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Enterprise recourse planning Essay


Presents most of companies in developed states work every bit connected group. Most are enterprise group companies. Besides most of companies are interconnected for concern intents. That ‘s the chief ground for popularity of Enterprise resort planning. ERP helps to better the coordination of your company ‘s procedure into one efficient procedure where everything can be accessed through one endeavor broad information web. It helps to companies to cut down runing cost and it ‘s a benefit when running company analytics.

In the present some of Sri Lankan Privet sector companies are utilizing ERP systems. Because they want to increased income and spread out their concern. Besides it ‘s easy to keep group of concern. But the thing is most of Sri Lankan authorities sectors ‘ companies non utilize ERP systems. Therefore authorities have to blow batch of money and clip to keep traditional systems.As a underdeveloped state, authorities must hold to cut down blowing money and clip for states ‘ development. There for authorities must travel to ERP systems for better the coordination of authoritiess ‘ companies. Therefore it is a existent demand of carryout more researches and happen out any suited methodological analysis for following ERP systems to Sri Lankan authorities sector.

What is the research inquiry?

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Name of the research inquiry is “ Evaluate the suitableness of ERP systems for the authorities sectors in Sri Lankan context ” and thoughts of this research inquiry are to happen the suitableness of ERP systems for authorities sectors in Sri Lanka, what type of inquiries appear when move from old systems to ERP system, how to confront extra challenges in developing states related to economic, cultural and basic substructure issues.

Newly tendency of Sri Lankan private sectors ‘ group companies is transfer their systems to ERP systems and some of private sector companies use ERP systems in present. They are chiefly concentrating income from their concern. They get batch of benefits from utilizing ERP systems.

Government sector of developing states non utilize new engineering, because they addicted to the old system.That ‘s why they do n’t wish to alter their old system. But as underdeveloped state, Sri Lankan authorities sector must utilize ERP systems for development. Without ERP they work like single. It wastes money and clip. Without interconnect each companies, they ca n’t acquire full benefits from their plants. Therefore Sri Lankan authorities sector must travel to ERP systems.

Select some big graduated table of authorities companies which are really of import to development procedure of the state and hope to happen ways to implement ERP system to those companies. Find the old systems failings and happen what benefits are losing grounds for those failings. Then cross the thought to the authorities sectors ‘ relevant of IT and Management, what type of benefits can acquire by utilizing ERP systems.

As a pupil of analyzing postgraduate class in Enterprise System Professional, this is the good opportunity to analyze the manner of utilizing ERP systems in industrial ( existent clip use ) . Besides get thought of change direction field through this research.

Aims of the research inquiry

In this research I aim to file away several aims

  • Suitability of implementing ERP systems to authorities sectors ‘ companies in Sri Lanka.
  • Problems when altering old systems to ERP systems.
  • How solve job when altering old systems to ERP systems.
  • Gain thoughts of people who work and related of Computing and direction field about abandon old system and put in ERP system.


Basic thought of the Enterprise Resource Planning is the technique of informations and procedures are integrated in one system by utilizing sub systems. ERP used to pull off internal and external resources including existent assets, fiscal resources, stuffs, and human resources. Most of transnational companies are utilizing ERP systems for manage their concern. It ‘s easy for manage all of concern in one topographic point. Besides Fiscal systems, stock list, CRM ( Customer Relations Management ) , transportation, and buying functionality are by and large including in ERP system.

History of ERP

The focal point of fabricating systems in the 1960 ‘s was onInventory control. Most of the softwarepackages so ( normally customized ) were designed to manage stock list based on traditional stock list constructs. In the 1970 ‘s the focal point shifted to MRP ( Material Requirement Planning ) systems that translated the Master Schedule built for the terminal points into time-phased net demands for the sub-assemblies, constituents and natural stuffs be aftering and procurance.

In the 1980 ‘s the construct of MRP-II ( Manufacturing Resources Planning ) evolved which was an extension of MRP to shop floor and Distribution direction activities. In the early 1990 ‘s, MRP-II was further extended to cover countries like Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Projects Management etc i.e. the complete gamut of activities within any concern endeavor. Hence, the term ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) was coined

Benefits of ERP systems

ERP systems provide much sort of benefits. Chiefly benefits classs by 3 parts. Those are Operational Control, Management Control and Strategic Planning. These are some general benefits of ERP systems.

  • Increased productiveness due to streamlining of operations.
  • Auditable minutess for liability intents.
  • High-level coverage for corporate reappraisals.
  • Customer trueness through improved quality of service.
  • Eliminate inordinate data-entry/paperwork.
  • Reduce unneeded stock list planning and numbering with advanced stock list functionality.
  • EDI ( Electronic Data Interface ) expedites buying processs.
  • Organize your buying with your orders to guarantee an efficient supply concatenation.

