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Evaluate a given system specification in respect of its ability to create and edit graphic images and detail potential improvements Essay

Firework is an Adobe graphic based program that allows you to create expressive, highly optimized graphics for the web or virtually any devices such as smart phones. Firework produce websites, user interfaces, and rich prototypes that are editable in both vector and bitmap modes.

Here are some illustrations of what Firework look like:

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The main benefits of firework in its ability to create and edit graphic images are:

– There is an easy-to-use design tools for screen based design, changes remain editable at any time, and final output is optimized for display resolutions.

– It work faster with significant performance enhancements for example give greater control over pixel placement of design elements, improved file opening and saving and quicker bitmap and vector operations.

– It improves type handling with the enhanced Adobe text engine, allows copy and pasted double-byte characters from illustrator and Photoshop without loss of fidelity. Also firework is good at integration between programs, e.g. import Photoshop and Illustrator files while maintaining color matching, element fidelity, and editing capability.

– It help ease the process of website creation, it reduces development time by exporting multipage, clickable website comps etc.

– Firework has real-time effects, this means that if you want to experiment with a bevel you play around with it, and instantly see how the change would affect the image as a whole. (Some others effects are drop shadow, emboss, glow, and more).

– Help save valuable time by the use of the Common Library of graphic symbols, form elements, text symbols, and animations, this will result in rapid design creation.

– Lastly Fireworks has a great Export Preview window that shows you how your graphics will look like in different formats and in different settings before you save them.

Despite all the new improved features of Firework there are some limitations in its ability to create and edit graphic images such as:

– It can be very expensive to implement and operation, if the Firework is not already in the computer it can be expensive to purchase.

– It can be complicated to operate for non IT users; if the user has no knowledge in graphic program operation it will be complex at first to use.

– Firework mainly focus for the use of creating graphic for websites, therefore may not be suitable for other uses such as image manipulation and alternation. Photoshop may be a better option.

– The different features may not be as straightforward in different windows i.e. may operate differently in XP than in Vista.

The future potential improvements to Firework is to make the different features more user friendly, it should become more simple and clearer to use so that non IT user can use it without any initial difficulties. The consequent benefit to this is that it will be more appealing to a wider range of user groups; therefore there is the potential to increase the demand for the software. Firework can also be improve by making it less website graphic focus, adding more features that will be useful to other purposes. The consequent benefit to this is that it will mean different users like student, IT technician or home users can just invest in one program that is a combination of all other programs, meaning customers can spend less and benefit more. Lastly improvement can be made on different window operation, make the Firework compatible to all windows and that the operation is the same in all windows.

In conclusion the essay set out the different benefits and limitations to Firework in its ability to create and edit graphic images. Whether it is useful or not will depend on the situation and purpose of the user themselves, but personally as a IT student I think Firework is a good tool to use for creating and editing graphic as the benefit definitely exceed the limitations.


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