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Effectiveness his book, Classroom Management That works(2003),

Effectiveness has always been defined as doing the right thing to achieve the most intended results. Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong emphasize the importance of effectiveness to produce student achievement and learning. To Wong, it is the characteristics of an effective teacher, being a good classroom manager and showing effective practices, that make effectiveness come true. Their book, The Classroom Management Book (2014), concludes that it is only the teacher who makes difference in students learning, ” The more effective the teacher, the more effective the practices, the more students will learn”, page 2.

According to Wongs, Effective teaching is identifiable, teachable, and implementable. Effectiveness is identified when having an effect and producing a result, “Teachers who are effective produce student learning, growth, and achievement”, Wong.  Effectiveness is teachable when teachers are trained through professional development programs to help them gain skills and affect growth in students. Effectiveness is implemented when teachers implement skills they gained from the professional development program in their classroom. (by Harry & Rosemary Wong,Teachers.net Gazette, January 2011.)

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In his book, Classroom Management That works(2003), Robert J. Marzano

Considers the important role of the effective teacher that is responsible for creating effective classroom management. He believes that a solid classroom management plan would require an effective teacher and would provide an interesting teaching and learning environment. Effective teachers appear to be effective with students of all achievement levels regardless of the levels of heterogeneity in their classes, Marzano, (page1).


 No doubt that both researchers agree that the most important factor directly affecting the student is the teacher.


According to Wongs effective means producing a result. To produce a result, the teacher must know his/her intentions and know what he/she expects the kids to learn. Teachers should not just cover the textbook or do the worksheet or anything that keeps the kids quiet and busy. We go to the hairdresser, to a restaurant, and to a carpenter and when we leave we need a result. Same things apply to schools, the kids want results. Wongs believe that no matter what grade level we teach, what subject we teach and what kind of school environment we teach in, every single management plan begins exactly the same way. It begins with welcoming students on the first day of school and every day of the school year. Our greeting and our smile may be the only positive interaction the child has all day long. Students feel that they are known. Wongs believe that classroom management is not about discipline but it is about organization and consistency, Classroom management is not discipline, they are not synonymous terms.(p. 8) Procedures make the class comfortable and secure because they all know what is going to happen. Discipline has to do with behavior and procedure has to do with doing. An effective teacher manages a classroom and the ineffective teacher disciplines a classroom.








Effective teacher gets student’s achievement. Student achievement can be obtained at the end of the school year because it is directly related to the degree to which the teacher establishes a good control of the classroom procedures in the very first week of the school year. It is the procedure that set up the class for an achievement to take place.



1. Calm clear warning: explain what the consequences will be if they continue with their behavior. They can think about it and make their choice. And once they know exactly what is going to happen, they can them make an informed choice do I want to carry on misbehaving and face the consequences or shall I do something to avoid consequences. That’s when responsibility is passed to them and that’s when we let students think about their behavior.

No need to lose your temper so you don’t let them control your emotions. Let the consequences do the job.

2. Adjustment (action) in room, out of the room.

3. Loss of time: Break, lunch and after school. That is one of the most uncomfortable things for students is to lose their personal time. Its effective if it is done right. It is all about certainty, not severity. We should start with a small increment of time is a lot easier to make things happen.

Consequences are effective depending on how we apply them in the classroom.


Wongs 4 Stages of teacher development can measure the effectiveness of the teacher.

-The fantasy where the teacher actually believes that classroom is going to go perfectly in the first day of school, that they are going to have a perfect relationship with -students and students are going to pick up on everything the first time.

Survival where teachers believe that teaching is having fun and game and students give them a hard time and they have a poor classroom management.

-Mastery where teachers know how to handle a classroom and they know how to manage the students.

-Impact:  where teachers see the students use the life skills they taught them in the future and in their future careers, influenced by their teacher.



According to R. Marzano, the effective teacher has 3 major roles. First, teachers use the instructional strategies wisely. They are highly skilled and know when it is the best time to use cooperative learning, and graphic organizers. Second, teachers are aware of the classroom curriculum design. They respond to the needs of their students collectively and individually and articulate the proper sequence of the lesson and design the most appropriate learning activities, videos and powerpoint presentations. Third, teachers are very good classroom managers, effective teachers can prevent all discipline problems by keeping students interested in learning through the use of exciting classroom materials and activities.(page 4)


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