Disadvantages of ERP systems

  • Alteration of the ERP package is limited.
  • Re-engineering of concern procedures to suit the “ industry criterion ” prescribed by the ERP system may take to a loss of competitory advantage.
  • ERP systems can be really expensive ( This has led to a new class of “ ERP visible radiation ” solutions )
  • ERPs are frequently seen as excessively inflexible and excessively hard to accommodate to the specificworkflowand concern procedure of some companies-this is cited as one of the chief causes of their failure.
  • Many of the incorporate links need high truth in other applications to work efficaciously. A company can accomplish minimal criterions, and so over clip “ soiled information ” will cut down the dependability of some applications.
  • Once a system is established, exchanging costs are really high for any one of the spouses ( cut downing flexibleness and strategic control at the corporate degree ) .
  • The blurring of company boundaries can do jobs in answerability, lines of duty, and employee morale.
  • Resistance in sharing sensitive internal information between sections can cut down the effectivity of the package.
  • Some big organisations may hold multiple sections with separate, independent resources, missions, chains-of-command, etc, and consolidation into a individual endeavor may give limited benefits.

What are the research techniques?

I have decided to utilize inductive attack for this research. Reason chiefly I have target on making some study on the selected country by utilizing relevant methods and techniques and come up with suited decisions and theories and methods with what I gathered. Inductive attack is usually works as a underside up attack and Inductive attack is traveling from some specific observations to broader generalisations and theories.

I hope choice chance trying method for select the sample for gathered informations. When usage chance trying methods, choice specific set of people. Because I need set of people who works related to my concern country. Those are who working in IT related and direction degree. Because IT related people have thought about current computing machine system and pull offing degree people have privileges for do modifiers. that ‘s the ground for choice chance trying method for my research.

I hope to utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods to roll up informations. Qualitative information usage to depict the feature of the subject. Qualitative information helps to acquire better thought of findings and come up with good decision. Most of research workers used quantitative informations roll uping methodological analysis to make their research and analyzed them to acquire better contemplation for relevant ERP researches. Therefore I have decided to utilize the quantitative informations aggregation methodological analysiss largely to roll up informations. But sometimes I hope to utilize qualitative informations roll uping methodological analysis for cod informations every bit good in some points in information. Because some countries non to be easy to roll up information by utilizing quantitative informations roll uping methodological analysis. I hope to add quantitative inquiries and some qualitative inquiries to informations aggregation methodological analysiss such as inquirers. Therefore my thought is to utilize both qualitative and quantitative information for my research procedure.

The methods which I have decided to utilize for collect informations for the research chiefly is study. This research country is chiefly mark on the authorities sectors ‘ companies and people who works for it in IT related. Mainly mark of informations collect by giving interviewing and inquirers. Sometimes, some companies and people non give information to foreigners. Because of that I hope to concern past researches about freshly installed ERP systems to companies.

First I planned to make the background survey of ERP system and the subject covering whole country of altering of old systems and put in new ERP systems by mentioning high quality mentions and reaching relevant personalities to garner required inside informations. . Besides I hope to happen out the several different probes about ERP systems.

My following measure is doing good set of inquiry related to my subject and hopes to administer them in IT related people who work in selected authorities companies. Besides I plane to set up some interviews with IT and direction related responsible people who work in those companies for gather information about satisfaction of current system, troubles of current systems, and thoughts about alteration to the new system ( ERP system ) . And besides concern to reach ERP system developers ( suppliers ) for gathered information about what type of inquiries appears when alteration old system to new ERP system, happen successful incidents and benefits of changed systems where it installed ( companies ) by utilizing old records take from ERP developing companies. It will be use both qualitative and quantitative informations aggregation method to my research procedure.

Proposed results of the research

In this research, chief result is come up with good decision about suitableness of implementing ERP systems to authorities sectors ‘ companies in Sri Lanka. Sing that, gathered item will be shown harmonizing to methodological analysiss. Identify the failings of the bing systems and techniques which are presently utilizing for the company ‘s procedures by comparison with ERP systems.

Following result is happening the troubles when altering old systems to ERP systems. Because in developing states, several type of issues like economical, cultural and basic substructure issues will look when traveling to alter systems. Besides gain thought of people who work related of Computing and direction field about abandon old system and put in ERP system is really of import. Because people who works in Government companies in Sri Lanka, non easy alter their thoughts and do n’t wish to travel to newest engineerings. They like to make their plants in old manner. Sing old result, hope to happen how to work out those issues and cut down to look that sort of issue by analysing information, gathered from of ERP developers. Besides come up with better solution for those troubles harmonizing to Sri Lankan context by comparing thoughts of ERP developers who populating in Sri Lanka and other research workers ‘ findings.


As a underdeveloped state Sri Lankan authorities must alter to ERP systems for states development. I hope to happen suitableness of ERP system to Sri Lankan authorities sectors through my research by analysing gathered information from relevant parties.


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