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Art 122

Analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

The twentieth century
saw many great, inspirational, talented, and renowned painters. They include this
Italian born painter who studied the laws of science and nature, which greatly
influenced his works. He is Leonardo da Vinci, whose most famous work, Mona Lisa, is analyzed in the following

One of the most
prolific painters of the 1900s was Leonardo da Vinci.  Leonardo did the Mona Lisa painting which has been termed the most visited, the most
written about, the most sung about, and the best-known portrait. In 1962, it
held the Guinness World Record as the highest insurance valued commodity. The
work is described as a beautifully composed piece which is mysterious and
highly illusionary. This painting is a seated woman, dressed in Florentine
fashion, and the background is mountainous. Leonardo combined his soft
technique with the natural environment to make the work look captivating and
aloof. Mona Lisa’s smile represents the notion of happiness. Leonardo made the
idea of happiness central to this portrait and it is what makes the portrait

At the level of the
seated lady’s chest, Leonardo used warm colors on the background. Also, there
is a winding road at this level which indicates that man lives in that space.
This space is like a bridge between the seated woman and the far end. The far
end starts from around the seated lady’s neck to her eye level, and then the
sky above her eye level. He used a mixture of sky blue and yellow to make the
portrait’s scene look like the sun was setting. This harmonious blend of the
smiling lady, the human favorable environment and the wild mountains shows that
man can live in peace only up to where wildlife starts. The mountainous area represents
a wild environment, not suitable for humans.

Leonardo was against
the idea of fashion and he applied that in this painting of Mona Lisa. It depicts a lady, dressed in
a colored, and loosely pleated shift, which is against the tight-fitting
clothes that were worn then. He used a light brown color to represent skin, dark
or coffee brown to do the hair, black for the eyes, and a black-green to color
her dress. All these different colors bring unity and rhythm in the masterpiece. 

When it comes to
balance, he used a yellowish color to depict the setting sun. He then balanced
it up by applying the same yellowish tone to the rest of the painting making it
stand out. Also, the lady appeared to have had a wonderful day. The smile and
the tired face say it all. Again, the tired face, the forceful smile, and the
setting sun balanced out to mark the end of the day. Moreover, the figure in
the painting is symmetrically balanced, well centralized, making the portrait
look formal.

Before the painting of
Mona Lisa, portraits lacked the quality of being mysterious. Artists only
concentrated on outward appearances and had little or no business with the
soul. The few who expressed about their figure’s soul did so through gesture,
objects, or inscriptions. Leonardo came up with a whole new formula. He
expressed the figure’s soul even though it’s not reachable. At the same time,
he made his figure look livelier and poetic. 
To add, Mona Lisa seems to be sitting in a natural environment that
favors human life. Her left arm rests on a chair’s arm and she looks very
comfortable and not scared of wildlife. This also bring balance, unity, and
rhythm into the picture.

This work of Leonardo da Vinci has
attracted many supporters as well as critics. He used his talent as well as the
painting medium to pass messages to the world about his thoughts, feelings, and
believes. Leonardo used the natural environments to beautify his work. This artwork was a masterpiece from Leonardo and it
is still very renowned today. Because of his great
works, many painters have been inspired. That is, he has been a source of
inspiration to both developing and developed artists.

da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Portrait




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