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Dr. Opportunity, and Flexibility and healthy life

            Dr. Ridzwan, Faizal, Ruhizan, Rahim & Ismail (2014) they have conducted a research on a gap between the skills required by the industry and skills are trained at institute level in Malaysia. The issue was found that to become higher income developed country may required skilled and semi-skilled workers to fill jobs in industry to support country’s development by 2020. Research revealed the process of training and gap of skill required between industry and institute. Grounded theory method was used in Qualitative study. As sample 32 respondents were approached by following interview, observations process. It supports the formation of skills for employment of trainees should be capable to fit the job.


Krishna (2017) has conducted a study on three dental colleges in Andhra Pradesh to find out the future career pathways and career plans of students, for this he approached primary data and applied a cross sectional survey. Study revealed that dental profession is attractive to women as it permits them to adopt work life balance, also another factor highlighted that more number of female than male interns would like to do post graduation. Most of the respondents felt that dental career fulfilled their career expectations. Results shows that most of the respondents would like to do private practice. One another thing was noticed that most of the respondents were aware of the various career pathways available after completing graduation. It strongly emphasized that dental career provides “Status”, Healthy earnings, Job Opportunity, and Flexibility and healthy life style. This study will help to know the career intention and future prospective of students.

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Ajit Kurup (2017) has conducted a study on corporate perception on employability skills of engineering pass out students in particularly Information Technology which is one of the demanded streams of engineering based on Gender. Study was focused to identify the difference of male and female opting engineering information technology as profession. Further objectives was set to study that ‘if male or female candidates are better employable in the IT industry based on perception of their IT employers and in which skills the difference between them is significant. It companies in and around Mumbai were included as population of research. HR Department had to evaluate engineering graduates on a Likert scale based on their perception of employability skills. Conclusion was that five employability skills, personal, problem solving and technical skills, interpersonal, highly order thinking, here female engineers were rated higher than male in application of understanding of ethics in company, effective communication and personal traits. This means that lower employability skills cannot be the reason for the lower proportion of female engineers in IT companies. This study may help further research on employability skills.


Dr. Ramesh Chandra Babu, (2016) had investigated the employability skill gaps most prevailing among Indian management graduate candidates. Study also, emphasized to identify the employability skills that are expected from management pass outs to meet the needs of healthy work environment and also to reveal the causes for the constancy of employability skill gaps. Here, investigation reveals that employability skill gap is constant because most of management graduates do not go through the required educational experience and adequate industrial exposure because of outdated syllabus, lack of competent teachers, inadequate teaching methodologies, teachers non-exposure to corporate experience, insufficient practical session,, absence of career counseling facilities, admitting students with low IQ. Finding expose that majority of the corporate said that management students were having lack of satisfactory soft skills.  Students revealed that they felt a difference between the experience and their expectations before study. There should be continues interaction between student and placement cell in Institute so he can be trendy. Focus should be given to student’s soft as well as communication skills which are the basic need of today’s corporate.


Andrews and Higson (2008) research is focused on title “Graduate employability, soft skills versus Hard Business knowledge: A European Study” It explores the European countries like (UK, Austria, Slovenia and Romania) to know the gap between the skills and capabilities of graduates. Also revealed the perception and experience of the graduate student in European countries. Major components were focused like business-related knowledge and skills, soft business skills, experience and work knowledge. This study finds that in the four European countries the similarities in the demands and expectation from graduates were same. More over the soft skills and hard business related knowledge were as per same expectation. They need to work on the competent skills so European business can meet the ever-changing demands of modern-day.


Ab. Rahim and Ivan (2007) study was conducted to assess employability skills of technical-vocational students in Malaysia. This study was necessary to identify effective system that would enable student to fulfill the market demands and corporate expectations. The main focus of this study is to know the TVE system implementation on students that help them to be capable for employability in one technical training institute in Malaysia. Random method was chosen to take   sample from the third year students as 162 numbers of participants. Result shows that employability skills of technical training institute in Malaysia are quite high. Three aspects of employability skills, thinking skills and resource management had average mean score. The study revealed that system and teaching, learning strategies in technical training institute in Malaysia has positive impact on development of basic skills and personal quality more in female than in male candidates. Besides acquiring technical skills students also have an opportunity to develop employability skills as a result of education and training at a technical training institute in Malaysia.


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