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Entrepreneurship Is The Act Of Being An Entrepreneur Business Essay


Entrepreneurship is the act of being an enterpriser, which can be defined as one who undertakes inventions, finance and concern cognition in an attempt to transform inventions into economic goods. This may ensue in new organisations or may be portion of regenerating mature organisations in response to a discovered chance. The most obvious signifier of entrepreneurship is that of get downing new concerns. However, in recent old ages, the term has been extended to include societal and political signifiers of entrepreneurial activity. When entrepreneurship is depicting activities within a house or big organisation it is referred to as intra-preneurship and may include corporate venturing, when big entities spin-off organisations.

Entrepreneurial activities are well different depending on the type of organisation and creativeness involved. Entrepreneurship ranges in graduated table from solo undertakings to major projects making many occupation chances. In more recent times, the term entrepreneurship has been extended to include elements non related needfully to concern formation activity such as conceptualisations of entrepreneurship as a specific mentality ensuing in entrepreneurial enterprises e.g. in the signifier of societal entrepreneurship, political entrepreneurship, or knowledge entrepreneurship have emerged.

All the alterations and developments in IT and telecommunication countries have non merely provided assorted chances for enterprisers in the field of telecom, but these have besides changed the features of entrepreneurship as a whole. With the engineering of voice over cyberspace protocol ( VOIP ) and following coevals webs ( NGN ) , ‘Zero Distance ‘ at least in the field of communicating will be a world. Communication whether to the following door or to the other terminal of the universe will be the same in footings of money every bit good as clip.

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Internet provides chances for the enterpriser to offer Internet related merchandises, with new signifier of advertisement, communications and information medium. It besides provides a new chance for the sale and bringing of non-internet related merchandises. Globalization in true sense is possible merely with telecommunication progresss.

Due to internet and communications engineerings, information bringing is much convenient and the universe is traveling towards going a close perfect market. There are many portals which provide you with comparative rates of merchandises available in market through assorted beginnings. At the same clip, an enterpriser can market its merchandise without puting to a great extent in substructure through the usage of cyberspace. Auto generated contextual advertizements provide sort of advertizements which everyone would wish to see.

Problem Statement:

To cognize how to get down a concern in the field of CCSE

To cognize what are the hazards and challenges in get downing a concern

To cognize when is the right clip to get down a company in CCSE field

To cognize where we should seek aid and advice to go an enterpriser

To cognize who are the cardinal individuals in guaranting the sustainability of our concern

To explicate why we should get down a concern in the field of CCSE


To find how a company is established.

To larn the stairss of keeping a company.

To cognize how CCSE companies contribute to the society.

Scope of Survey:

Our surveies will include the companies that are successfully established on CCSE field based ( such as Telecommunication, Information Technology, Electronics, Computer package, and Embedded Systems )

The companies’profiles that will be included in our study are chiefly based but non limited to Malaysia merely.

The mark respondents that will be surveyed in our study must be grownups ( 18 and supra ) . The respondents will be every bit distributed among races, and genders.

Chapter 2

Literature Reappraisal:

1. The Personal Computer and Entrepreneurship

Robert W. Fairlie

University of California, Santa Cruz

“ A potentially good usage of place computing machines among would-be-entrepreneurs maybe to obtain information about revenue enhancement codifications and legal ordinances, learn about specific industries, and research competition utilizing the Internet. The Internet may besides be usefu lfor take downing selling, investing and operating costs. On the other manus, occupation hunt utilizing the Internet is prevailing and Internet accomplishments were likely to hold been valuable in the labour market during the sample clip period ( Freeman 2003, Kuhn and Skuterud 2000,2004 and Stevenson 2003 ) . Therefore, entree to the Internet may hold an independent consequence on entrepreneurship. ”

“ 73.3 per centum of the my sample of work forces who have entree to a place computing machine besides have Internet entree and 71.7 per centum of my sample of female computing machine proprietors have entree to the Internet at place. ”


The above citation from the paper is to turn out that the demand of internet service and computing machine public presentation additions as the figure of enterprisers additions over clip as shown in Figure 1. Hence, we can reason that the demand and market for higher public presentation cyberspace connexions and computing machine public presentations will turn bigger in future and hence CCSE applied scientists should non worry about their merchandise ‘s marketability issues in the hereafter. However, the hypothesis is merely limited to America ‘s market as the respondents are from the USA.

