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Ebola started in guinea but later spread

Ebola was found in the west part of Africa specifically Sierra Leone. Ebola started in guinea but later spread throughout the whole of West Africa except a handful of countries. This is a disease that affected Africa tremendously, according to James Gallagher from BBC NEWS in the space of 21 months approximately 4,493 people died and 8,997 were affected by Ebola. I bet your wondering why I chose this topic, I chose to speak about Ebola as it is a topic which is close to home as my family was affected by the disease but they didn’t die or they were surrounded it by because they had money they were able to prevent themselves from being affected by it but the ones who didn’t have the money to help them had to be extremely cautious (Gallagher.2018)          

In January 2016, 11,315 people died overall from Ebola so in the space of 2 years 6,822 people died. Unfortunately, Ebola was a disease which affected not just adults but Minors. According to WHO (world health organisation) the countries that were affected by the virus was free from it in 2016(BBC.co.uk/News,2018).

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Ebola is a rare and deadly virus disease which caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus species. Ebola can cause disease in humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees), Ebola has similar symptom as Polio and Malaria; Fever, Migraine, Muscle pain, Feeling Weak, Tired, Diarrhoea, Unsettled stomach, Stomach pain, however, the symptom that usually gives it away is the Mysterious haemorrhage (nhs.co.uk. 2018)

How do you get these diseases?

Well, with Malaria you can get it when you travel to a hot country as you are seen as FRESH MEAT to them, this means when an infected mosquito bites a human, it passes the parasites into the bloodstream, malaria can also be caught by skin contact. Malaria can be prevented, How? You can prevent yourself from catching malaria by taking the antimalarial tablets, unfortunately if have HIV or AIDS, have epilepsy or any type of seizure condition, are depressed or have another mental health condition, have heart, liver or kidney problems, take medicine such as warfarin to prevent blood clots, use combined hormonal contraception, such as the contraceptive pill or contraceptive patches all of these are not protected by the side effects but you are malaria free. Whereas, Polio is a highly contagious disease which is caused by a virus which attacks your nervous system. Children younger than 5 years old are more likely to contract the virus than any other group this is because their immune system isn’t as strong and it has not developed to its fullest capacity. Polio is mainly caught by someone who is surrounded by someone who either has it or is around someone who’s been infected and their faeces are around. In areas with poor sanitation, the virus easily spreads from faeces into the water supply, or, by touch into food (The University of Illinois-Chicago.2018)

These diseases usually affect LEDC (low economically developed countries) this is because they do not have the funds and sanitation to evacuate these disease unless they have help from countries like (UK, US and Australia) if these counties do not help or give these countries that have been affected by these diseases money to find/produce cures they will eventually affect majority of the country or in fact the whole country. Countries like the United Kingdom was able to find the cure and eradicate polio as from 1988, however, Pakistan which is based in the west side of Africa is still trying to defeat polio in the country. Pakistan is considered as an LEDC country so they do not have the funds to eradicate it because the country is over =populated. Whereas the United Kingdom give new-born babies at the age of 6 weeks a polio injection so they immune to the disease. In recent news, Nigeria has received 76 million dollars’ form one of the richest people in the wold Bill Gates, Bill Gates has offered to help Nigeria become free from polio forever by giving them the money to make vaccines, these vaccines will help eradicate the disease forever (Sampathkumer, M.2018). Malaria is a disease you cannot eradicate but you can prevent yourself from getting it, malaria is caused by getting bitten by mosquitos, some mosquitos pass on the disease and others do not. You are more likely to get malaria from an African country, unlike going to Europe and being bitten by a mosquito your just likely go get bite marks but not malaria. From my personal experiences going to Ghana which is located in West Africa in 2014 I caught malaria and I was in hospital for approximately 3 weeks, this affected me as “I felt hopeless and useless and I felt as if I was dying but because my mother had the funds to pay for the treatment I survived, unlike some people who catch malaria they don’t always have the funds for the treatment, I was given 4 drips and 5 blood transfusions  so I do not lose weight or too much blood, out of this I came back to London feeling better”, in 2017 going to Italy “I was bitten frequently by mosquitos but I didn’t get malaria again” In addition in 2014 before going to Ghana I went hospital and I received all the injections needed to prevent me from receiving the diseases (e.g. yellow fever and anti-malaria vaccination) you also take tablets which I failed to take each week because I hated the taste of the medicine.

