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Ever benefit people in their lives. Soccer

Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to play a sport. I played football, tennis, volleyball, and even golf, but something just wasn’t right. Turns out the only sport I hadn’t tried yet was the most popular one, soccer. And that’s when my life changed for the better. Soccer is the most played sport for a reason. It’s the easiest to play with the most simple rules. The famous sport can also benefit people in their lives. Soccer can lead to better work ethic, teamwork, and leadership, and therefore more people should try it. Soccer can help work-ethic in athletes. Firstly, unlike other sports, there aren’t timeouts or time stopping in soccer. This means that the players have to keep running and running until they are substituted, or if the half is over. If they stop running or paying attention, that could mean a loss for their team. Secondly, soccer practice is probably the most rigorous practice in any sport. For example, in my soccer practices, my coach tells us to run two miles around the field and then do fifty push-ups after. Soccer athletes must work harder to get better to start getting wins in their games. The best way to benefit work-ethic is by playing soccer. Soccer is an outstanding sport to increase teamwork skills. Firstly, in soccer, every position counts. The strikers have to score the goals, the midfielders have to help the strikers and defenders, the defenders have to help the goalie, and the goalie has to defend the goal. They all must work together to win the game. Secondly, the whole team has to communicate with each Nasreldin, 2other. For example, once in a soccer game, my team was losing 3 – 0, and at halftime, our coach told us that no one is talking with each other on the field and that we should communicate more. The second half we listened to what the coach said and we communicated, and in the end, we won 4 – 3. The second to none way to develop teamwork is by playing soccer. Last but not least, soccer is an exceptional sport to increase leadership skills. Soccer players have to make decisions in a split second. The players must decide whether to pass, shoot, or keep dribbling. If they make one wrong move, they could lose the ball and let the other team score. There are multiple positions in soccer that can benefit leadership skills. For example, the goalie has to tell the defenders if they should move up, down, right, or left. The strikers also must decide if they have to run back and help the midfielders, or stay up and wait for the ball to get a goal. The easiest way to become a leader is by playing soccer.Some might say that soccer is a stupid sport because you don’t use your hands, or because the time never stops, but they are wrong. Soccer is just as sporty as football, hockey, and lacrosse. Soccer can benefit people by increasing their work ethic, teamwork skills, and leadership skills and because of that more people should play it. Like I said, soccer has changed my life for the better. Now instead of procrastinating my homework until the last second, I do it the day it is assigned. Additionally, now instead of being the shy kid in group projects that never talks, I am now the leader who starts the conversations in groups. All of this because of soccer.


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