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Dr. events that have lead us to




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December 2017

The United States
of America

            Since the becoming of our country,
there have been many different people and events that have lead us to where we
are today. However, there are certain points throughout this course that have
stuck with me in being a turning point in our nation. The four events I found
most influential in this U.S. History course are the election of 1828, the Whiskey
Rebellion in Pennsylvania, the slave resistance lead by Harriet Tubman, and the
War of 1812.

            First the election of 1828 was a significant
part in U.S. History, Andrew Jackson defeated John Quincy Adams to become
President of the United States. This victory for Jackson marked the success of a
new national party system. Andrew Jackson was a democratic republican who
wanted representation and reform from John Quincy Adams’ and he also believed
the people should rule. Anyways, the significance of Andrew Jackson was how he
related to the “common man.” He was the first President from the west and
carried many of those characteristics into office with him. Because of these
characteristics and his tough, violent personality he was said to be a “common man”
himself. In fact, Andrew Jackson gained the nickname “Old Hickory,” because of
his fierce personality and the toughness that came with him. He believed in strength
of the Union and the authority of the federal government over state government.
To conclude, this election changed the way Americans viewed their President
during this time.

            Second, the Whiskey Rebellion is
another event that is a significant part of U.S. History. The rebellion started
because farmers refused to pay a federal tax, led by Alexander Hamilton on whiskey.
Therefore, the farmers in Pennsylvania came together and started a riot killing
several federal officers when they attempted to serve arrest warrants on the
offenders. However, on October of 1794 the U.S. army led by George Washington,
put down the rebellion. He did so by intimidating the farmers to surrender.
This incident showed the new government under the U.S. Constitution could react
swiftly and effectively to any problem that would occur. In contrast, this proved
the government was correct in reforming the Articles of Confederation after
Shay’s Rebellion. To conclude, the U.S. Constitution is the base, the guide, of
our government today.

            Third, the slave resistance led by
Harriet Tubman is another significate part of U.S. History. First, actual slave
revolts were rare. For the most part, resistance took a different path. For example,
some slaves would run away, deny their master, or even steal from neighbors.
However, there was a woman who had another way of helping slaves become free… Harriet
Tubman was her name, she was born into slavery in Maryland. During her time of
being a slave she came up with a method to help herself and others become free.
She created a system of routes to help other slaves escape after her and others
attempted to do so for the first time. In fact, she helped over three hundred
slaves find freedom from the south. This to me was the beginning of Northerners
wanting to find for their freedom. To conclude, Harriet Tubman was an important
figure in history and will never be forgot for her heroics.

            Last, the War of 1812 was another
significant aspect in U.S. History. 


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