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Email be attack of hack or it

Email Security

When a email send from a computer it passes several points and give a chance to attacker to read it or change it  some times email maybe lose we never want this that’s why security of email is needed

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We can secure email by GnuPG(GNU privacy guard ) this software secure the communication and data storage this software can encrypt data and create digital signatures

Advantages of Linux over Windows

We will have to  take a look at 10 of the important reasons why LINUX is better then windows.


1:Open Source

It is like when you buy a car, but you cannot see what’s under the hood Similar is the case with when you use a Windows-powered system.

Linux is totally an open source project. You can check source code of a Linux OS, which is the plus  point for lunix

2:Can revive older computers

Operating system is updating every day after hardware requirement increase if you buy windows 10 you have to meet the minimum requirements to run it properly you can not run it on low end system.

On the other hand Linux  you don’t need to think about it you can do you use it with older computer system to achieve your task    . It doesn’t mean that every Linux would work with 256 MB of RAM coupled with outdated processor. But , there are choices which you can install on  low-end systems like PUPYY LINUX

For being a good  Operating System , Linux  give use good range of systems low-end or high-end. In contrast, Windows OS need higher hardware requirement.

3:Software Updates

          IN Microsoft a software update when there a some problems or if something major needs to be fixed. On in linux  Linux you will notice that there is a lot of software update to fix a problem and much quick and it faster updates.


Windows OS is vulnerable. It can be attack of hack or it can be compromised by a viruse but Linus is more secure according to it security features

The way Linux work it make Linux more secure  operating system. General, the process of package management, the concept of repositories, and a few more features makes it possible for Linux to be more secure than Windows

You need to install antivirus and you also need to buy a antivirus to save your computer form virus and hackers. But on other hand , Linux does not need to use there is some , but it is often unnecessary when you have a Linux system.

Being secure  nature can make things easier for you and save money also because you don’t need to pay for  Antivirus software.


5 Variety Of Distributions

There are no flavour’s of Windows. There is some different plans & packages which different in licensing terms, the activation period, packaged features, and price.

In Linux  you will find tons of Linux distribution catered for a different needs. So, you have a option to  choose and  install any of the available Linux distros according to your requirements


Linux distributions for hackers,

Linux distributions for programmers,

Linux distributions for extremely old computers.

There is a Linux for everyone.

6: Customization options

One of the major advantage of using Linux instead of Windows is customization options. If you like change your system’s looks Linux is just flawless for you. Linux customization have a lot of option in it.

Other then  installing themes, you have a lot of beautiful icon themes. In addition to that, you can use Conky to display system information on the desktop in the cool way you want. Unnecessary to say that you can do a lot around Wallpapers in Linux.

7:Free to Use

Linux is free to use you don’t need to buy it. But windows is not free

You don’t need  to pay money to buy Linux distro (such as Ubuntu, Fedora). It is totally .

If you get some thing free and its excellent also in use you save your money and you can spend that money on upgrading your system.

8: Reliability

In windows we know that it is become hard day after day your system start slowdown or crash the you will need to re install it .

If you r using Linux you don’t have to worry about re installing it  it will work faster and smother. Linux helps your system run smooth for a longer period

In Windows, you just have to do rebooting for everything when its slowdown or crash.


Microsoft try to collect the data  for user . but it does not look good  with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10. Widows 10 already received a lot of criticism on it , what widow should collect or what not .

If you r using widows 10 you can only head into the privacy settings to know over there everything is enable by default . Even if you choose out to send Microsoft info about your data it is still being collected. Of course Microsoft will not bother revealing it officially with a press statement but it surely does. So you would need a set of tools to disable the spying modules of Windows.

In Linux there is perfect solution for privacy. In linux distribution It dose not collect like  data like windows. and you will not need any additional tools to protect your privacy .







Linux operating systems security is extremely good. there number ofoption to provides information security. There is number of tools is available for Linux to secure system. Sometimes default configuration of Linux is not secure .So we have to careful for that need use Linux it is possible to establish standard security policy CIA. Its better then windows LINUX have good privacy its free and it extremely good for programmers there is a lot of software option according to your scope of work.


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