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Racial Harmony is really of import in a state like Singapore where many races and faiths are required to populate in a little island with a population of over 5 million. Therefore. in order to keep the current racial harmoniousness in Singapore. our authorities has implemented a figure of policies. These include instruction policies such as the bilingual policy. the Cultural Integration Policy at HDB every bit good as the ISA. I believe that the province steps implemented have non and are non able to further racial harmoniousness in Singapore. as even though the communicating between races in increased. the drawbacks to each province steps exceeds the advantages.

One of the policies implemented to keep racial harmoniousness in Singapore is the Cultural Integration Policy at HDB. This is a province step in which each block of units is sold to households from ethnicities approximately comparable to the national norm. Under the Ethnic Integration Policy. Chinese. Malays. Indians and Eurasians in Singapore each have a representative quota of places for them in a lodging block or vicinity.

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This aims guarantee that there is a fixed scope of per centum of the assorted cultural groups in a block and vicinity such that the ratio of the different cultural groups is every bit balanced and therefore avoiding racial segregation and the formation of cultural enclaves. However. this policy is non needfully utile. Although Singaporeans live in the same HDB. on the same degree. how many really take clip off to socialize with their fellow neighbors? Or do they merely leave for work and remain cooped in the house when they have clip off. The Cultural Integration Policy makes it easier for Singaporeans to pass on with other races.

However. it does non supply Singaporeans with the chances to socialize with other races. They might populate following to each other. but if they do non hold to ground to pass on. they don’t. Ultimately. it is up to an individual’s ain head set sing different races. and one’s ain degree of tolerance and credence towards them. One may be able to digest life in the same HDB flat as person of a different race. but if one is non able to understand and accept the civilization and racial difference between oneself and the other party. struggles will still happen.

A celebrated illustration is the incident whereby a Chinese and Indian household had a struggle due to the Chinese household being unable to digest the odor of curry the Indian household cooked. being unable to accept and understand the civilization of the Indian household. The struggle ended up being ‘resolved’ by leting the Indian household to cook curry merely when the Chinese household was non at place. This shows that if people are unwilling to bridge the spread between civilizations and faith. the Cultural Integration Policy could do things worse. Hence. province steps might non hold fostered racial harmoniousness in Singapore. but in fact. makes the state of affairs worse.

Other policies Singapore’s authorities implemented would be education policies like the Bilingual Education Policy and the Speak Mandarin Campaign. The bilingual policy is one that requires for most pupils to take a ‘Mother Tongue Language’ . and achieve a certain degree of proficiency in it. Alongside this is holding English as a first linguistic communication and the medium of direction in schools. supplying a bilingual civilization for pupils. The purpose of the bilingual instruction policy is to guarantee that while Singapore remained feasible economically all over the universe. Singaporeans need non lose their cultural values or individuality.

I believe that this policy can further racial harmoniousness in Singapore because Singaporeans can now pass on better. Everyone understands each other. extinguishing the linguistic communication difference that had likely caused a batch of misinterpretations in the yesteryear. Because English is now a linguistic communication understood by all. Singaporeans do non hold to larn another linguistic communication to speak to their friends of different races. However. the execution of the Speak Mandarin Campaign indicated the biasness of the authorities towards the Chinese population of Singapore. pulling the dissatisfaction of the Malays and the Indians.

This is because of the fact that the authorities placed a immense accent on this run and the fact that there is no other female parent lingua motions suggest that the Ministry of Education is more bias towards the Chinese as they have come up with more programs for the Chinese than the other cultural groups. These hence led to dissatisfaction amongst the Malays and the Indians as they may desire to be treated like the Chinese excessively – holding such runs to assist their female parent lingua as good.

As they feel that they are non precisely every bit treated in comparing to the intervention received by the Chinese. tenseness arises and the educational steps even end up presenting as a menace towards the fosterage of racial harmoniousness every bit good because such sensitive subjects have to be handled with excess attention and biasness can be detected from within. Hence. the instruction policies implemented by the authorities. while some allowed better communicating between races; others failed to further racial harmoniousness in Singapore. and in fact. even caused tenseness and sadness between them.

Another policy the authorities had implemented would be the Internal Security Act ( ISA ). It is a jurisprudence that allows the Singapore authorities to look into security menaces like international terrorist act. foreign corruption. espionage and Acts of the Apostless of force or hatred utilizing race or faith. This jurisprudence confers on the authorities the right to collar and preventively detain persons without test for up to two old ages at a clip in certain defined fortunes under Section 8 ( 1 ) ( a ) of the ISA. This ISA can further racial harmoniousness in Singapore. because it can protect racial harmoniousness in Singapore. by forestalling anything that threatens the peace in Singapore.

The ISA can let the authorities to collar a individual with no test for up to 30 yearss. until an Order of Detention or Restriction Order is issued. This allows the job to be stopped before it happens. If the ISA is non implemented. and Torahs take its topographic point alternatively. grounds would be needed before an apprehension can take topographic point. By so it might be excessively late. After all. “prevention is better than cure” . However. holding a policy like the ISA comes with hazards every bit good. The ISA provides the authorities with a batch of power. If this power were to of all time be abused. it could come with a batch of effects.

If an functionary of the authorities so happens to be racialist. and decides to collar merely a certain race without ground. the ISA could backlash and do the racial public violences and unrest the ISA was implemented to forestall in the first topographic point. As such. even though the ISA can forestall menaces to Singapore’s racial harmoniousness. and halt the job before it even happened. the ISA besides contains a batch of hazards since it provides the functionaries a batch of power. and with great power semen with great duty. Hence. the ISA implemented by the authorities is non the best manner to further racial harmoniousness in Singapore.

In decision. province steps have non fostered racial harmoniousness in Singapore. It is so accurate that these province steps improve and increases communicating between the different races and faiths in Singapore. However. this may non needfully be good. A batch depends on the mentality of both parties. If they are willing to at least tolerate each other. racial harmoniousness would be possible. If. nevertheless. both parties are unwilling to come to a via media. the increased communications could merely come as a disadvantage. As such. the province steps have non fostered racial harmoniousness in Singapore.


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