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Examining Time Management as a method of Empowering Employees Essay

An administration ‘s success is chiefly dependent on how it manages its resources efficaciously. One of the cardinal resources in any administration has ever been its employees since employees are the 1s entrusted to transport out the undertakings to run into the administration ‘s ends and aims. The success rate of an administration will therefore mostly depend on the accomplishment degrees and attitude of these employees. The cardinal issue to gain here is that employees need to be continually germinating with the quickly altering universe to avoid the danger of falling behind the predominating tendencies and discoveries, technological or otherwise, and therefore dragging the administration down every bit good.

An administration excessively, on its portion, needs to be aware of this fact and guarantee that its employees are being given the chances to continually better and therefore, being able to interpret this betterment across the administration. One of the most of import accomplishments that any administration would trust to instill in its employees would be proper clip direction, particularly so in these yearss of information overload. Time direction is a accomplishment that one learns and develops with pattern and repeat ( Tracy, 2009 ). Like any other accomplishment, one has to hone the art of clip direction by seting into pattern the effectual methods of clip direction.

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In this essay, the writer aims to demo that by pull offing one ‘s clip more efficaciously, one would be able to better one ‘s ego immeasurably and therefore be better placed to authorise other persons within an administration, with the ultimate purpose of working towards accomplishing an administration ‘s ends and aims. Time direction is non about pull offing clip since clip is a changeless, but instead about self-management or self leading accomplishments ( Hoagland-Smith, 2007 ). It is common to see persons falling into the trap of hapless clip direction, therefore ensuing in these persons non being able to execute to their extreme capablenesss. Why do most people tend to hold hapless clip direction accomplishments?

This is because most people tend to make more things than there is clip for, ensuing in working overtime, defeat, emphasis and terror if deadlines are non met ( Roberts, 1998 ). How does one so get the proper tools of clip direction? In order to understand what tools one deficiency, it is of import to recognize the obstructions one normally faces when it comes to effectual clip direction. Some common obstructions include deficiency of planning, perfectionism, cunctation, deficiency of prioritisation and an inability to state no ( Enross, 2010 ).

Most people are frequently guilty of deficiency of planning. How can one work towards accomplishing anything without placing the ends or aims of any given undertaking? By puting clear ends or aims, one will more easy be able to get the better of the booby traps of hapless be aftering since one is so able to visualize what one needs to make to accomplish one ‘s ends. One of the most widely used tools to put ends or aims is the S.M.A.R.T. mnemonic, i.e. one should put ends which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. In other words, one should put ends that are touchable. Failure to make so can frequently ensue in one being overwhelmed by the undertaking at manus. Why is this so?

How frequently has one come across an administration ‘s ends which read excessively by and large, for illustration, “ To go the largest merchandising chemicals company in the part ”? When reading that peculiar statement, it would be more reasonable to specify that peculiar end more specifically. Compare and contrast the statement above with the undermentioned statement: “ To go the largest merchandising inorganic chemicals company in the South East Asiatic part by the twelvemonth 2013 ”. One is now able to visualize more clearly the end set by this peculiar administration. Clarity in puting ends will so enable the administration ‘s employees to work towards those ends more efficaciously. Similarly, one should endeavor for puting ends which are clear and adhere to the S.M.A.R.T. mnemotechnic construction.

Even though one may be after one ‘s work, one is, at the same clip, invariably bombarded with many things in one ‘s personal and professional lives ; things that seem to demand one ‘s extreme attending. However, if all these things seem of import, how does one so prioritize them? While there is no exact scientific discipline when it comes to prioritize, some of the stairss that one can take to go more efficient include doing lists, sing people and clip restraints, re-prioritising, and taking unimportant points ( McFarland, 2006 ).

Making lists is one of the most common stairss one takes to prioritize one ‘s undertakings at manus. While this attack has its benefits, one sometimes be given to happen that one is unnecessarily stressed due to the inflexibleness of these lists since it is really easy to acquire knocked off class due to issues cropping up in one ‘s day-to-day life ( Du Plessis, 2010 ). The key is to be flexible in one ‘s planning, therefore the term re-prioritising. What appeared of import ab initio may now look unimportant or less pressing, therefore one needs to re-organise and re-prioritise as applicable. Failure to make so will most probably leave one focussing on the less of import undertakings alternatively, and one time once more fighting to run into the relevant deadlines.

