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Emily abortion patients in 2014 were poor

Emily Miyamoto  Mrs. Smith  Honors English 1, Period 3  5 February 2018  One Voice in 7.6 Billion Freedom, this 7-lettered word impacts all people ever existing on Earth.  The concept of freedom is far more complex than the word itself/it seems.  Throughout the world, freedom is demonstrated every second of everyday.  In fact, there are various ways one can define freedom. Some may consider freedom as to being able to do whatever they’d like, while others think freedom is being able to express themselves without judgement.  With everyone having a different, and unique way of describing freedom, there’s no right or wrong answer to what freedom truly is.  But, a definition of freedom that most people will agree upon is that freedom is having full authority over one’s life.  Living in poor conditions, some women may find it difficult to provide and support for a child without financial resources.  According to Guttmacher Institute, a research management striving to advance reproductive rights, “75% of abortion patients in 2014 were poor or low-income” (Guttmacher Institute Par. #13).  Through this statistic, it can be concluded that most abortions are decided based on wealth, so, the more money, or higher income one has, the less likely of an abortion; the less money, or lower income one has, the more likely of an abortion.  But, no matter a woman’s wealth, every woman should be able to decide on having an abortion or not.  Similarly, Dr. Horvath-Cosper, an OB-GYN, believes that “advocates see the Hyde Amendment as ‘discrimination, pure and simple,’ and continues, stating that ‘it’s discrimination against women who are poor, against people who are already struggling to survive and make ends meet’ (Horvath-Cosper, Par. #32).  Every human, in this case, every woman, should have the freedom to choose on whether one would like to raise their child, or abort it, peacefully.  So, the fact that the Hyde Amendment and other U.S. citizens are preventing poor women from aborting demonstrates the lack of freedom towards the pregnant women.  Overall, every woman should have the rights to abort their unborn child, not only because it is their body, but because it is their choice.  Aborting a child is just one, of numerous rights, a woman should acquire/possess.  Women’s rights have been a major and common debate resulting in the country tearing apart due to it’s citizen’s differences.  Aly Raisman, a 3-time gold medalist, and author of “Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything”, writes about her traumatizing experience of being abused by her Olympic doctor, Larry Nassar.  A few days ago, she presented a victim impact statement, directly towards Nassar, stating, “Larry, you do realize now that we, this group of women you so heartlessly abused over such a long period of time, are now a force, and you are nothing” (Aly Raisman, Par. #5).  Nassar, being the insensitive monster, himself, treated Raismanand the other gymnasts like objects, worthless and unable to make decisions.  The fact that these talented women are compared to objects, demonstrates the absence of respect for all women.  Likewise, Nia Lewis, an inspirational poet, delivers a compelling message about how women should be characterized by their smile, rather than their curves and outline.  Throughout the speech, she compares the ways women and girls are seen by men’s eyes, versus how women should be labeled, “You must understand that a body is just a body.  A silhouette isn’t a definition of a woman” (______).  Typically, a silhouette is the tracing of something or someone, so women being in comparison with a silhouette represents the idea that some people, normally men, care more about a woman’s outer appearance, rather than one’s heart.  In addition, people need to gain more respect towards women, and respect one’s imperfections.  In conclusion, women being treated and seen as useless items need to be put to a stop, women deserve recognition. Raising a child is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and life becomes less about you, and more about them.  A parent’s job is to prepare their child to become an adult, while demonstrating the value of education, wellness, and security.  Every parent wants what is best for their children, therefore this can become very overwhelming/the idea of parenthood is very overwhelming.  Sometimes, parents become so anxious to where they feel like they have the urgency to make everything in their child’s life perfect, this is considered a helicopter parent.  Michael Ungar, a very well known psychologist, and head of Resilience Research Centre, describes the purpose of parenting as to being able “to grow a child who is capable of taking on adult tasks” (Ungar, Par. #6) and parents should “empower children to make good choices for themselves rather than having them remain dependent on parents to sort out problems for them” (Ungar, Par. #6).  The issue with parents solving obstacles for their children, is that the kids become more dependent and more unable to make decisions.  Furthermore, as more days go by of parents doing everything for their child, the child becomes more accustomed to it, which causes major problems in the future.  Similarly, clinal psychologist, Jill Weber, writes about young adults being cushioned, to where they “never made their own mistakes and, most importantly, have not learned to rebound from failure” (Weber, Par #15).  Within the duration of one’s life, everyone deserves to choose.  Whether it is a debate between two tops at your favorite store, or a “difficult” decision between ice cream and candy, everyone has the freedom to choose.  So the fact that some children’s parents are “choosing” for them, represents invasion of the child’s thoughts and opinions.  Not only does it prevent judgement, it also restrains from mistakes and failures, which are essential to life, especially when entering adult-life.  Although taking care of one’s child is valuable, helicopter parenting, and going overboard causes great damage to children in the future. 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