Prepared by Choo Hong Ning

Beginning: R. W. Fairlie, The Personal Computer and Entrepreneurship, University of California,

Santa Cruz, Management Science, January 2005

2. The Business Biography of Irwin Jacobs

Irwin Jacobs is the concern leader best known for his parts to the universe of radio engineering communications. As president of Qualcomm, he developed CDMA engineering and everlastingly changed the history of informations and other signifiers of communicating. In short, Code division multiple entree ( CDMA ) is a channel entree method used by assorted wireless communicating engineerings and its being has brought a batch of alterations in telecommunication field universe widely.

Most of the populace may hold the premise and perceptual experience that applied scientists are supposed to be professional practician of technology, concerned with using scientific cognition, mathematics, economic sciences and inventiveness to develop solutions to run into economic and social demands. In fact, applied scientists are non merely covering constructions design, machines and systems while sing the restrictions imposed by practicality, safety and cost, but some of them involve themselves in concern direction in large houses.

Jacobs left the academia to come in the corporate universe. In the procedure, he pioneered wireless engineering in the United States and became president of Qualcomm. Jacobs graduated with an technology class from Cornell University and so earned subsequent grades at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked as an helper and associate professor at MIT and so became a professor at the University of California, San Diego. He was even the co-author of a text edition that is still used today, Principles of Communication Engineering.

From his experience in the academia, he formed the Linkabit Corporation with Andrew Viterbi. Later on, he co-founded Qualcomm. From a few parttime employees in Linkabit, shortly Qualcomm grew to more than a 1000 employees under his stewardship. It became known in the communications industry because it was able to replace bing TDMA engineering with CDMA engineering which has better public presentation. As president of Qualcomm, Jacobs was instrumental in the development of progress engineering for wireless communicating. Since CDMA is satellite-based, the engineering shortly became permeant across the United States and was adopted by many telecommunications operators, including Sprint. Over the old ages, he has received awards both for his entrepreneurial spirit and the promotions in engineering he helped push.

From the successful narrative from Jacobs in telecommunication technology, it is strongly shown that with technology background, we are able to get down our ain concern. With the cognition that we learnt in grade programme, they are applicable in our entrepreneurship in the hereafter. The demand or demand of the computing machine and communicating systems in the universe is still high as we are now in the procedure of heightening our current engineering to take a better life. As drumhead, applied scientists may affect themselves in entrepreneurship with their professionalism to lend to the universe and win in their ain concern but non merely constrained in the normal technology pattern.

Prepared by Goh Chong Loong

Beginning: Jack M. Wilson, President, University of Massachusetts

A Fireside Chat with Irwin Jacobs – Telecommunications Engineer, Entrepreneur, and

Philanthropist, May2009

3. Entrepreneurship in Telecommunication Sector

Harmonizing to the research diary by Anjuman-I-Islam about “ Entrepreneurship – Dedicated to entrepreneurial Spirit of India ” on March of 2007, an enterpriser is an person who owns and operates his ain concern, presuming the duty, hazard and wagess in this. Entrepreneurs should non be deterred by failures. In fact it is really of import to see some failure, as it gives you a sense of danger. After you realize that failure is really non that bad, you become a batch bolder to take hazards. An enterpriser will continuously better his accomplishments in all countries, will maintain looking for new chances and will make more than what is expected. His relationships with the makers, providers and clients will be first-class in order to supply convenience and a higher value for their money to him. Entrepreneurship in telecommunication sector is different from other sectors. To be an outstanding enterpriser in this proficient field, one demand to posses and use cognition.

