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E-commerce website Essay


This papers consists of a undertaking designed to build an E-Commerce web site for a nomadic phone shop. Using different methodological analysiss this study will explicate in deepness how the web site was constructed and whether this undertaking was a success. The website allows users shop online for nomadic phones and nomadic phone accoutrements. The website consists of many characteristics, which aid the users in turn uping their coveted point i.e. powerful hunt engine, linguistic communication transcriber and easy to utilize guided pilotage bill of fare. These characteristics facilitate users in pin indicating the exact merchandise they are looking for.

The web site is based around a nomadic phone shop located in Victoria Greater London. The shop is called E Cell Mobile and is a little PLC, which sells nomadic phones and accoutrements. This web site has been constructed for the exclusive intent of assisting the company expand their concern to a huge scope of clients and to increase company gross. In order to accomplish this end there were a couple meetings that were held between the developer ( me ) and the storeowner. During these meetings it was decided that one of the most efficient ways to carry through this end, was to make a web site to make out to clients. This should assist increase company gross every bit good as, being cost efficient given that it is non really dearly-won to run a web site, if compared to opening another shop.

An decision maker history has been created, which is to be used by the storeowner. This history was created to let simple and efficient care of the web site. With the usage of this history the decision maker has entree to the whole web site and can easy redact informations with usage of a simple GUI, no PHP cognition is needed. This would be a great benefit to the storeowner since he can really easy keep the site. This history allows the admin to add more merchandises utilizing the CSV Import Function, add/edit/delete clients and/or merchandise informations and much more.

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The payment facet of the web site is dealt by PayPal. Once a user selects an point they wish to purchase they are redirected to PayPal ‘s SSL page. It is made clear to the user that they do non necessitate a PayPal history in order to buy an point on the web site. Once the user is redirected to PayPal ‘s unafraid payment page, they can choose the option to pay by direct debit or recognition card. If there are any disagreements with payment so E Cell can non be held responsible and the instance shall travel to PayPal ‘s histories section.


During the phase at which the PID was constructed there were a few facets, which were overlooked. Throughout the analysis stage of this study there will be a few phases from the PID that will be extended, rearranged and added.

This undertaking is based around a nomadic phone company that does non hold an online system. All minutess, client inside informations and merchandise information are stored on a database that is located on the store floor. The system that is used to interact with daily clients is pretty slow and lags most of the clip. The system that is presently being used is called “ Metasys ” . This peculiar package is a database system, which shops client and merchandise information. When the shop gets a new client, a staff member inputs the client ‘s inside informations manually into the database. All merchandises are added to the database through a Point of Sale System ( POS ) .

Now after making a spot of research it was discovered that this company ( Metasys ) was no longer in concern and as a consequence no ascents are available for this package. To acquire an thought of how bad the current system was, a few studies were designed and given out to staff members on the store floor ( these can be seen in Appendix B ) . Judging by the consequences received from this appraisal it was clear to see that a new system needed to be put in topographic point. Below is a list that has been devised to demo the jobs with the current system:

  • System frequently freezes when taking down client information
  • The database can be really slow at times when accessing big sums of informations
  • Does non hold the latest security updates due to the company no longer being in concern
  • Opening and shuting the database sometimes leads to corruptness of informations.
  • The system can be slow to react to common undertakings such as “ View Customer Info ”

A secondary issue that needs to be discussed is that this peculiar company ( E Cell Mobile ) would wish to spread out their concern and make out to a larger client base and hence increasing the concerns gross. The company does non wish to open a new shop since this would necessitate a big amount of money, which the organisation can non afford.

This undertaking proposes to replace this old system with a new a modern manner of making concern. The new system needs to be faster, easy to keep and a batch more dependable. Although the current database running on the store floor has a batch of disadvantages there is one positive facet that allows new nomadic phones that arrive for bringing to be added to the database rapidly and easy. This is the POS ( Point of Sale ) system presently used by the employees at E Cell.

When a clump of nomadic phones arrive for bringing, a staff member uses an electronic optical maser to scan the saloon codifications ; these are displayed on the packaging of all the nomadic phones. After a peculiar merchandise has been scanned it will automatically be added to the company ‘s database. E Cell besides receives an electronic spreadsheet from their provider, which consists of all the points that have been delivered to them on that specific day of the month.

The point of sale system is a great method for dwelling information into database. It is fast, simple and requires minimum attempt. In order for this undertaking to be a success it is of import that this peculiar method for adding information to the company ‘s database is either improved upon or kept the same. If for any ground the POS system is removed and another system is put into topographic point, so this new system must be able to execute undertakings, which are faster and much simpler so the point of sale system.

Aims & A ; Aims

Every undertaking consists of a figure of ends, which need to be achieved. These ends decipher whether the undertaking will be a success or a failure. A successful undertaking would hold met and accomplished each mark. The chief purpose of this undertaking is to make a merchandise, which resolves the jobs that are encountered by the current system.

Below is a list of purposes and aims for this peculiar undertaking. Some of these purposes and aims that were looked at during the undertaking induction phase have been changed and modified. There has been an add-on of some new ends to the list. The list below has been based around, how shocking the current system is and if a new system was to be created what would it necessitate in order to be successful.


  • The system should be easy to voyage around
  • Buying an point should be fast and efficient
  • The system must be user friendly
  • The system must be faster and more dependable than the old system
  • The admin should be able to add/delete/edit client and merchandise information


  • To supply a nomadic system that allows users to buy nomadic phones and accoutrements.
  • Allow users to make their ain client history online.
  • To supply an interface useable by less literate computing machine users.
  • Allow users to salvage any minutess that have been made
  • Provide users with tracking info so they can track their purchase

As mentioned in the undertaking induction papers this undertaking will take the DSDM attack. DSDM states that in order to accomplish maximal concern benefit and a to the full working system that is fit for intent ; one must sketch the user/business demands and purpose to carry through them all. DSDM uses an first-class prioritisation method called “ MoSCoW ” . This prioritisation method outlines the important demands that need to be achieved in order to acquire a system tantrum for intent. All demands shown in the “ Must Have ” subdivision below have to be completed in order for this undertaking to be successful.

