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English literature exam paper Essay

•How does the author present her ideas and experiencing about the battle for individuality? •How far is the extract similar to and different from your wider reading about the battle for individuality in modern literature? You should see the writers’ picks of signifier. construction and linguistic communication every bit good as capable affair.

Betty Friedan has started her address with two rhetorical inquiries. “Am I stating that adult females have to be liberated from work forces? That work forces are the enemy? ” She is promoting her audience to believe about what her feelings are precisely. She rapidly answers her ain inquiry. “No. ” Within the first two sentences she has already got her audience to believe about her positions and their response to that. This was a good manner to acquire her audience intrigued about the content of the remainder of her address. Her first paragraph is a basic overview of her feelings on the modern’s women’s motion. This manner she can develop her points further in the remainder of her address. Throughout her address. Friedan uses really negative linguistic communication to depict work forces and their actions.

For illustration. forced. suppressed. barbarous etc. This shows that she has really negative positions towards work forces and isn’t afraid to portion this. She uses this pessimistic linguistic communication to demo how work forces have been keeping back adult females and their battle for individuality. She says “men are traveling to bear the guilty load of the inactive fate they have forced upon adult females. ” The word forced is rather a harsh and aggressive word and this shows how she feel adult females have been treated by the other sex. She uses the metaphor of work forces and adult females being half human because of certain things keeping them aback. For illustration. “Men are non allowed to shout. ” And “as adult females are merely half-human. until we can travel this following measure frontward. ” This shows that adult females can’t experience whole or complete until she is equal with work forces. The metaphor is carried on in the last paragraph but that when adult females are eventually “allowed to go full people” that the following coevalss will populate in a better universe.

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The word “allowed” suggest that she feels adult females are being suppressed by work forces or another controlling factor. Friedan says in the last paragraph “relate to each other in footings of all of the possible dimensions of our personalities – male and female. as companions. as co-workers. as friends. as lovers. ” First she shows that they are separate as she disconnects by dividing the genders. “male and female” . However. she so describes both the male and female population together “as comrades” . The word “comrades” have military intensions. This shows that work forces and adult females could work together in something that is seen as so masculine as the ground forces. She so describes them “as colleagues” . This follows on from being companions. If they can work together expeditiously together in the military so they can manage working together in mundane occupations as peers.

The consequence of the whole list is that they are different ( different genders ) but are equal. She shows the battle that adult females face in mundane life. “hate and green-eyed monster and buried bitterness and lip services. ” These words all help to demo how negatively the manner adult females are being treated is seen. Friedan so goes on to explicate what life will be after work forces have learnt to except that adult females are people to. “there will be a whole new sense of love that will do what we call love on Valentine’s Day look really pale. ” There is two ways to look at this. First. Valentine’s Day is meant to be the one twenty-four hours in the twelvemonth where you demo how much you love person. this can demo how much deriving an individuality means to the adult females and what it will make to the universe. However. one could reason that Valentine’s Day is merely one twenty-four hours a twelvemonth and so the alterations could merely be semi permanent.

The whole address from Betty Friedan is all about women’s battle for individuality. In Death of a Salesman. by Arthur Miller. there are elusive intimations about the same issue. For illustration. at the terminal of Act One Biff and Happy are speaking to Willy about acquiring some money and get downing up a concern together. Linda is besides in the room. Linda tries to talk. “Maybe things are get downing to –“ and Will ironically interrupts her and says “Stop interrupting. ” Throughout the drama Willy is seting Linda down even though she is the lone individual in the household that is truly concerned about Willy’s wellness. However. we can see that in the drama Willy represents the older coevalss positions on adult females and Biff has the more modern and merely mentality on it which represents the younger coevals.

This is shown once more at the terminal of Act One. Linda starts to talk once more and Willy interrupts her as he has done antecedently nevertheless this clip Biff tells Willy “Don’t cry at her dad. will ya? ” this shows how the women’s conflict for individuality has been paying off as the younger coevalss are get downing to accept that this isn’t right. Betty Friedan foreshadows this in her address when she says “children be born and brought up with more love and duty than today. ” this shows what the modern population is traveling to turn up about. However. in Death of a Salesman we get the feeling that Linda is basically a homemaker and is at that place to look after her household. chiefly Willy. and to make domestic occupations around the house.

This is basically a typical function of adult females of the clip. However. Betty Friedan seems to be stating that adult females are being active about altering the subjugation that they are under. This difference in attitudes nevertheless could be to make with the age of the adult females and the modernness of them. For illustration the battle for individuality in the modern epoch can be different for different people. Because Linda is portion of the older. less modern coevals she is less likely to desire to convey about alteration whereas Betty Friedan and the adult females she is speaking approximately have more modern and equal positions.


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