Another common obstruction to effectual clip direction is cunctation. Procrastination is an automatic job wont of seting off of import and timely activities until another clip and has likely effects ( Knaus, 2010 ). Based on the definition above, one would most likely infer that the “ likely effects ” have negative intensions. Despite the negativeness by and large associated with cunctation, why is it so prevailing?

Procrastination is a common trap to fall into if one is non careful of one ‘s actions. Easy undertakings are by and large put off boulder clay another clip, with the thought that non much attempt or clip will be needed to carry through them, merely to gain subsequently that these alleged easy undertakings are non every bit straightforward as earlier idea. This can so take to cases of rushed and sub-par plants.

On the other manus, most people are besides prone to set off hard undertakings, merely in this instance it could be out of fright. Not being equipped with the proper accomplishments to undertake these hard undertakings would most likely consequence in people working in a less than satisfactory mode. This bead in quality, if left unbridled and repeated over a period of clip, could hold serious reverberations on one ‘s calling.

Additionally, it would non be impossible to gain that the clip taken to finish these hard undertakings is longer than what would hold been necessary had these undertakings been assigned to the right people from the start. Therefore, it is imperative that an administration decently identifies the accomplishment degrees of its employees in order to maximize the effectual end product, and where necessary, upgrade the accomplishment degrees of its employees consequently.

Procrastinators with unreasonably high outlooks bear the load of both cunctation and perfectionism ( Arenson, 2009 ). This is yet another country where cunctation becomes an issue. Simply work outing undertakings may no longer be sufficient for these persons. For some, these undertakings have to be solved in the most perfect mode, which by and large consequences in eternal alterations until one is to the full satisfied with one ‘s work.

While the ultimate purpose may be admirable in this instance, persons who subscribe to this theory may come to gain that it is a instance of one or the other when it comes to run intoing deadlines, in that one may hold perfectionism or run into deadlines successfully, but ne’er both at the same clip. One has to gain when a undertaking can be considered to hold been done and travel on to following undertaking in line. Brooding on any given undertaking longer than what is necessary may turn out to be one ‘s undoing in the long tally.

Yet another common factor that can do one to hold hapless clip direction is one ‘s inability to state no to others. One may experience that by stating no, one may hold the repute of being willfully hard or come across as non being a squad participant. However, in an attempt to delight every one by suiting these extra petitions, one may stop up with holding excessively many things to manage with excessively small clip to make so.

How frequently has one come across state of affairss where 1 has to execute last minute undertakings at work merely because another person failed to transport out the necessary actions? By making so, one has to once more measure one ‘s undertakings at manus and prioritise these undertakings consequently. Breaks caused by holding to transport out these extra undertakings may ensue in one floating off from one ‘s ain of import undertakings. All this extra attempt will necessarily take up more of one ‘s clip and lend significantly towards one ‘s hapless clip direction. How so does one state no to others?

One must gain that stating no is non a selfish act and in fact can be more good because it means that one has more choice clip to pass on things that one has already committed to ( Hollands, 2010 ). The key to stating no is stating “ yes ” , but giving a different sort of aid, i.e. instead than taking on the undertaking personally, one can offer advice or suggestions alternatively ( McCrimmon, 2007 ). The writer would hold with this attack as this allows one to still lend, but without holding to give much of one ‘s ain clip. One is so able to better focal point on other more of import or pressing undertakings.

Of the three cherished resources in life, i.e. clip, money and creativeness, the lone one unlimited is one ‘s creativeness ; hence by doing creativeness one ‘s chief resource, clip and money will non be scarce ( Zelinski, 2006 ). What this means is that no affair how small clip and work one takes to execute a boring undertaking, there will ever be a more efficient and effectual manner to acquire it done ( Zelinski, 2006 ). By being more originative, one is so able to salvage clip by finishing undertakings in a faster and more efficient mode. These small “ packages ” of saved clip, when added up, can be important and can enable one to hold more available clip in one ‘s day-to-day life.