MoSCoW Prioritization

Musts Have

  • Users must be able to purchase a nomadic phone online ( M1 )
  • System must incorporate hunt parametric quantities to let easiness of usage ( M2 )
  • Site should be user friendly ( M3 )
  • Admin should be able to add/delete/edit merchandise and client information ( M4 )
  • POS system needs to be improved upon or left as it is ( M5 )

Should Have

  • The user is contacted via electronic mail once they have made a purchase ( S1 )
  • The user can e-mail a staff member if they have a inquiry ( S2 )

Could Have

  • Google Maps to expose location of store ( C1 )
  • An online confab client to reply user questions ( C2 )

Wo n’t Have

  • Selling nomadic duties ( All mobile phones will be pay-as-you-go and non on contract ) ( W1 )

All of the demands of the Moscow prioritization have been tagged e.g. M1, M2, S1, W1 etc. The ground they have been tagged is because they will be referred to as “ M1, M2, S1 ” etc during the execution stage of this study.


There are certain sets of demands that need to be achieved when making this new system. These demands are split into two subdivisions, “ Functional ” and “ Non-Functional ” . These are outlined below.

Functional demands

  • Multiple minutess can be made at the same clip
  • Customers can add points to a shopping basket
  • Customers can see, edit and take points from shopping basket
  • Customer is notified via electronic mail when purchase is complete


  • Guided pilotage bill of fare makes shoping easy for the user
  • Minutess can be completed utilizing multiply currencies
  • Availability – System will be up 24/7 with minimal down clip
  • Accessibility – The system can be viewed in other linguistic communications other than English

Requirements Table

A cardinal list of demands was constructed by the client, these have been listed below. Each of these demands need to be met otherwise this undertaking will be a failure since the concluding merchandise will non be fit for intent. The client gave a larger list of demands ( shown in Appendix D ) nevertheless the demands listed in table below is what the client has said to be compulsory requirements and therefore necessitate to be completed.

Feasibility Study

In the feasibleness study the following countries will be looked at, undertaking hazard analysis, cost benefit analysis and stakeholder analysis.

Undertaking Risk Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis

Since this is a pupil undertaking there wo n’t be a immense budget. The package that will be used to make this merchandise will either be freeware or already available to the developer. As a consequence cost will be kept to a minimum. In footings of hardware, a pc/laptop is already available since the University provides this and electrical fees/bills will besides be covered by the University. If the system is to be hosted on-line so these fees will be paid by E Cell Mobile although a free hosting supplier will be the first precedence.

Stakeholder Analysis

Pull offing stakeholders is an of import factor in order for this undertaking to be successful. Below is a list of all the stakeholders involved in this undertaking i.e. people that are affected by the work that is done, who influence or have power over it or hold an involvement in its successful or unsuccessful decision.

Vishal Verma ( Project Manager/Developer )

  • The developer ‘s function will be to pull off the undertaking, do certain all mileposts are met and that the concluding merchandise is produced within the set deadline.
  • Jim Johnston ( Client/General Manager )
  • Jim will be the first point of contact. He manages most of the staff and trades with all gross revenues related facets.
  • Dean Forster ( Store Manager/Company Owner )
  • Dean is the proprietor of the shop and will be the 2nd point of contact.

Project Method & A ; Approach

There is one chief aim, which needs to be fulfilled in order for this undertaking to be a success. The new E Cell Mobile system needs to be fit for intent. A system that is fit for intent will ideally run into all user/business demands of this undertaking. Below is a quotation mark from Harvey and Green ( 1993 ) that explains what tantrum for purpose really is.

“ Quality is therefore judged in footings of the extent to which the merchandise or service fits its intent. This impression is rather distant from the thought of quality as something particular, typical, elitist, confabulating position, or hard to achieve. It is a functional definition of quality instead than an exceeding 1. If something does the occupation it is designed for so it is a choice merchandise or service. ” ( p.16 )

“ Every merchandise and service has the possible to suit its intent and therefore be a choice merchandise or service. Fitness for intent has emerged as the stylish manner to tackle the thrust for flawlessness. The ultimate step of flawlessness, ‘zero defects ‘ , may be first-class as a definition of quality but runs the fatal hazard of being absolutely useless. If the merchandise does non suit its intent so its flawlessness is irrelevant. “ ( p.17 )

This particular undertaking will be utilizing the DSDM attack, this is because by utilizing the DSDM attack the undertaking itself will be carefully planned e.g. MoSCoW, timeboxing, facilitated workshops etc. At times it can be really easy for a undertaking director to go unorganised particularly if the undertaking has non been planned and as consequence, the concluding consequences may be below satisfactory.

Due to this ground MoSCoW prioritisation has been discussed earlier on in this study so that the undertaking manager/developer and the client know what precisely the concluding merchandise will incorporate.

In concurrence to the direction of this undertaking, DSDM Atern will be the chief head. This technique chiefly focuses on Time, Cost and Quality.

Figure 1 below ( Atern Approach ) states that Time, Cost, Quality is fixed and will non be changed throughout the undertaking ‘s life rhythm, whereas characteristics can be manipulated since it is a variable. The traditional attack to this is the complete antonym and will be avoided since quality should ne’er be compromised.

Facilitated Workshops

Facilitated workshops are portion of the DSDM Atern development attack. Since this undertaking uses the Atern direction method it was critical to integrate the facilitated workshop technique into this undertaking.

By utilizing an synergistic environment, effectual group kineticss and ocular AIDSs, facilitated workshops are designed to pull out high quality of information in a tight clip frame in order to run into the preset set of deliverables.

By building these workshops it will do it easier to accomplish the marks that have been set from the beginning. The undertaking director will move as the facilitator and arrange these meetings. Information that possibly be discussed in the workshops is as follows:

  • Who is the mark audience?
  • How can the concern range out to clients?
  • Ad
  • Sponsorship

The list is merely a little figure of subjects that possibly be discussed during the workshops. It is critical that all the undertaking stakeholders attend these meetings. Facilitated workshops will give the undertaking director an overview of what needs to be done and the clip everything demands to be completed in.