An illustration of enterpriser who played an of import function right since the beginning of telecom revolution is the president of the Bharti group of Industries, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal. He had a vision when the hereafter of wireless telecommunication in India was still vague. Bharti ‘s enter telecom concern in mid 1980s, much before the competition stage, when the authorities allowed industry of push button telephones to be used with new digital exchanges, through puting up a fabrication installation for push button telephones. Bharti group was the first private telecommunication service supplier in basic telephone services in Madhya Pradesh and today Bharti is a powerful participant in telecom industry with a countrywide presence in GSM cellular, basic telephone, and long distance bearer services.

There are illustrations of authorities ‘s enterprise in entrepreneurship. The debut of construct of PCO – public call office, is to increase the handiness of telecommunication services. In Mumbai, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited ( MTNL ) has provided one PCO for every 100 people of Mumbai. This has provided entrepreneurial chances in Mumbai through agent, distributers, and franchises, which sell assorted basic, nomadic, and value added services at a committee. MTNL, which was earlier selling all its merchandises through in-house installations, now has appointed a concatenation of selling associates, distributers, and franchises to sell its merchandises. Entrepreneurs taking portion in this strategy can utilize advanced thoughts to sell the merchandises and services and expand their concern.

There are some actuating illustrations of entrepreneurial winners. Professor Irwin Jacobs, who left academe to use Code Division Multiple Access ( CDMA ) , a radio coding strategy developed in the military to commercial cellular systems, is one of the illustrations. Initially, his thoughts were shut down by the cellular community who at that clip prosecuting other engineering, Time Division Multiple Access ( TDMA ) Technology. However, CDMA engineering is now approved as a criterion by the telecommunications industry association and today many bearers appear committed to CDMA than TDMA. Anousheh Ansari, who had been in world-wide intelligence as the first female infinite tourer, and who paid $ 20 million, for a drive to the international infinite station, is a cofounder, CEO and Chairman of the board for Telecom Technologies, Inc. founded in 1993. The company experienced rapid growing before being acquired by Sonus Networks in November 2000 for a minimal 10.8 million portions of stock deserving $ 441 million at that clip. The company with 200 employees, and based in Texas, concentrated on developing soft exchanging engineering and focused on multi seller soft switch services and media gateway interoperability.

There are many venture capitalists that provide funding to entrepreneurs. To acquire support you do non necessitate to be an experient engineering enterpriser, but you should at least hold a direction squad with necessary accomplishments and cognition in your chosen field. The squad should besides hold a path record of successful concern direction, although it need non be an entrepreneurial venture.

In decision, there are many growing envisaged, gait expected, and chances available in the field of telecommunications. The hazards are at that place and the wagess are immense. If one envisions going an enterpriser, merely travel in front and make it.

Prepared by Tan Kai Kiat

Beginning: R.M.Chaturvedi, Entrepreneurship in Telecommunication Sector, Entrepreneurship

Research Journal, Vol. 5, Anjuman-I-Islam’sAllana Institute of Management Studies,

March 2007

A Model of Wireless Communication Technology ‘s Selection to Develop Entrepreneurship

and Telecommunication Facility in Rural Area in Indonesia

Indonesian Telecommunications Development is a portion of the “ National Development, ” which carried out, through a series of “ Five Year Development Plans ” ( FYDP ) , its attempts towards raising the criterion of life and wellbeing of the people. In its development position, Indonesia has been prosecuting the “ Trilogy of Development ” which reflects the impression of even development, a sufficiently high rate of economic growing and the moral force every bit good as healthy national stableness.

In Indonesia the authorities has been seeking to back up the development of little and average endeavors ( SMEs ) as these endeavors are expected to play a important function, non merely in employment creative activity, GDP formation, and export development, but besides particularly as a agency to developed adult females enterprisers, peculiarly in rural countries.

The chief restraints faced by little enterprisers are cumbrous and burdensome concern ordinances and limitations, deficiency of finance, and bounds in human resource and technological capablenesss.

Presently, there are about 216 million people in Indonesia and the fixed phone ( incl.

FWA/ Fixed Wireless Access ) denseness is 6.6 % ( 14.2 million lines ) whereas nomadic telephone denseness is 21.9 % ( 47.3millions ) .

With the new ordinance of decentalisation, the local authoritiess have an mandate for pull offing their countries and bettering their substructure including telecommunication installations.

