Aveneu Park, Starling, Australia

Evergreen to guarantee that order have been

Evergreen Product’s main desired
outcome is to providing its customers with quick delivery and quality.

Evergreen Products is an organization that makes containers and care tags and
tend to florists (they are the main clients). They have issues with their order
entry system, that are caused due to issues in other departments such as
inventory management, and the serious lack of required number of clerks. The
delay of delivery is disappointing many clients. There are two or three issues
that the customers face. In the first place, because of errors in the orders
itself, the delivery is never on time and thus clients confront delays with
their items. Furthermore, a thing to be concerned about is their lead time, i.e.

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the time between when the order is set and is received is really set by clients
rather than the organization itself, causing a great deal of issues to both,
the organization and its clients.These issues are the main cause behind extra
over time and a lower use of the framework. Furthermore, representatives are
not genuine to their job. There is no one keeping an eye on them to guarantee
that order have been sent and received. Another significant issue is that
Evergreen has only three agents. This prompts a considerable amount of issues
to arise and delays occur since they don’t have have the capacity to deal with
all the workload themselves and thus an increase in the number of employees is
required. The general point of view of the manufacturing division is a genuine
concern, it is without any rules at all to manage the work progress of a
company. My proposal to eliminate these issues is to incorporate a few changes
that intend to limit wastage of resources and boost productivity. Most
importantly, all staff individuals need to be given a set of norms and
regulations that they entirely need to follow so as to ensure that everything
is functioning smoothly. There must be a fixed

measure of stock that is
constantly accessible at Evergreen, guaranteeing that there are no incomplete
orders. Aside from this, if there is ever a delay for a delivery, Evergreen
needs to guarantee that they advise clients ahead of time and attempt to keep
the revised time to a minimum. Lastly, as opposed to having the agent to enter
the records on a sheet, they should hire an accountant who is dependable and
ensure’s that all of the information is entered in a computer with the goal of

it on record.



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