The human genetic factors can protect you against many diseases, so people who have sickle cells are considered LUCKY! Because they are completely immune to sickle cells. This is because the mutation of the red blood cells when your sickle –cells had increased tolerance to malaria, this is why people in Africa are more likely to carry the sickle cell traits, this is why it is more likely for people who do not live in Africa to catch malaria, scientist believe that the trait enhanced resistance, in other words, people with the condition are better off fighting the malaria parasite, it has become clear that if you have sickle cells you have a misshapen red blood cells their entire life, their molecular machinery for cleaning up the mess in the place where the when malarial parasite attacks them. (

Name of Disease

Picture of the Disease

How long can you live with the disease?


The Ebola virus will last in your system between 2-21 days this means between these days and even after there’s a high possibility you may die from it.


For Malaria the symptoms take about 10 – 28 days after the infection to really kick in, this can last for a very long time and it can kill you between 7 – 365 days or you can be cured with the right treatment.



Unfortunately, if you get polio within the 7-10 days you are able to spread the disease to the people surrounding you. The disease will kill you between 3-6 weeks of catching the disease.

Doing my research on Ebola, Malaria and Polio I can evaluate that the medical science team are not as strong or there are not enough trained medical staff within the health facilities as they do not get the public education which restricts them to give medical treatment depending on your social income, this can be improved if the countries were able to put children in free education so everyone has a fair chance of receiving education and not on their social income. In the current education year, Ghana’s current president Nana Akufo-Addo has made it essential that Ghana receives a free education. Why? This is because he had the privilege to get free education as he went to Oxford like his father, asking him why have you decided to make secondary school free, his reply was “I want every Ghanaian child to attend secondary school not just for what they learn in books, but for the life experiences that they will gain. I want each of them to look in the mirror in the morning, every morning and know that they can achieve anything they dream of when they complete their studies” this shows he is using his power for the benefit of the next generation” (Ghana.gov.gh, 2018). Countries in Africa generally have poorer income and currencies so it’s difficult for people who live there that do not have a company or have money to fund things for themselves especially the fact that they have to pay for healthcare and educations themselves. This is a major factor on why these diseases cannot be eradicated completely from the countries in Africa as they are very low in value. 

The countries which are affected by these diseases are usually located in hot areas and poor sanitation, these countries are polluted with bad air from the fuel in their cars, the general radiations from these countries are generally healthier from Africa compared to what we receive in the higher based countries this is an overall examination from looking at results of countries which are more likely to develop skin cancer. The advantage of the UK and the US have more money they are able to give treatment for these diseases for free, unlike certain countries. Parasites tend to multiply in hot conditions as it grows and affects your immune system which is internal, this is proof that parasites mainly live and grow in hot conditions, this is a major factor why there’s malaria in Africa.

Overall my conclusion is that the major factor why the diseases have not been eradicated completely, it comes to the economic income of the country, the weather conditions, the pollution of the country, the life cycle of the disease (how long you can live with it), medical history and animals. Let’s start off by concluding the reason why Ebola has not been completely eradicated, this is because the Ebola virus affected countries which are not economically rich whether or not it is their wealth (Gold, Oil and Other Minerals) or they are over populated in the country so they have not received the correct education or there’s not enough money to cure the whole country, catching Ebola you will die within the next 6 weeks and you will spread the diseases to the people around you between 2-10 days of catching the disease, Ebola is mainly contracted from animals so it is likely that if you are in a country with animals from the bush that has monkeys, chimpanzees and etc. However, I believe Ebola can be eradicated from the LEDC countries if richer countries will come together and donate money for them to have everlasting vaccines, this will allow the “rich” and “poor” both have the opportunity to be FREE from the disease this will only happen if they have free healthcare and if high powered countries will come together and make a difference. Unlike Ebola, Malaria is mainly based on the weather of your countries because the parasite the mosquitos carry are passed around in hot areas e.g. Africa, if the countries in Africa have the same economic opportunities as the UK and US they will be able to prevent the people in the country catching malaria as they will give the child an anti-malarial vaccine, with malaria if you catch it you are able you live if you have the money to pay for the treatment which isn’t far as people who do not have the money are unable to day for vaccines to cure it as people who are rich are able to prevent it also e.g. receiving anti-malarial vaccines and sleeping with the Air conditioner as the parasites prefer heat not cool temperatures. If you are unable to get treated when you have malaria you will die within the next 10- 28 days. People who suffer from sickle cell anaemia will not catch malaria as its misshapen blood cells stop the parasites from coming into their system. How can we prevent this you ask? Firstly by giving the vaccines to babies when they are born and having treatments for the people who catch it. Hmmmm how about FREE NHS, this is something which will be hard to do as I believe the higher countries will not be happy sharing power with the lower economic countries, this is because the UK and US enjoy the power over these countries as it is cheaper to import and other things so if they made NHS free it will higher the countries up the rank.


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