During the design stage of this undertaking there were a figure of solutions that came to mind. The new system that is to be created must get the better of the jobs faced by the old outdated/system. Below is a list of solutions that could be implemented to work out the jobs discussed during the analysis stage.

  • Rebuild the system on the store floor. Install new database package and acquire faster and more dependable hardware to provide for the new database.
  • Construct a web site to provide for clients, this will besides hold an on-line database
  • Open a new subdivision in order expand the concern

Two of the solutions shown above ( Rebuilding the system and opening a new subdivision ) merely do non look practicably. Opening a new subdivision would merely to be excessively dearly-won and would necessitate a batch more adult male power, attempt and clip which the company does non hold. In footings of reconstructing the new system, the cost of put ining a new database and put ining new hardware was merely excessively high and above the company ‘s budget. The lone mensurable thought was to make a web site ; this would be cost efficient and require minimum attempt.

The concluding solution was to make an E-Commerce web site. This web site will be on-line 24/7, and as a consequence can be accessed by staff members anytime of the day/night. Employees will no longer necessitate to travel to the store floor to entree the database. The web site will incorporate an decision maker history that will merely be able to be accessed by staff members. This history will give entree to the company ‘s database, which will include entree to merchandise inside informations, client information and any minutess that have taken topographic point.

Users will be able to travel onto this website purchase a nomadic phone ( or any nomadic accoutrements ) , add the point to a basket and so pay for it. PayPal will manage the payment system so the concern will hold the peace of head that their money is safe and unafraid and so will the clients.

The manner the payment system will work is one time the user has added an point to their shopping basket they will hold the option to check-out procedure. The check-out procedure page will give the user a brief description ( preliminary bill ) of the dealing, this will include ; item description and entire monetary value. On this page it will be made clear to the user that they will be paying via PayPal and that a PayPal history is non necessary demand in order to do a payment. Once the user accepts these conditions they will be redirected to PayPal ‘s payment page, this is where history inside informations such as bank history figure, kind codification are entered. PayPal will verify this information and direct out two electronic mails. The first electronic mail will be sent to the client verifying payment and the 2nd electronic mail will be sent to the decision maker of the site which will incorporate an bill of that peculiar dealing. Once payment has been confirmed by PayPal the decision maker can present the point to the client ‘s reference.

Tracking of all delivered points will be provided to all clients. There will be a “ Tracking ” subdivision on the web site which will give a elaborate account on how clients can track their purchased merchandises. The manner the trailing system will work is one time the payment has been confirmed by PayPal the decision maker will post the point via Royal Mail/DHL to the clients address. Royal Mail/DHL will so supply the decision maker with a tracking figure. This peculiar figure will be posted to the client via electronic mail. The client can so see Royal Mail’s/DHL ‘s web site ( the nexus for this is provided in the electronic mail ) and enter the dealing figure to acquire a unsmooth thought of when their purchased point will be geting.

Organizational Benefits

By making an E-Commerce web site it will undertake all the jobs the company is presently confronting and besides, it will be really inexpensive to run and keep. Below is a list sketching the benefits of opening an E-Commerce shop for E Cell Mobile.

  • Expand concern
  • Interact with a larger client base
  • Increase company gross
  • Faster and more dependable system
  • Easy to keep
  • Secure

Software Tools

To develop the web site the following languages/tools/software will be used:

PHP/PHP Editor

This will be used as the server side codification. PHP will be used to pass on with the MySQL database.


AJAX will be helpful since you can update portion of a web page without reviewing the whole content. So in this instance the user can come in a hunt question and alternatively of reviewing the whole page the consequences for the hunt are shown immediately

  • Jscript/jQuery
  • Guided pilotage bill of fare
  • MySQL

All customer/product informations will be stored on a MySQL database.

  • Adobe Flash Flash participant will be used on the place page in order attract the audience to the web site.
  • Classy This plan will be used to make a brassy picture. Although this plan is non freeware it is still possible to utilize the 30 twenty-four hours test period.
  • phpMyAdmin By utilizing the easy to utilize GUI provided by phpMyAdmin it will do it a batch easier to pull off the MySQL database.
  • CSS/HTML/XML Planing the web site ( Aesthetics )
  • Adobe Photoshop Constructing the company logo
  • Quick ‘n Easy FTP Uploading files to the waiter
  • Apache v2.5 To enable local host a web waiter needs to be initialised ergo Apache will be utilised.


Since this undertaking will utilize an nimble attack it was of import to construct a horizontal paradigm. This allows the developer to build the merchandise in an iterative rhythm and hence accomplishing better functionality.

The horizontal paradigm is the man-machine interface ( MMI ) . At first a speedy study is drawn on a piece of paper in order to acquire an thought of what is to be done. To do a paradigm for the E Cell Mobile system, the website www.gomockingbird.com was utilized. These paradigm theoretical accounts can be seen on page 15 ( Figure 4, 4.1, 4.2 etc )

During the horizontal prototyping “ surface interface ” package functionalities were non working but by making a study ( utilizing the go mockingbird web site ) it allowed the developer to accomplish a perceptual experience trial. This helped to measure how easy other users could understand the interface. During the perceptual experience trial users were merely shown a clump of Windowss and buttons, on a piece of paper. The users were so asked to explicate what they understand from the information displayed before them. The consequences for the perceptual experiences trial can be seen in Appendix C

Horizontal prototyping allows the developer to look into the behaviour of the interface and decode the critical points, where serviceability incompatibilities are likely to look.

After finishing the horizontal paradigm, and in order to acquire a full analysis of the user interface, another set of trials was done. These trials are known as “ Vertical Prototyping ” . This helped to implement a consistent set of functionalities in order to let the user to accomplish a typical scenario of serviceability. These trials were merely done after the GUI was 90 % complete. At this phase the prototyping consisted of a series of “ user trials ” during, which the vital points raised throughout the horizontal prototyping stage are evaluated.