The writer has, in this essay, outlined merely some of the relevant accomplishments that one needs to get the hang to guarantee that one is able to pull off one ‘s clip more efficaciously. Once one has mastered effectual clip direction accomplishments, how does one so continue to authorise others? Authorization is about doing administrations both more effectual and better topographic points in which one spends a major portion of one ‘s life and it is about making environments that promote high public presentation and high degrees of grasp among persons ( Murrell & A ; Meredith, 2000 ).

The writer would reason that an empowering administration would automatically arouse higher public presentation from its employees. This is because employees would experience more apprehended and valued, which would so interpret to these employees “ desiring ” to work for an administration, instead than “ holding ” to, which from the administration ‘s point of position, is the ideal manner of keeping high performing artists every bit good as pulling new 1s.

An employee with effectual clip direction accomplishments would be better placed to lend more efficaciously towards an administration ‘s aims and ends. This is because an employee will be more organized and structured when covering with issues at work as a consequence of prioritizing the said issues and be aftering the solutions consequently. It is really common to see staff go forthing all cardinal determinations to directors in order to avoid being blamed if and when something goes incorrect. This is particularly prevailing in administrations where employees are frequently punished for failures, instead than being presented with chances to larn from errors made.

As a consequence of this, directors will hold less clip to concentrate on other more of import affairs which could impact an administration ‘s development and growing. These directors excessively will be invariably under force per unit area as a consequence of being accountable for the actions of others and therefore may get down to lose focal point. As such, in order to be successful, it is imperative that an administration develops its employees to an extent that these employees are able to work out the jobs at manus or at the really least, offer possible solutions to turn to the said jobs, instead than simply foregrounding these jobs for the attending of others. In other words, employees need to be accountable excessively and non take the easy manner out by go throughing the vaulting horse to directors.

The writer suggests that one of the best ways for an administration to authorise its employees would be by instilling proper clip direction accomplishments in its employees. This is because employees would so be able to pass more quality clip analyzing the jobs at manus, instead than simply fire-fighting and therefore be able to place the root cause of any given job. In other words, administrations can travel off from short-run holes and get down looking at long-run solutions. Bing cognizant of the importance of clip will greatly heighten the end product of employees as these employees will now gain the benefits of work outing jobs rapidly and efficaciously to guarantee that an administration does non incur unneeded holds, which could interpret to loss of net incomes in the long tally.

By get the hanging the art of prioritizing for case, an employee will be better placed to concentrate on the more of import undertakings at manus instead than pass valuable clip on other less of import affairs. In add-on, employees will be less prone to stall when an administration practises a on the job civilization that is systematic and structured.

Directors, excessively, would be less prone to micro-manage state of affairss and therefore be able to pass more clip on other more of import and pressing issues. This is because these directors will non experience the demand to be straight involved in every individual issue since the employees are now more than capable of managing the said issues.

Administrations could farther profit from employees being more independent and taking ownership of issues at manus. The successful development and growing of an administration can non be achieved without effectual input from its employees. As such, an administration that believes in authorising its employees and acts consequently will hold a better opportunity of turning as opposed to one that does non.

With proper clip direction accomplishments, one would be better placed to equilibrate one ‘s personal and professional lives more efficaciously since one would be able to pull off, and take where possible, the obstructions that contribute to one non holding sufficient clip to manage all the relevant things in one ‘s life. From a professional point of position, administrations excessively would appreciate holding employees such as these on-board since these employees can lend more efficaciously towards accomplishing an administration ‘s ends and aims.

In decision, the writer strongly believes that effectual clip direction is a accomplishment that, when mastered, can greatly heighten the quality of one ‘s life. One of the chief grounds for this is because one is less prone to being stressed as a consequence of often trailing deadlines and hotfooting to finish undertakings at manus. In add-on, a clear head is boundlessly better compared to a addled 1. Therefore, from an administration ‘s point of position, authorising its employees can ensue in the said administration growth and developing along with its employees.

An administration that inculcates proper clip direction in its employees and empowers these employees consequently will necessarily happen itself accomplishing its ends and aims more efficaciously since its employees would hold realised the importance of pull offing one of the most cherished resources, which is one ‘s clip. These administrations would so be much better placed to turn and develop successfully in today ‘s extremely competitory markets.


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