brought it to the land/island and made to produce there.   In conclusion, humans have caused a large number of endangered species and now it is our responsibility to help protect them. We have caused endangerment by habitat loss to the species, overfishing and hunting, and introducing invasive species to the habitats of common species.While many people believe that the species should just be allowed to die off, I believe that we should help because we share a planet with these species. However, if certain invasive species were placed back in their common homes, there was a limit of how many fish and animals that could be killed, and there were certain areas of forest that were not allowed to be chopped down, then I believe that we could protect all endangered species without having to put the species in captivity. Some people out there believe killing animals is wrong and have become vegan for it, but what most people don’t realize is the fact that if you live in a house, you have endangered animals. The fact of the matter is that where you live used to be a type of land with animals and plants until it all got cut down to build your house and community. All people have contributed to the endangerment of all the endangered species living on the planet Earth. All humans are murderers.


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