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Does the startup atmosphere make you dream? You imagine yourself already in full creative emulation in vast high-tech offices, flashy colors and contagious good humor? You may be disappointed.Indeed, contrary to what one might think, open spaces are not synonymous with hubbub and effervescence but are now real places of silence and concentration. The reason; the systematic use of the headphone is just under 30 years old.The Headphone: the New “Office” of the Younger GenerationsThe advantage of having the headphones on the ears is the calm they provide in a place where it is difficult to isolate and focus. But studies puts more emphasis on the disadvantages of this practice by lamenting “the misunderstanding of pepper and salt colleagues” who can no longer communicate with the new generation.According to US executives and executives interviewed for a survey, the headphone is the new wall, the new closed door. “Headphones are a way to tell colleagues “Do not talk to me, I’m working!” according to Dave Snyder, Creative Director at Firstborn. Even worse, according to Vann Graves, founder of FL & G, some even say “shut up” when you try to talk to them.But let’s not throw the stone too fast at the Y and Z generations. A few years ago, getting your own office was a “rite of passage” in a company. The standard today is large collaborative spaces, with rooms available for meetings or private communications. Young workers have never had other references than open spaces. Headphones improve productivity and wearing them is therefore natural and instinctive for them. We are far from the antisocial act described by Graves.According to researchers, listening to music promotes the release of dopamine, also known as the “hormone of reward”. This completely biological process allows us to work faster and more efficiently. Ambient noise tools can reinforce the influence of this simply natural cause.To enjoy music during your business hours, good headphones is necessary for your comfort first and also for those around you who may not appreciate the music as much as you do.Most workers use headphones or a headset connected to their computer or phone. The bottom line is to find comfortable material for your ears. The music you need to focus and increase your efficiency, the material should not be a source of inconvenience. Opt for a material adapted to the appearance of your ears. When we consider that the space per employee has gone from 46 m² in 1970 to 18 m² in 2010 in the United States (preferred country in terms of office space), it is a safe bet that our professional space continues to decrease with the time, and that the headphone still has a long life in front of him.Listen to music to dispel noises or to motivate yourselfIn short, listening to music at work, either to get away from the usual noise nuisance, or to motivate oneself is very good for focusing and efficiency in tasks.According to each of our attributions, music has multiple effects on each of the areas of our brain that it stimulates. In practice, it promotes the diffusion of a neurotransmitter that acts on our potential for concentration and creativity.For some people, however, music may interfere with their work because of certain memories or emotions related to certain songs. There are also genres of music that will complicate the memorization and understanding needed in tasks for some people.The key for music at work is to choose songs that do not hinder our concentration, namely your favorite tracks, music without words at a gentle pace.Many sites and applications also offer sound creations that immerse you in totally peaceful environments to improve your concentration. And to fully enjoy and make your work experience an extraordinary experience, it is advisable to choose a good audio equipment.


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