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Double Entry Journal Essay

African American Woodson, J. (2005) Show way. Talbott, H. NY: Putnam’s Sons. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “And though some could book read, most could not. Stars and moon and roads. Picture reading was what they’d always known. ”There are several effective ways of communicating with others. Quilting was significant to this ethnic group since they did not know how to read. African Americans found different ways to communicate in which they could under-stand the messages through the images that had been sewn on quilts.

This quote was memorable to me because I know that when I read to my niece, she pays a lot of attention to the illustrations. Even though she is only 3 she believes that is going on in the story. Most of the time she is right, and all it takes is one glance at the pictures. This is one of the plus sides of picture books because you do no need to know how to read to get an idea of what the story will be all about. Woodson, J. (2002) Visiting day. Ransome, E. , J. NY: Scholastic Press. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction And we’re all passing around friend chicken, cornbread, and thick slices of sweet potato pie until maybe we think we’re go-ing to pop. ”The surface elements discussed in this quote remind me of Thanksgiving time. After reading the list of food items I immediately also thought about a buffet. These happen to be some very tasty food items that no one would pass up on having seconds. One thing that caught me off guard was that the grandmother and granddaughter were able to take food during visiting day at the jail for the inmate; in this case he was the little girl’s father. I believe that this book was written by cultural insider.

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Prior to reading this, I had never came across a book which solely focused on a jail visiting day. My first im-pressions were negative. I would not want children to think that the majority of criminals in jail are African American. I did not know that there were au-thors who focused on covering a sensitive topic such as this one. These types of books can also be positive for a few reasons. For one, although the father is in jail doing time, the author focuses on the special bond that the grandmother and granddaughter have. They share many special hobbies and develop a great interaction.

The relationship between the grandmother and the grand-daughter is described to be loving, supporting and caring. Another positive view of this book could be that it can be useful for children who can relate to this same theme or concept. Children can be very curious and can have many questions. This would be a great book to answer their questions about their mother or father being in jail. Perhaps the family member could discuss the topic more in detail besides reading off of the story line. These children would understand that they are not the only ones who are going through this circumstance.

In the end, they will be given some hope that they will soon be able to see their parents again. Littlesugar, A. (2001) Freedom school, yes! Cooper, F. NY: Philomel Books. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “When it came to school and learning, she was never going to let bein’ scared get in her way again. ”We have all read in the past history books that explain the passion that Afri-can American slaves had about learning. Some masters taught them to read if they were nice enough, other slaves just happened to inculcate themselves or one another. Benjamin Bannecker was a black mathematician farmer.

De-spite the fact that African Americans were not given equal opportunities, he still hungered for knowledge. This quote reminds me of Harriet Tubman who risked her life and was courageous enough to liberate other slaves from the plantations. This ethnic group suffered from a lot of violence in our past his-tory but they still fought for their rights and equality. In this story, all the Af-rican Americans had to tolerate the treatment they were receiving from the white folks. Native American Driving Hawk Sneve, V. (1997) The apaches a first americans book. Himler, R. NY: A Holiday House Book Memorable Quote Personal Reaction After a man married, he provid-ed for his wife’s parents and obeyed their instructions. Only a few wealthy men could afford more than one wife because the husband had to support each wife’s parents. ”This nonfiction book teaches culture specific characteristics. I found this quote to be astonishing. I was never aware that Apaches played such an im-portant role when it came to their in laws. This is not something that is rele-vant to men of all cultures. In a more westernized world, men accept the re-sponsibility of taking care of their new wife when she is away from home nd her parents, but he is never subject to taking care of his new mother and fa-ther in law. However, there are some cultures where women are more likely to move in to their in laws, conforming to their rules at the home, if there are any. For example, these women are expected to take on the responsibility of doing the cooking and housekeeping duties. They are expected to not only cater to the husband, but also to cater to his parents. This still goes on in to-day’s society within some cultures. This is not viewed as stereotypical; to them it’s just the norm. Phillip, N. (1995) Songs are thoughts, poems of the inuit.