Usability Test

This specific trial allows identifying of serviceability jobs and analyzing their cause with the users. The user is given the system and allowed to beta trial it in any manner they like. Solutions are elaborated and implemented during this phase of the paradigm and as a consequence may alter the concluding expression and feel of the system. The consequences for this peculiar trial can be seen in Appendix E.

This trial was constructed after the web site was completed. If any disagreements were found during these trials so website was modified consequently.

GUI Design

Before the execution stage a few screen designs were constructed. This gave a unsmooth thought of how the web site should be built. These screen designs were shown to a random clump of users in order to measure the serviceability of the interface ( Perception proving – Appendix C )

  1. The client must come in their user name watchword into these Fieldss in order to login.
  2. By utilizing the “ Forgot Password? ” link the user can input their electronic mail reference which they used to register with the web site, and a new watchword will be sent to this electronic mail reference.
  3. By look intoing the “ Remember Me? ” cheque box a cooky will be added to the user ‘s cyberspace adventurer booklet. This means the user will no longer necessitate to type in their user name and watchword every clip they visit this page.

Merchandise Detailss

  1. These are images of the merchandise
  2. Breadcrumb trail ; the user can utilize these links to travel back and Forth.
  3. This subdivision of the page displays information sing the merchandise.
  4. The user can utilize this nexus to state a friend about a merchandise listed on this page.
  1. Necessary information such as friends name, email etc must be filled out
  2. The information in the “ Captcha ” must be entered to verify that you are human and non a bot.
  3. A message can be written sing the contents of this electronic mail.
  1. A short description of the company such as when it started and who is involved in the administration. Contact information will besides be shown in this subdivision e.g. reference, email telephone etc.
  2. Using the Google Maps API, E Cell Mobile ‘s location will be shown on this synergistic map.

UML Case Diagram

Below is a instance diagram for the system that is to be built. It displays two “ Actors ” , the “ User ” and the “ Administrator ” . In the center is the system where all computations and procedures are made. The user ( client ) is able to execute a figure of maps, such as seeking for an point they wish to purchase, adding that specific point to a basket, e-mailing the site proprietor etc. The Administrator is able to execute high precedence determinations such as sing all client minutess, taking or adding client and merchandise information etc.

The ERM diagram shown in figure 6 displays the different types of tabular arraies that will be used in order to make the database. Each tabular array has a different figure of properties and each property has its ain informations type. Each tabular array has its ain primary key ; this is a alone identifier for every tabular array and is non repeated. Some tabular arraies include foreign keys ; this is a referential restraint between two tabular arraies. The entity relationships between each tabular array can clearly be seen by the bold and flecked lines. Certain tabular arraies have a one to one relationship whereas some may hold a one to zero relationship.

This ERM theoretical account was constructed utilizing MySQL Workbench. This is a freeware plan provided by MySQL. Information is taken from a phpMyAdmin database and so converted into an ERM theoretical account automatically.

Below is a brief description of each tabular array in the database.

Admin Users:

This tabular array holds inside informations for all the decision makers. Administrators are split into two classs ; “ Super User ” and “ User ” . An decision maker classed as a “ ace user ” will hold full control over the web site and an decision maker classed as “ user ” will be able to command certain facets of the web site.


This tabular array holds inside informations for all hunt related questions posed by the user. If a user searches for “ Apple iPhone ” so this peculiar hunt petition will be recorded in to this tabular array. This is chiefly for the decision maker to position and analyze what the most popular hunt petitions are. As a consequence the admin can provide for the user ‘s demands. For illustration, a big figure of users search for the same Mobile phone nevertheless, there is no such phone is listed in the database. The decision maker can see this peculiar hunt question and cater for the user ‘s demands by adding that specific French telephone theoretical account to the database and therefore increasing gross revenues.

Trade names:

This tabular array will keep inside informations for all the different types of trade names of nomadic phones and their related images.

Order Summary:

Once the user has bought a merchandise, the inside informations of that peculiar dealing will roll up in this tabular array. This tabular array will keep information such as client inside informations, merchandise inside informations and the entire monetary value of that peculiar sale. Towards the finalisation of a dealing the client is shown a drumhead page, this consists of inside informations sing their purchase. This information is taken from the “ Oder Summary ” tabular array.


This tabular array holds inside informations of all the merchandises in the database ; this will include properties such as monetary value, description, name etc.

Order Inventory:

All minutess that are made will be stored in this tabular array.


This tabular array holds client inside informations such reference, phone figure, postcode etc.

Activity Diagram

The Activity diagram ( Figure 7 ) , displays how the new system will work. The current system works in a similar manner nevertheless orders are non shipped to the client, since the client is already in shop when doing the purchase. The new system will be on-line and hence when a client makes a purchase their point will be delivered to their specified finish. An bill will besides be sent to the client via electronic mail.

The bill will be sent to the users registered email reference. Once payment has been made through PayPal, they administrator will be notified by PayPal, via an electronic mail sketching the dealing inside informations and verification of payment.

Dataflow Diagram ( New/Improved User Interface )

The dataflow diagram below shows a brief lineation of how the user interface will look like for the new E Cell Mobile system. The diagram explains some user interactions such as, the user can seek or shop for a merchandise, points can be added to a shopping basket etc. From the flow chart we can clearly see that it is non obligatory for the user to login in order to seek or shop the site nevertheless, in order to buy an point it is compulsory that all users register and login.


When constructing a web site it is important to setup a web waiter. This can either be hosted on your ain personal computing machine or hosting can be bought. There are a figure of advantages/disadvantages for hosting online and from your personal computer.

As the developer of this undertaking it is of import to take the correct hosting method so that it does non impact the development of the system. Below is a list of two hosting methods that can be used, each method has its pros and cons.


Localhost means “ this computing machine ” and is donated by an IP reference of It can be used to host content to the World Wide Web. There is no charge for this since content is hosted from you own computing machine. In order for localhost to wor, k a web waiter needs to be installed. Since this web site will be utilizing a big database, MySQL and PHP besides need to be installed.

The two chief web waiters out at that place today are Apache and IIS. As the developer of this undertaking it is of import to decode which one of these is the best web waiter to utilize for this undertaking. After making a spot of research the undermentioned consequences were obtained.

