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Education create a peaceful world where everyone

Education has been, is and will be the most powerful weapon which has
the power to change people’s life and world forever, that’s not a secret but
what is new is the demand for that change. The world where we live today in 21th
century is created by peoples itself in such a way that society and
community can’t progress forward with people who don’t have even heard what’s
education. This essay will point out how education was born out of necessity, how
it helps us to adapt with problem’s, our society and to learn the best lesson
ever from our mistakes.

      Education (derived from the
Latin ?duc?ti? /bringing up) which is the process of facilitating learning, or
the improve of knowledge, values and skillsi.
It began in prehistory, where adult’s seemed education as an essential part of
life which help a society to progress forward and face any difficulties. In
antiquity only, rich families had the power to create a school and decide a
curriculum what they wanted children to learn. It was very hard for poor
families to educate they children because even hundreds of years ago mentality
of people was same as today which says “money=everything” or I think is fairer
to say that our mentality today is same as one thousand years ago nothing has
change. Nowadays we face a world where ignorance rules our lives where peoples
make mistakes and call call’s them invention, new rule, new theory.

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     We deal a world in which education
and ignorance are dominating the world, but with different rules. Education and
learning tends to create a peaceful world where everyone respect and is being
respected because it’s humanity, contribution in society and helping others to
solve problems which threats us every day. On the other hand, ignorance which I
think is more powerful is causing chaos and poverty. We see everyday when we
pass on streets of todays world, people who struggle to survive, peoples who
thanks God thousands of times if they can find crumb of bread just for staying
alive for another day.

i  Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia.  9 January 2018.


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