Started in 2004, the local authoritiess of West Sumatera ( KabupatenMentawai ) and Aceh ( Kabupaten East Aceh ) took this chance to fund the development oftelecommunication substructure in their countries. In West Sumatera, the local authorities made a partnership with PT. Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia ( INTI ) as a contractor while Aceh local authorities made a partnership straight with PT TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA ( TELKOM ) .

In North Sumatera, the deployment was funded by 2 ( two ) local private companies which made a partnership with TELKOM in a gross sharing strategy. All of the web equipment is supplied by PT TRANS KOMUNIKASI DATANET ( TKD ) , a national soft-switch developer which took a function as system planimeter. The web is so interconnected to PT TELEKOMUNIKASI INDONESIA bing web.

The efficient and future cogent evidence engineering i.e. soft-switch-based NGN with mediagateways is applied in this undertaking. By developing the substructure, around 160,000people in these rural countries are served.

Prepared by Azleen Ramli

Beginning: C. Tesavrita, J. Siswanto, A Model of Wireless Communication Technology ‘s Selectionto

Develop Entrepreneurship and Telecommunication Facilityin Rural Area in Indonesia,


P1 WiMAX Case Study, by WiMAX Forum

WiMAX Success Story: How Packet One ( P1 ) Did It

A Malayan Field of Dreams

P1 Built It-And They Did Come

WiMAX Forum

This paper discussed on the narratives and accomplishment of a WiMAX Telecommunications company “ Packet One ” ( P1 ) which is established in Malaysia in the twelvemonth 2008. The paper describes the challenges faced by the company in the telecommunication field therefore explicating the schemes used to work out the job existed.

“ Cardinal Competitive Strategies Against Incumbents ( Market Dominator at that clip )

aˆ? Leverage the ability to react more rapidly to altering market conditions

aˆ? Use advanced and targeted advertisement, particularly with on-line media

aˆ? Create consciousness and involvement with route shows to back up coverage launches ”

P1 WiMAX has besides developed a set of replicable stairss for selling merchandises and services, in which they call the 6 Ms.

“ P1 ‘s Repeatable Procedures for Marketing Success

aˆ? Market: Do market research. There are two billion people within a three-to-four hr flight from Kuala Lumpur and broadband incursion among these possible clients is less than 3 per centum. This adds up to a batch of repressed demand that can be exploited.

aˆ? Mission: Joint what the engineering offers to different consumers and sections with targeted messaging.

aˆ? Money: Invest in the concern.

aˆ? Manpower: Develop the right squad to capitalise on chances.

aˆ? Machine: Deploy a dependable web, offer a assortment of competitory devices, and depend on the ecosystem.

aˆ? Methods: Improve processes invariably to stay current and competitory.

WiMAX can supply a immense growing chance for companies that follow the Six Ms to capitalise on

demand, as P1 has demonstrated. ”

P1 has besides established a strategic confederation with the Malayan Government to accomplish high broadband incursion rate among Malaysians

Wireless @ Sunway is a coaction attempt between Sunway Group and P1 to enable Bandar Sunway to go the first Integrated Wireless Township in Malaysia, profiting its 30,000 occupants and 2 million visitants per twelvemonth.

Wireless @ KL-a joint undertaking among P1, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall ( DBKL ) , and the Malayan Communications and MultimediaCommission ( MCMC ) -aimed at doing Kuala Lumpur aworld-class radio metropolis by 2010

Prepared by Choo Hong Ning

Beginning: Adapted from WiMAX Success Story: How Packet One ( P1 ) Did It, WiMAX Forum, www.wimaxforum.org/sites/wimaxforum.org/ … /P1_case_study_intel.PDF

Chapter 3


Interview with applied scientists who succeeded in set uping their ain companies in CCSE field

Studypapers and diaries about CCSE companies to larn about their ways of operation

Analyze CCSE companies ‘ fiscal statements to larn how they gain capital and reinvest their net incomes

To carry on a study to the populace to look into the degree of satisfaction and recognition of CCSE companies ‘ part to the society

Chapter 4


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