IIS and Apache operate really otherwise and therefore hold a assortment of advantages of disadvantages. IIS is designed and available to work merely within the Windows environment. With IIS 6.0, the lone platform presently supported is Windows Server 2003. Although this limits the deployment platforms for IIS-based Web services, it besides provides a figure of benefits, including greater cooperation with the host operating system and easier direction and control through a assortment of standard OS tools and public-service corporations.

The Apache web waiter is really popular due to the fact that is free. This is really advantageous to those who are merely seeking out web publication and is still diffident about it. Apache is most normally included in a wholly free web waiter solution called LAMP ( Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP ) which is a aggregation of unfastened beginning package that would wholly manage all of your web publication demands from the OS down to the scripting linguistic communication. Aside from being free, the unfastened beginning community is besides a good beginning of support for users who have the clip and forbearance to inquire for replies.

To acquire the website online we need to do usage of a free service called DynDNS. This allows content from your personal computer to be published onto the Internet without any charges. DynDNS provides a few host names which you can take for your web site.


  • Free to utilize
  • No bandwidth limitations
  • Cheap to run


  • Personal computer needs to be on at all times, since the content is downloaded from your Personal computer
  • Limited pick of sphere names provided by DynDNS
  • Need to setup Apache/IIS and PHP on your computing machine

Online Hosting

This is more of a popular pick with a batch of web sites. In order to acquire a web site on the Internet 1 must first purchase hosting and a sphere name. These can be really dearly-won depending on the type of hosting that is provided and normally there is a annual subscription.


  • Easy to put up
  • Unlike localhost your personal computer does non necessitate to be left turned on at all times


  • Expensive to setup
  • There might be bandwidth limitations

As the developer of this undertaking it has been decided that during the initial phases of the website physique, localhost will be utilized and towards the concluding phases of the system being completed the web site will be hosted online.

Administration of Source Code

It was of import to do certain the beginning codification was kept orderly and tidy. This in bend aided the developer to happen certain files with easiness and debug any mistakes.

Equally far as the build directory is concerned an image of this is shown on the left. Every subsystem has a booklet. For illustration all codification related to the decision makers account is stored in the “ admin ” booklet and CSS related codification is stored in the “ cesium ” booklet etc.

The codification is split into several files due to three chief grounds. These are listed below:

  • Rush up digest: If all beginning codification is in one file and the developer needs to modify merely one line of the codification the whole file has to be recompiled. This wastes a batch of clip and can be avoided.
  • Administration: Splitting codification along logical lines allows the developer to happen maps, variables, categories and methods easy.
  • Facilitating codification reuse: If the codification is carefully split into subdivisions and operates independently this will let the developer to re-use the codification for another undertaking.


Before the execution stage began the MoSCoW prioritizations were analyzed one more clip particularly M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5. This is chiefly because without run intoing these demands the undertaking will non be successful and the concluding merchandise will non be fit for intent. All of the demands discussed in the analysis and design subdivisions were evaluated in order to do certain know demands were missed out.

The first measure in the execution stage was to build a design. The design of the site must provide to all of the MoSCoW demands. The website design was chiefly constructed utilizing CSS and XHTML. The paradigms that were created during the design stage were used as edifice blocks to make the concluding design. The website design will be based on the maps and demands highlighted by the client. These demands given by the client are critical ingredients since the developer must integrate all of the maps into the site in order to provide for the client demands.

After acquiring clasp of these demands it made sense to build the design of the web site foremost instead than implementing login pages, hunt bars and logos etc. The ground for this is because by constructing the user interface foremost the developer is able to trap point precisely where certain objects are located, ( hunt box, drop down bill of fare ( s ) etc ) these can so be shown to the client and if the client is non happy with a certain facet of the design, it can easy be modified. This is besides specified in the protocols stated by DSDM. This is a great thought because you are demoing advancement to your client and acquiring consistent feedback from them. This allows the developer to do alterations to the system until the client is satisfied ( iterative development ) .

The developer of this undertaking has taken an iterative attack when coding the site. During each loop, pages were redesigned, functionality reprioritised, and proving done on the classes/methods was modified.

Once the web site design was completed and the user was happy with everything that had been implemented, it was clip to travel on to the following measure, which was adding functionality to the site. This included adding the followers:

  • Login page for clients
  • Login page for the decision maker
  • Search Bar
  • Guided pilotage bill of fare
  • Adding points to a basket
  • Payment system to be controlled by PayPal

This is a merely short list nevertheless a longer list with a batch more item can be found in Appendix F. Once the site was to the full functional, the system went through beta testing. There were a twosome of trials that were conducted, these are included below:

  • Web sites Biotechnologies ( Appendix C )
  • Serviceability Trials ( Appendix E )

Puting up PHP, MySQL and Apache

When get downing the existent physique for the site alternatively of purchasing hosting it made sense to run the site from localhost foremost, so that some trials could be performed. Besides it was important to put up a web waiter from place so that it was possible to work from the university. The research that was conducted during the design stage of this study sing the two web waiters ( Apache and IIS ) played a large portion when put ining a web waiter on the developer ‘s computing machine.

Since the developer will be utilizing an Apple Macbook to construct the web site it was impossible to utilize IIS as a web waiter in position of the fact that IIS is merely portion of the Microsoft Windows environment. In that instance Apache would be the best pick for a web waiter.

Below is a brief lineation of how PHP, MySQL and Apache were setup on Apple OS X.


One of the best characteristics for web developers in Mac OSX is the inclusion of PHP and Apache. By default both are inactive and necessitate you to acquire them ready for concern.

Most of the files that needed to be used in order to put up PHP, Apache were really hidden from Finder ( file browser ) . By utilizing a free text editor called “ Coda ” you can take to hold hidden files “ shown ” . Below is a screen shooting of “ Coda ” . It ‘s every bit easy as snaping on “ View ” and so snaping “ Show Invisible Files ” .


Apple Mac OSX comes with the Apache 2.2.6 already installed. It ‘s merely a affair of enabling it from scenes. This was done by traveling to the “ Sharing ” penchant window glass in System penchants and enabling “ Web Sharing ” .