Maryclare, F. NY: Orchard Books Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “It is a time of hunger, but I don’t feel like hunting. I don’t care for the advice of the old people, I only care for dreaming, wishing, nothing else”. Adults within your family always want what is best for you, but it might not always be what truly makes you happy and satisfied. This would have to be the case with my parents. They believe that they have what is best at heart for you, which in most times it is, but you should be given some independence. I feel that that seems to be a wishful desire in this quote that I got from an Inuit poem.

Asian Bouchard, D. (1999) The dragon new year. Huang, Y. , Z. GA: Peachtree Publishers, LTD. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “She was content, knowing that once again she had shared this important story – a story that this child would someday share with her own granddaughter”. A traditional story was passed on orally from grandmother to granddaughter. These types of stories are important to be kept in a culture and within genera-tion because they provide the best authentic voice. You would never have to worry whether if someone is being truthful with you or not though these tales.

These traditional stories give you an insight on what your cultural beliefs are. This genre would have to be my favorite out of them all. My family members have always passed on stories orally like in this story. This was a time that I looked forward to the most. I enjoyed listening to my grandmother or elder uncles tell me about my father’s childhood. My mom often told me stories about her childhood as well, and it was through these stories that I felt as if I had been introduced to my great grandparents and grandparents that I had never met. Wong, K. (2006) Don’t put the vinegar in the copper. Lowe, S.

SF: Children’s Book Press. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “If I would listen to her more carefully and help with her Eng-lish, then she and I would do more experiments together. ”Immigrants must learn to assimilate to many different characteristics of a new country, due to the fact that they become a minority. In order to fit in and become accepted within a new community, one must try to learn the new culture of their country of residence. I found a personal attachment to this quote because as a child I also had to inculcate the English language to both my mother and father, just as young Jenny did in the story.

I can recall that my mom and dad would often ask me questions on how to pronounce a word correctly, or how to say a simple sentence that they maybe wanted to com-municate to their employer or to a friend. It is very difficult for someone to pick up a new language after a certain age. Little by little, my parents began to learn the language with me during the time when I was in grade school. This was a big help to them in learning the new language that the majority of people was accustomed to. At one point my parents also had a thick accent that could have easily been misunderstood for something else.

This life expe-rience resulted in me having more patience towards others who are trying to communicate in a language that they are not fluent in. Latino Adler, A. , D. , & Adler, S. , M. (2010) A picture book of cesar chavez. Olofsdotter, M. NY: Holiday House. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “The Chavez Family spoke Spanish at Home; but in school whenever Cesar spoke Spanish, his teacher hit him, “It’s a terri-ble thing,” he later said, “when you have your own language and customs and those are shattered. This quote was of special significance to me because I remember once read-ing a passage from one of my Sociology books which stated that, ‘language is fragile’. Being bilingual in English and Spanish, I would have to agree with that statement 100%. If you do not make use of your native language in your home or with others elsewhere, it will most likely dissipate, and it will not be passed on to future generations. I have seen this within my family one too many times. My cousins and I all grew up knowing both Spanish and English, however, now that they are parents themselves, their children only know one language, and that is English.

This is why I agree with the statement that lan-guage is fragile. In most cases from what I have noticed from families that have emigrated from another country, is that language will not be passed down for more than two generations. Once families hit the third generation the native language, is no longer as important to be used in communication. One explanation for this would be that it is no longer as necessary due to the fact that one language is more commonly used within the household that the entire family is fluent in and can understand. In the United States, this lan-guage used is English.

I believe that the language and customs from your own culture make you unique and give you a sense of belongingness within your own people. Cesar Chavez’s teacher did not have the right to hit him for speaking Spanish in the classroom. This was an unfair act that arose from prejudice. This is an example of bias and bigotry since the teacher was strongly against Cesar Chavez speaking Spanish in class. Lowery, L. (2006) El dia de los muertos. Knutson, B. Minneapolis: ediciones Learner. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “Celebran la muerte! ” “Celebrate the dead! I found this quote to be interesting because by celebrating the dead, you get to commemorate your loved ones. It is a way of keeping them alive in spirit forever. Other cultures have their own different ways in which they celebrate their family members who have passed away. I have gone to the cemetery in the past, and I have noticed plates of food or soft drinks or alcoholic beverag-es placed at the tombstones. This is a way of helping the family members cope with their loss. At the same time they are given the opportunity to cele-brate the dead by singing to them and guiding them to where they should go. Jewish

Bresnick-Perry, R. (1992) Leaving for america. Reisberg, M. SF: Children’s Book Press. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “I was sad to be leaving every-one, but something inside of me kept bubbling up with excitement and I couldn’t keep myself from smiling even though everyone else seemed so heavy-hearted. ”This quote reminds me of earlier on this year when I went on a vacation to Hawaii. This was only my second time ever being away from home, and from my family. The days prior to the trip, I went through an emotional roller coaster after realizing that neither my parents nor sister would be with me while vacationing in paradise.

