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Every character in the story has to make decisions. Some of them had to make harder choices, depending on the obstacles they had to overcome. They had to be wise and plan ahead. So, some character made better decisions compared to others. Therefore, the choices they made had a great impact on their success and failure. Few example of this can be found in the stories Of Mice And Men, “To Build A Fire” and “Cress Delahanty”. In the story, Of Mice And Men George and Lennie thought of many plans and hopes for their future. Such as, putting a lot of effort and dedication into their work, so they can save up enough money to get a little place of their own and George would be able to have rabbits to pet. Although, on the other hand, their dreams are to be scattered into pieces before their eyes, when Lennie makes a bad decision which he has to pay for. He commits the murder of Curley’s wife, which means, George has to make a quick but wise resolution. He has to decide whether he is keep going to help Lennie ran away from his problems or free him from his misery. In the end, George indeed kills Lennie because he knew if he lived any longer, he would bring more trouble and for how long would they be able to run away from their problems. So, because of Lennie, their plans don’t work out and in order for George to achieve his goal, he has to make a tough decision to end Lennie’s life.The second example can be seen in the short story, “To Build A Fire”. The man, who is the main character in the story does not think ahead and he was not at all prepared for the conflicts that were coming for him. So, when he least expected, he was stuck in the middle of no one. He did not dress up well for the cold weather, nor did he have any stuff with him to help him. So when he becomes fully aware of his bad decision, it was too late. All he could do was the hope for the best because the harsh weather would slowly bring him to his doom. In the end, because of his bad decision making, it led him to his death.The Final example could be seen in the story, “Cress Delahanty”.  In the story, Crees, the main character is expected to make a choice on whether she would show off her real self and be proud of it or be someone else, in order to please others. At first, she was stuck with the idea of being someone who she was not, just to get more and to look better in the eyes of the people in her school. She gets the attention but people don’t take her seriously anymore. So, Cress starts questioning herself if that is what she really wanted. She soon, realizes that she doesn’t need to change herself to look good or better just to get people to notice her more, for she can be her unique self. To conclude, none of the characters in the stories had a perfect life, all of them had problems, but only some knew were able to find a way to handle them. Everybody had to find a solution, and some of them turned out to be better than the rest.  So, some characters had to sacrifice some things to get to their happiness and their goals. As a result, no matter how much the characters tired, some stories don’t have a happy ending. Therefore, the story Of Mice And Men, “To Build A Fire” and “Cress Delahanty” shows the importance of decision making and the consequences it comes along with.


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