Testing Apache/PHP

Now that Apache and PHP have been setup, we need to look into if they are both working. This was done by traveling to the “ Sharing Preference Pane in System Preferences and snaping on URL/IP Address ” . A page was displayed with the following text “ Test Page for Apache Installation ” . This meant Apache had been installed right. To prove for PHP, a new text file was created with the undermentioned codification:


Sadly MySQL was non included with the Apple Operating System therefore a MySQL installing file had to be grabbed from the MySQL web site. Along with the MySQL installing file. MySQL GUI tools were besides installed to let easiness of usage when utilizing the database.

There is besides a Preference Pane that needed to be installed that allows MySQL to be stopped and started from System Preferences. After the penchant window glass was installed MySQL was started by traveling to System Preferences.

Installing FTP Server

By put ining an FTP waiter it made it easier to work from University. FTP entree included Luxuries such redaction, canceling and uploading files to the waiter from anyplace every bit long as there was an Internet connexion nowadays. In order to setup an FTP waiter an history had to be created at DynDNS. This is a free web site which allows you to associate an IP reference to an Apache waiter. Besides you are provided with a free web reference, this is a URL which is used to entree your waiter.

The image above displays the constellation controls in order to setup the waiter. Due to security grounds a watchword was applied to curtail entree to unauthorised personal. The way displays the booklet which needs to be accessed ; in this instance it ‘s the “ web waiter ” booklet which holds all the PHP and HTML files. All permissions were given ergo leting full control over the waiter.

Constructing the User Interface

When coding the user interface, foremost a simple lineation was made. This consisted of a few links e.g. login, registry and position basket. Then two bead down bill of fares were added these included “ currency ” and “ linguistic communication ” . By utilizing CSS codification e.g. “ div ‘s ” and “ place: absolute ” these links were rearranged and moved to the top right and corner of the page. By utilizing the ticket “ & A ; lt ; B & A ; gt ; ” text was turned to bold. For now these hyperlinks are linked to blank pages. The undermentioned HTML codification was used to associate text to different pages.

Latest Merchandises

One of the demands for this undertaking ( Requirement R3 ) was to include a page on the web site which gave information to users sing any latest merchandises. To run into this demand a tabular array was created with two rows and three columns. This made a sum of six grids. Each grid was populated with an image, two buttons and a concise lineation about the merchandise. This can be seen below. Each grid has been populated with an image of a nomadic phone and each Mobile phone has a short description. The user can either purchase that peculiar phone or position it for more information. The “ position ” and “ purchase ” buttons were created utilizing Adobe Photoshop. The images for the nomadic phones were taken from Google, and it was made certain that these images are non copyrighted so that they can be used on this web site.

Website Logo

The proprietor of E Cell Mobile provided me with a study of how he wants the company logo to look like. Using Adobe Photoshop the study was imitated and added to the top left manus corner of the web site. As shown in the paradigm subdivision. Below is a screenshot of the company logo.

Search ( Phone Finder )

Requirement M2 ( R1 ) listed in the MoSCoW prioritisation provinces that there should be a characteristic which displays a clump of hunt parametric quantities leting the user to seek for points listed in the E Cell Mobile shop. Below is a screenshot demoing the hunt characteristic that has been implemented on the web site.

Search by Text

This portion of the hunt allows the user to type in precisely what they are looking for. If any consequences are found they are shown below the hunt parametric quantities. Using a spot of AJAX and JavaScript another characteristic was implemented “ Search as You Type ” and added to the hunt parametric quantities.

The manner this works is the user starts to type in a twine, ( like shown below in the screenshot ) and if that peculiar twine lucifers any of the merchandises listed in the MySQL database all of those consequences are shown in a bead down list.

HTML codification was used to make the layout of the hunt box. This portion of the codification besides has an event animal trainer, onkeyup, that calls the doSearch ( ) method. It so creates an image that has the onclick method set to the same action. It returns faithlessly here so that the signifier ‘s action is non called.

Another manner the user can seek for a partiular Mobile phone is to utilize the cheque boxes that have been implemented. Say for illustration a user would wish to purchase a Mobile phone which is Touchscreen. In that instance he/she can click the “ Touchscreen ” cheque box and all the nomadic phones which are Touchscreen will demo up in the consequences. This can bee seen in the screenshot below.

This works precisely the same for the other cheque boxes. If more than one cheque box is ticked e.g. Bluetooth, MMS and Wi-Fi so all nomadic French telephones with those specific characteristics will be shown in the consequences. From the consequences the user can see the monetary value of the nomadic French telephones and a little thumbnail. By snaping the “ position ” button the user is taken to another page which gives a spot more item on that peculiar French telephone, along with some screenshots.

This works in a similar manner to the old hunt method ( Search as You Type ) . Each merchandise in the database is given a certain property e.g. Bluetooth, MMS, Wi-Fi etc. When a certain cheque box is ticked all nomadic French telephones with that peculiar property are shown in the consequences. 4.6.3 Search by Drop Down Menu

Finally the user can utilize the six different bead down menus to contract down their hunt. Below is a brief description of what each bead down bill of fare is for.


Search by a specific maker. E.g. If one is looking to purchase an iPhone so you should seek for Apple.


If there is a peculiar theoretical account one is interested in so you can seek for that

Coloring material:

If the user is looking to acquire a nomadic phone that is of a specific coloring material, so this bead down bill of fare can be utilised.


Mobile phones come in different manners ; this can change from slide Mobiles to toss phones.

Camera Type:

Due to the addition in engineering over the past few old ages nomadic French telephones now come with built in cameras. These scope from 2megapixel to 8megapixel.


Not all nomadic phones work abroad, this depends on what band a peculiar a manus set is on. A phone which is quad-band will work in more states compared to a phone, which is tri-band.

When a user decides they wish to purchase a phone or happen out more information sing a peculiar Mobile phone they are taken to a page similar to the one shown below. This page varies depending on what mobile phone the user is looking at.