They would not be seeing the beauty of the island that I would get to enjoy. All that they would get to see would be vide-os and photographs of my adventure on Maui. My parents were sad to see me go, but knew that I deserved this vacation with my friends. Middle Eastern Hickox, R. (1998) The golden sandal, a middle eastern cinderella story. Hillenbrand, W. NY: Holiday House. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “Don’t worry my son. I will find her. ”This Middle Eastern Cinderella variant illustrates the importance of arranged marriages.

Parents play an important role in some cultures when it comes to selecting the lifelong partner of their children. I found this quote to stick out the most because it clearly shows the importance of parent’s involvement when making such decisions. Besides that, I can imply that there is a close relationship between the mother and the son. After reading this quote, I de-termined that the son happens to be what we call a “momma’s boy”. The son is relying on his mother to help him out with finding the girl who fits into the glass slipper. This dependence reminds me of my younger brother who acts out to be very needy around our mother.

Self Selected Books: Cross Cultural Bierhorst, J. (1984) Spirit Child. Cooney, B. NY: Mulberry Books. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “Now this is the day of salvation that has long awaited. ” I was able to relate to this traditional monogenesis because as a child I was raised as a Roman-Catholic. I was baptized when I was only a few months old, by the age of nine, I had already completed my first communion, and by the age of 13 I had done my confirmation. The pastor preached about salva-tion every time I completed one of these sacraments. This story had a lot of biblical relevance.

It was the type of story that we have all heard at least once in our lives, despite the differences between our religions these deep elements are universal. Cech, J. (1991) My grandmothers journey. McGinley-Nally, S. NY: Bradbury Press. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “‘Feet’ she said “Where haven’t you been? What haven’t we been through together? ”This quote was taken from a cultural insider who expressed Eurocentricism in her story. One of the physical characteristics this story focuses on is feet. The quote explains how your feet have been with you through everything in life.

I thought that it was awkward that out of every other body part, feet were the ones chosen to start off the introduction of this book with. It is logical that without your feet, you would not be able to get from one point to another. Your feet are the ones that help you reach your destination. If you sit back and think where all you have been in life, you will realize that your feet have been through a lot. They are helpful for getting you out of any situation. Your feet always take you to places that you don’t know of, and have not discov-ered yet. In the end it is always your feet that know where you have been.

Chambers, V. (2005) Celia cruz, queen of salsa. Maren, J. NY: Dial Books for Readers. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction “She would never again walk the streets of her beloved Havana. She would never again hear the cries of the pregon that were the bas and tremble of Cuban street life. ” I found this quote to be memorable because my parents have not wanted to go back to Mexico due to fear. Over the past few years, Mexico has become very dangerous for outsiders like us. We would now be considered the visitors of this land. My family and I have not been to Mexico in over 15 years.

One thing that I miss the most about my childhood is when we all took a trip to Mexico as a family. We would always visit during the month of march, so that we could attend all of the festivities that went on during this month in which they celebrated St. Joseph. Those memories still remain with me after all of these years. I am glad that I was able to go to Mexico and experience these surface elements. One thing that I miss the most is the vendors, the food, the music, dancing and their simplistic way of life. Guback, G. (1994) Luka’s quilt. NY: Greenwillow Books. Memorable Quote Personal Reaction She was remembering our truce too, and she didn’t say another word. ”Sometimes you just have to set aside your differences and agree to disagree whenever you are arguing with someone. Even though you might not have the same plans as someone else, you have to be willing to open up to their ideas. Being an open minded will help you develop into a better person. It is better to forgive and forget about whatever might be upsetting you at the moment, because if you learn to let go, you just might have a wonderful time. After all, it is best to live life without holding any grudges towards others.


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