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Did You Ever Have Any Field Trips? Essay

Did you ever have any field trips? I hope so, because they are very influential in the lives of students and teachers alike. Learning and the learning experience are enhanced during field trips. Field trips also help develop social skills. Field trips are an integral part of America’s school system and are important in so many ways. During life we are influenced by many things. Field trips belong with those many things. A field trip to a zoo may inspire a child to become a veterinarian or a science teacher to become a biologist.

Even if the trip doesn’t make someone want to become something, the experience is still a valuable one. It broadens horizons by allowing students and teachers from all sorts of backgrounds experience something new. Learning is a lifelong process that is important. Field trips are conducive to the learning experience because they roll all sorts of teaching methods into one. They help visual learners, verbal learners, hands on learners, amongst other types of learners because of the blend of all sorts of teaching methods.

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Knowledgeable and experienced tour guides, professors, etc. provide a powerful lesson filled with learning that can most definitely stick with students and teachers. Field trips are great for learning because they allow students to really live in what they are learning for a while. It is remarkable how field trips create an amazing way to learn as well as an efficient and productive one. Social skills are a crucial part of life. Field trips can enhance communication skills by allowing students to mingle while learning.

They allow students to bounce ideas of each other and talk about the subject at hand. Students and teachers get to know each other better and learn about the different backgrounds that everyone comes from. Group work done on field trips teaches kids how to work as a team. The groups that people are placed in help students increase their social skills because they all talk to one another. Ask yourself about what your learned on any field trips you’ve been on, if you’ve been on any.

If you have, you will probably find out that you learned a plethora more than you thought you did. If you haven’t, you probably wish you could’ve gone on one while in school. The influence a field trip has on you is ginormous. Learning enhancement on field trips produces extraordinary results. Communication ability is highly increased during and after a field trip. Field trips are an important part of education that should remain in school.


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