On the top left manus corner of this page there is a breadcrumb trail leting the user to voyage back and Forth. As you can see from the screenshot above the user is presently on the “ Nokia ” page nevertheless if the user wishes to travel back a page so he/she can snap on the “ Mobile Phones ” hyperlink and they will be taken back a measure.

An image is shown of the nomadic phone and a description is given so that the user knows precisely what they are purchasing. Most significantly the user is shown a monetary value ticket so they know how much they will be paying for this peculiar French telephone. Besides there is a little nexus called “ Tell a Friend ” , if the user chooses to portion the information on this page with a friend, so they can snap this nexus and direct an electronic mail. More information sing this is given subsequently on in this papers.

Under “ Merchandise Options ” we can happen more info sing this French telephone. As an add-on to the description of the French telephone there are a sum of 7 images located towards the underside left manus corner of this page. These images denote whether this French telephone has the undermentioned characteristics Bluetooth, Speakerphone, MMS, Windows Mobile, Touchscreen, Wi-Fi and FM Radio.

The “ merchandise codification ” is merely for information intents merely, the user can utilize this merchandise codification to add more points to the basket, this will go more apparent subsequently on in the papers.

Towards the terminal of the page the user is shown info on how many of these French telephones are available in shop “ Stock Count ” . There is an input box to let the user to take the figure of French telephones they wish to purchase “ Quantity ” . Finally there is a button “ Add to Basket ” which is a semi-confirmation that the user wishes to purchase this French telephone ( Requirement R2 ) . If the stock count is zero so this button is non seeable.

Shoping Basket

This is an outline position of the clients dealing. On the top right manus corner there is a bead down bill of fare called “ Currency ” . The user is given the option to take from three different currencies. E.g. if the user chinks on “ US Dollars ” so the “ Subtotal ” and “ Basket Total ” will be converted to US Dollars.

The merchandise codification shown on pafe 43 can now be used on this page by the client to add more merchandises to the basket.

There are other usefell links on this page such as “ Empty Backet, “ Previous Page ” and “ Homepage ” which the user can utilize to his/her disposal.

Payment System

Below is a screenshot of the payment subdivision of the web site. The user has two options to pay for their purchase. They can utilize a Postal Order Form ; this contains the companies account figure and kind codification. The user can so reassign the money utilizing BACS ( Bankers Automated Clearing Services ) . Besides the client can set down their debit/credit card inside informations and post it off to the company. Another more consequence option is to utilize PayPal. It is made clear to the user that they do non necessitate a PayPal history in order make a payment.

If the user decides to pay via PayPal so they will be shown the undermentioned page shown below. This is PayPal ‘s secure SSL payment page. A alone ID has been given to this dealing ( Cart Order No ) and the entire monetary value is shown towards the top right manus corner. If the user has a PayPal history they can log in utilizing their existing certificates. If the user does non hold a PayPal history so they can utilize the nexus provided at the bottom left of the page to come in their debit card inside informations.

Once payment has been confirmed by PayPal, the user will be sent a verification electronic mail ; this will include an bill for this dealing. The decision maker of the web site will besides be sent an electronic mail in order to verify payment so that the necessary merchandise ( s ) can be shipped off to the client. Once the merchandise has been shipped the admin will direct tracking information to the client via electronic mail.

The reCAPTCHA php libraries were used, since this is a simple manner to put a CAPTCHA on a website assisting to avoid bots mistreating the site.

  1. The user loads the web page with the reCAPTCHA challenge JavaScript embedded.
  2. The user ‘s browser requests a challenge from reCAPTCHA. This gives the user a challenge and a item that identifies the challenge.
  3. The user fills out the web page signifier, and submits the consequence to the application waiter, along with the challenge item.
  4. reCAPTCHA checks the user ‘s reply, and gives it back a response.
  5. If true, this will let the user to direct an electronic mail and reach their friend

The client has a sum of four options to take from. These include the followers:

  • Personal Info – This is information about the client e.g. Name, Address, Telephone figure etc. This information can be edited by the client at any point
  • Order History – This shows all pending/complete minutess
  • Change Password – Allows the user to alter their watchword every bit long as they know their current watchword
  • Newsletter – If user wants to have monthly newssheets from the shop so they can enable this option from here.

Administrators Account

Since the client of this undertaking is non computing machine literate, an decision maker history was made so he could keep the web site once the undertaking was completed. The decision maker history has been created in a manner that it is really easy to utilize and no PHP/MySQL cognition is required to edit/add or cancel client and merchandise informations ( Requirement R6 ) .

As mentioned in the analysis phase the current system uses a POS system to upload merchandises to the database. To better on this system a CSV upload map has been implemented. When new bringing arrives, the shop director is proved with a electronic spreadsheet with all the merchandises that have delivered on that specific twenty-four hours. By utilizing the admin history this spreadsheet can be uploaded to the web site, and all the contents in that spreadsheet are added to the database automatically, therefore doing it a batch more affectional so the current POS system.

Login Script

It was of import to make a login book to let each registered user to see their personal inside informations on the web site such as their transportation reference and any pending/successful orders they have placed. To acquire things started off a simple database was constructed utilizing MySQL.

A new file was created called “ login.php ” . This will let the user to login and take advantage of the “ Remember Me ” characteristic. What this characteristic does it one time a user has logged in, their certificates is saved on to their Personal computer ( cookies ) . Following clip the user visits the site he/she will non necessitate to login once more.

Project Review & A ; Conclusion

The primary end of this undertaking was to build a new Mobile phone system in order to help E Cell Mobile in spread outing their concern and increasing gross. Due to the tight budget, the merely plausible solution was to make a web site which sold nomadic phones that were provided by E Cell Mobile. As discussed during the analysis/design phase of this study, there are a figure of benefits to selling ware online. These advantages were reviewed by the developer and the client in order to accomplish maximal concern benefit. For case an E-Commerce shop helps cut down bringing clip, labour cost and the cost incurred in countries such as, informations entry, document readying and supervising disbursals as compared to holding a high street shop. Ergo the concluding solution was to construct an on-line web site.


As undertaking director and developer it was vitally of import to dispute the range and program of this undertaking. By disputing the range and program of the undertaking one is entertaining the methods that should be used in order to near set marks. By determining these methods one is able to detect defects suppressing a successful result.

