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Empathy perspective. It is quite possible to

Empathy in broad term means the ability to understand and share the
feelings of another. Different types of empathy has been identified in the
literature such as cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy. Cognitive
empathy is basically the ability to to put onself into someone else’s position
and see their perspective. It is quite possible to show cognitive empathy
without necesarily showing any feeling or sympathy.Most will however agree that
this feeling costitutes a key part of empathy. Empathy is more
specific and personal than sympathy. Without going through a similar experience
as a patient, empathy is a profound feeling that lets us use our imaginazation
to make use of our appreciation and understanding of the deeper feelings of

Emotional empathy is when you
quite literally feel the other person’s emotions alongside them, as if you had
‘caught’ the emotions. Emotional empathy is helpful and vital because it means
that we can readily understand concerns of others and feel other people’s
emotions. This is important for those in the medical profession whereby caring
is a must.

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A physician’s empathy aids in
the therapeutic process between Physician and patioent by managing complicated

sympathy on the other hand
usually refers to to an individual’s ability to acknowledge and share an
emotional situation with a fellow colleague or patient. sympathy especially in
healthcare has a risk with the possibility of blurring a Physician’s clinical
judgment especially when such sympathy is deeply rooted in the providers
believes and aspirations. A strong feeling of sympathy usually originates after acknowledging that
that someone is suffering and in pain. This can be a truly honest feeling


Empathy offers a way for
medical professionals to be able to grasp the feelings of their patients and
meanings of a client and convey this understanding to the client (Myers, 2000;
Pearson, 1999). In contrast, sympathy is important in human relationships as an
expression of concern or sorrow about distressful events in a person’s life
(Meier & Davis, 2008). Lack of empathy plays an important role in several
mental health conditions, particularly antisocial personality, which causes a
long-term pattern of exploitation, sociopathic behavior, and violation of the
rights of others. A diagnosis of certain mental health conditions, such as
narcissistic personality, may also indicate a lack of empathy or difficulty
feeling or expressing it.

Empathy to me is a more
powerful tool thrhough research and experience



Experimental studies has
shown that emotions can have a substantial effect on the way we think, make
decisions and find solutions to common problems. Research has been carried out
in this field particularly on how emotions affect logical reasoning. The conclusion
was that no evidence was found that performance is improved when our emotion
and content are harmonized.

The hostile emotions are
anger, contempt, disgust, jealousy, and envy. It is especially important to
manage these emotions appropriately, as they can destroy our relationships.
Anger is the emotion we feel when we perceive we have been wronged

Research further indicates
that people with an inability to control their anger have weakened immune
systems and heal more slowly from wounds, when compared with those who manage
their anger more positively. Contempt leads someone to feel they are better


Although the display of
emotions in medical encounters may be considered unprofessional, the experience
of intense emotions by physicians in the presence of patients seems common.
Physicians control the display of intense negative emotions more than that of
positive reactions. However, relative control of the emotion, coping strategies
used, the valence (positive, negative, or mixed), and the duration of the
emotion do not affect the clinical relationship. Specific emotional reactions
do. Choking up/crying, touching, smiling, and providing support did not affect
relationships in negative ways, but leaving the patient, imposing, and
defending oneself did. The fact that the impact of these reactions could be
different according to physicians’ subsequent adjusted behavior suggests that
this impact may be modulated by the interlocutors’ following actions, namely
attempts at repairing the situation. Future studies are needed to clarify these

Some emotions are definitely
easier to handle than others.



On the other hand, Sympathy is
a generalized feeling or sorrow for another person’s situation




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