The Gantt chart created, outlined the deadlines/milestones for the undertaking therefore doing it easier to remain within budget and within the timescale provided by the client. Any hazards that were associated with the undertaking were contained within the Hazard Analysis subdivision. Here, the hazards associated with the undertaking were addressed and solutions were given in order to battle any quandaries.

One of the hazards outlined in this undertaking was associated with the direction of the web site by the client ( decision maker ) . Since the client is non computing machine literate, pull offing the web site may come as a challenge. In order to get the better of this hazard an decision maker history was created. This included a simple to utilize graphical user interface, which the client can do usage of.

After reexamining the undertaking induction papers and the concluding consequences of the undertaking, it can clearly be said that the concluding system that has been accomplished, is fit for intent. All the demands that were provided by the client have been met, aboard other extra characteristics that have implemented.

If one were to compare the PID against the concluding consequences of the undertaking we can see that the undertaking has been completed within the timescale provided. All mileposts and deadlines have been achieved and the undertaking has stayed within the set budget. The overall direction of the undertaking was based around what the client required ( requirements ) and how these demands can be met within the clip frame provided. DSDM was used as the chief method for pull offing the undertaking this is because it states to utilize the agile development technique therefore doing certain quality is ne’er via media. More information on this can be found in figure 1 ( 3.1 ) .

Aims & A ; Aims

Now in order to formalize if the purposes and aims of this undertaking have been accomplished, we need to analyze Appendix G. This Appendix contains a study, given to users that beta tested the site. It was simply constructed in order to verify if the purposes and aims of the undertaking have been met. By looking at the consequences from these studies, it can clearly be said the all the purposes and aims have been achieved. A huge bulk of the users that filled out the study found the site to be really easy to utilize and straightforward to voyage. The good distinguished headers are clear to follow. The options provided in the hunt parametric quantities allow the user to happen distinguishable points incompliance with the user ‘s standards.

Albeit a little minority of users that filled out the study experienced some troubles when shoping the site particularly when doing a payment. Users were confused by one of the payment options provided. Questions were raised to why the “ Postal Order Form ” payment was listed as an option since it was unneeded. The PayPal method was available and could besides be used by those who did non hold an history affiliated with PayPal. The “ Postal Order Form ” payment method has been outlined by users to be clip devouring. Ancillary, there are security issues environing this signifier of payment since it can be dashing for a client to set down their debit/credit card inside informations which are so posted off to the company. If the inside informations get in the incorrect custodies they can be misused or the “ Post Order From ” can acquire lost and hence cause incontinency to the client ( such as the client may non have the phone ) . This priceless feedback attained from these studies stresses that this peculiar payment method should non hold been used. In future undertakings more idea will be given to the building of a payment method so that the sensitive informations provided by the client is good protected.

Ultimately all purposes and aims stated during the undertaking induction papers have been met. The client demands stated in Appendix E have all been achieved ; this is apparent in the execution phase of the study.


The research that was conducted prior to the building of the web site, showed that a batch of nomadic phone web sites such as “ Phones4u ” and “ Carphone Warehouse ” spewed out a huge sum of information to their clients, and non needfully being direct and run intoing the user ‘s demands. Due to this flood of information it was hard to voyage around the site and turn up precisely what you want. This information was taken really strongly ergo the E Cell mobile web site was built so that merely the appropriate information is given to the client, leting speedy but yet simple pilotage around the site.

The guided pilotage bill of fare was built to let easiness of usage for the client, leting the user to take a nomadic phone they are looking for, instead than holding to shop the whole database line by line. The coloring material ( s ) , construction and arrangement of the bill of fare was carefully planned so that the information can easy be read/accessed by the client.

The hunt characteristic was split into three different fragments ; giving the user the option to seek as they type, search via bead down bill of fare and look into boxes. Again the fount, construction, arrangement and coloring material of the hunt characteristics were carefully and shrewdly designed doing certain the biotechnologies of the website best suit the client.

The perceptual experience trial ( s ) shown in Appendix C confirm that the biotechnologies work good and in favor of both the user and the concern.

Failures and Success

It is a given that “ undertakings [ will ] neglect excessively frequently because the undertaking range was non to the full appreciated and [ the ] users demands [ were ] non to the full understood. ” This undertaking was started with Field ‘s quotation mark in head. This steering quotation mark was helpful in that user demands were to the full established leting the undertaking to be successful. The client does non merely want a great merchandise but besides wants easy entree the merchandise and a healthy client to concern relationship. This non merely ensures that the merchandise will be bought at that place and so but besides ensures future gross revenues.

This undertaking has many successful facets. One successful constituent is that the website looks professional, it creates a welcoming atmosphere with the client and the user is helpfully guided to the merchandise s/he wants to buy. For a undertaking to be considered as a success it must be completed within budget, on clip and run into the clients outlooks. Judging by the feedback received from the clients ( Appendix D and G ) and the client ( Appendix H ) one can state that this undertaking was a success.

The lone downside to the undertaking is that the usage of JavaScript can necessarily increase the clip taken for certain web pages to lade. In bend users that have small clip may halt utilizing the site and seek option web sites, which load quicker and hence causing loss to the concern.

The lesson learnt from this is to use other agencies of showing informations to the client. For illustration flash could be used albeit flash besides has its downsides such as the user may necessitate to download a certain circuit board before the content can be viewed.

Further Improvements

This web site like many others is non perfect and in order to better it, one must take into history what it lacks.

One thing it lacks which could be as a important tool used to pull in clients is that it does n’t post intelligence from the technological universe every twenty-four hours. This technique could be employed to our advantage, since appliance fiends ( who may non wish to buy anything ) will see the site and may falter across a technological ‘must have ‘ or may urge the site to others who wish to purchase.

Another add-on to the web site could be an added reappraisal subdivision, where nomadic French telephones are assessed by critics. This would greatly help those users who do non keep big sums of cognition about phones. This reappraisal subdivision may besides halt clients from purchasing a nomadic phone that they think


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